Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I will be gone for awhile

I'm still alive, and doing fine. Just wanted to tell my two steady readers I will be silent for some time.

God Bless.

See Ya.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh Ya I'm Fishing

To those who say I can't go fishing.........Come and get me assholes. Here I am. Oh I did add the stainless Mossberg.
This sneaky little boat can find it's way where ever I can carry it. No trailer to show, no boat slip needed. Draws about 3" of water, and the electric trolling motor is very slick.
Needless to say I'm still pissed about the possibility of not being able to fish. I'm like Mayberry I don't think it will ever pass, but who even thinks this shit up?
I'm not asking my government to take care of me. That's MY F..k..g job. If cigarettes give me cancer=my responsibility. I pay for insurance at a higher rate because I smoke. If booze kills my liver=my responsibility. When I turned 65 the government MADE me take Medicare Health Insurance. My fine insurance company that I paid into for 45 years without one claim cancelled my insurance because I was signed up with Medicare. Nice job you bastards. Take my money when the odds are in your favor, then drop me as soon as the possibility that I might need it. But guess what...I don't need it. If I get a terminal disease I get to die, so again kiss my ass. Hospitals kill as many as they save, and half of the doctors finished in the bottom of their class.
Rant over. Now I'm going to put some salt in my beer, rack one in the chamber, and drown a few worms. I might even have a bass for lunch.
See Ya

To Salt or Not to Salt

Our stupid ass government must be run by Aliens. No I take that back, I apologize to the Aliens. Our government is just dumber than dirt. Somebody needs to tell Felix Ortiz D-Brooklyn which finger to pick his nose with, and shove bill A10129 up his dark side. Now restaurants cannot salt meals when they cook them? For each violation a 1K fine? Next the FDA will take salt off the market? Shit better not give THEM any ideas. What asshole has the right to do this? Come to my house, and tell me I can't salt my meals as I cook them. No don't come to my house you would get a knuckle sandwich.

They must stay up at night thinking up this shit.

Damn why do I even read the news? Get the rope.

See Ya

Friday, March 12, 2010

Warmer weather and more rain.

Warmer weather finally headed our way. Makes my bones happy. Even rain does not hamper my spirits today. Spent four hours at the range, came home(actually home went back to the woods) and cleaned four weapons. My little RV always gets a lot of attention at the range. Everything from cool to do you really LIVE in that thing. I always smile when I tell them it has everything their house has except it moves. Eight months now, and I enjoy it more each day. Sometimes I do wish I would have bought one in 4 x 4, so I could go deeper in the woods. For those times I just grab the BOB and take a hike. I think it would be real easy to become a hermit

Gardening season is almost here. I'm going to try container gardening this year. I have one of those removable extensions for the back of the van to carry extra gear like coolers, gas cans etc. Should hold a few five gallon buckets. Be fun to see people's looks to see greenery growing off the back end. lol The things one thinks about during the rain.

The rain does have an advantage-Lets one get some reading time in. Also lets one think what to do with the rest of your life. No rants today. I'm just enjoying my day of Freedom.

See Ya

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did The World Go Crazy While I Was In The Woods?

One thing about being in the woods is the peace and solitude I enjoy so much. No TV, no phone, no computer. Wrapped in a blanket of nature, watching squirrels play, listening to the frogs and insects during the night. Hearing that bass break the surface gulping down his breakfast just at daybreak. The evening fire. Each new fire with a different smell, and each blade of fire with a different view. I think I was born 50 years to late. The world moves to fast today. To many people are wage slaves looking for the weekend or that one week of vacation. Did one ever think what freedom you gave up to buy that big screen. As I look over my little pond the view changes by the minute. The wind gently painting an ever changing scene.

Then shitty reality when I come to the city. The news is all gloom and doom. Somebody gets killed every so many seconds. But to get the real info one has to go to the net. I never heard on the news that tanks are now on our streets, the education systems need combat shotguns, and now they tell me they are going to stop me from fishing? WTF? I had to read this on several blogs. Tell me I have come back to another world. What F..king Idiot thinks he can do that? You don't have enough cops, army personal, tree hugger, or dumb F..ks to stop me from fishing. Just try it! I eat fresh fish at least 3 days a week. I obey even the dumb size limits, buy my tax permission to eat what nature provides, and have done so all my life. I only take what I need to eat. This time I think the king has gone to far. You are not getting my guns, nor my fishing rods. So does this mean I have to pack a hog leg to go fishing now? I can do that, and if you wish to stop me remember my little pond is DEEP in the woods. A green shirt tree hugger may not find there way out. Just saying....

See Ya

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Gun Show

Saturday and Sunday was the Tampa Bay gun show. I did not rent a table this year because I don't have anything I wanted to sell. Kinda glad I did not. Seems our gun show has gone Black. Everything seems to be tactical. Tables and tables of AR's, Glocks, Scopes, Lights, Tasers, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I own all the tactical toys to. They are fun to shoot. When I go to the range I'm there to shoot, not spending half the time to load mags. I believe in having plenty of mags. All my 22 semi auto have at least 20 mags each. Sometimes it seems my mags cost more than the guns.

It also seems that a lot of folks are buying .380's. Why? .380 ammo here has been as scarce as hens teeth for months. Surprise-plenty of .380 ammo at this show. Can't quite figure it out.

Attendance was huge. This show had more people this year than I have seen in the past three years. The show opened at 9am. I was there at 8am, the parking gates was already open, and the line was already REALLY long. At 11am I fought my way outside for a smoke, and they were still lined up coming in! Standing room only in side.

Very few private sellers, but lots of individuals with mostly long rifles for sale. Seems my revolver's are a dieing breed at the shows. Did see a couple of Colt Pythons, but not worth $1500.00 to me. Wish I had bought more when I bought mine when they were $300.00 new. Seems wheel guns are now just collector items. A Smith & Wesson 686-4 for $900.00?

The show was not a total disappointment for me. Reloading supplies was abundant, and plenty of primers($50.00 per k), powder, brass, and bullets was in good supply. Adequate cleaning supplies, and targets.

I still can't get over how many people attended this show. When I left at 2pm they were still coming in.

Going back to searching for land this coming week. The temps are heading up. Might see 70's for the week.Oh joy.

See Ya.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colt 1911 Dragon #0242 of #400

The Colt 1911 Dragon is now mine. Been very busy lately. More on this later. Enough to say it eats everything I've run Thu it today. Hollow points, ball, lead wad cutters, etc. Very good accuracy right out of the box. 300 rounds today. More pics and info later. See Ya