Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tires, Guns, Time, and Work

As usual when the shtf it all comes at once. As any vehicle owner knows tires do wear out. But they wear differently on different vehicles. Also time comes into play. For example my 2002 Silverado has 78,000 miles on the factory tires. The truck is driven almost every day during the week. My 2004 "Little One" only has 18,ooo miles and needs new tires. Why? First of all the tires was manufactured in 2003 which now makes them 7 years old. Also most of those years was setting somewhere. Not good for tires to set. Sun does bad things to tires setting. There are covers to protect, and also uv treatments for tires. The normal life for MH tires is 5 years. So I'm pushing it. The tread looks great, but further inspection shows the side walls getting soft. So Saturday was tire day. Four nice new top rated tires took $686.00 from my wallet. Now that buys a very decent 1911, and or a lot of ammo. But my life style needs good tires. So win some lose some. Of course nothing goes according to plan. I had an appointment for 8am when they opened so I did not have to spend all day there. My house does not like to be alone. The special tire guy does not show up until 9AM. This does not look good already. Upon arrival he says we have a problem. When does WE and MY $$'s have a problem. Well the problem is non of the lifts can lift my van. Say What? They have the solution- 10 ton floor jack. Fine-so whats the problem? It will take about 5-6 hours to take off the tires, mount and balance, and install. Ok fine I'll wait. They did push the 6 hours.

So I arrive at my daughter's house around 4pm. SIL is cleaning up a section of the garage where we plan on putting the second safe that is stored at my x SIL. So of course I pitch in. Worked until dinner time. Dinner was damn good.

SIL asks after dinner when 1 of 400 is due. I say maybe Monday or Tuesday. So I go online to check the tracking number. SOB it was delivered Today at 1:20Pm to my favorite gun store. I could have had it in my hands Saturday! Now I can't get it until 10:00am Monday.

So thats how Saturday went. Sunday I read my favorite blogs, and reloaded 2000 rounds of 45's. I want to be ready for Monday.

See Ya

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computer Shaky and Random Thoughts

Looks like the computer has old age problems. The hard drive has the death rattles, currently takes about 5-10 minutes to boot up. Was reading e mails yesterday when they suddenly disappeared all by themselves. A kind gentleman from Michigan sent me an e-mail about my blog, that I was reading when it went south. If you read this please send it again.

However being a prepper, I mealy fired up the back-up lap top. Of course info lost is lost forever. I know back-up, back-up. How do you back up in the middle of reading an e-mail.

For a few giggles, I found a piece of property That I would love to own. 100 acres....Now where can I get $170,000.00 loan for $300.00 down and payments of $200.00 a month? Oh yes the land search goes on.

Seems a lot of my favorite blogs are going dark. Makes me sad. It's like losing a friend you have not met yet. I'm sure they have their reasons. I appreciate the ones that tell you good by, but the ones that just stop without giving a reason makes me wonder what happened. So if you do wish to quit just post it on your last blog please.

I did find one of four hundred produced. Should have it by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yes when I have it in my grubby hands I will tell you what it is, and post pictures. Ha Ha .

As usual the cold fronts continue to punish our tourists, and keep me wearing to many layers of cloths in The Sunshine State. Our beaches look like desserts. Dr. Gore needs to be sued for malpractice. Of course the power companies are loving it. The meters are like spinning tops. Still has to be cheaper than what my northern friends are paying, and I don't have to shovel cold.

See Ya

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woods, Cigs, and Jack

In the woods with no people in sight, parked on a nice little pond. Watched the sun come up with a cup of coffee, and the birds, and squirrels for company. Took a nice little walk, and returned to the comfort of my lawn chair.

With a pack of cigarettes, and a half bottle of Jack. I'm reading some of my favorite blogs. Non of the news, or gloom and doom blogs. Maybe some comics, and some e mails. Today I will enjoy just the day, the woods, and a few talks with Jack. Something that I have not done in a long time. In the past I have had some very serious talks with Jack, but today he is here just for the enjoyment of the moment.

A small fire in the fire-ring, perhaps Salmon for dinner, and pure peace and solitude. For today all is good in the world.

See Ya

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Read This


A veteran, a good hard working man died, and another Innocent is fighting for life, because some scumbag who could not handle real life decided to take the cowards way out.

Why does the commie news service not tell the above story?

Thanks Paladin for your service for telling the other side of the story.

See Ya

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Land Search Continues

They say never give up. They say never quit. The say when the time is right it will happen. Who the hell are they? I have not found who they are, but I will not give up, and I will not quit! I'll stick with when it is right it will happen. My little MH has had fun running around Florida in the mean time. I have found a few small plots that I could park on, and be in the woods. The problem....they are SMALL plots. Five to ten acres is what I seek, and I will not lower my standards.

On a brighter note. Everybody I know knows my favorite fire arms are made by Colt. Well I have found out that they have produced a limited run of 400 1911's. Now I have a good collection of 1911's. But it's new, and a limited run, and it's made by Colt. Only 400 produced. Remember I said only 400 produced. What makes it so special? Only 400 produced. So what. It's still just a 1911. But only one of 400 produced. Think of the number of collectors that would want one for their collection. Think of them putting on the white gloves to handle this jewel. Admiringly the engraving, and the workmanship. Think of me getting one, and going out to the range and blasting off 500 rounds to make sure it works right. I want one. Just the thought of doing that makes me happy. The new hunt starts now.

I've seen so many 40 degree nights that I have stopped complaining. My friends up north are suffering much worse than I am. So this is my last statement about it. "When it warms up I'm moving to Florida".

One of 400?

See Ya

Friday, February 12, 2010

Every Gun Owner Needs To Read This

Please read the post CarteachO. I don't know how to post a link to his blog. The story is about a military infantry man shooting his buddy point blank in the chest. A terrible accident. A must read!!!!!

See Ya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freezing My A** Off

Freezing my A** off in the land of sunshine. Has to be the coldest and wettest February on record. No place to escape to. Cold and wet all the way to Key West. Yes I am a wimp. I did not move from Michigan to Florida to freeze. I could have done that in Michigan. Yes I know you fine folks up North are getting the shit kicked out of you. I feel your pain, but you are not used to seventy degree weather in February, I am, so when the high today will be 50, and the low tonight will be 40 I am in a bad mood.

I love to live outside, see the sun rise every morning with coffee in hand. Tried it today, with fire in the fire ring, five layers of cloths on, gloves on, two bath towels on the lawn chair, and wool socks in my combat boots. I lasted long enough to chug my medium warm coffee.

It could be worse...The Panhandle is expecting snow. That's an area I'm looking for property in. I would like to kick Al Gore's ass. Global warming my ass.

The whole country is having weird weather this year.

A big bowl of my home made ham and pea soup should put me in a better mood. Time to eat.

See Ya

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well I'm holed up inside again. This winter sure seems a lot wetter than usual. Yes I am tired of it. Yes it could bring a bout of cabin fever. So far a good book, and the pot of coffee has worked. I could put on the foul weather gear, and take a walk. I prefer playing in the rain with just a bathing suit and much higher temperatures.

On the bright side my daughter and son-in-law did go camping this weekend. Only 65 miles north of Clearwater. SIL called me just a minute ago very excited. Seems there are lots available in the area. He talked to one owner that has three acres, and houses on all four sides of his propriety. He SHOOTS on his land often. One of his neighbors is a deputy sheriff. Seems not to be a problem. More investigation is required. When they return SIL and I will be making the trip. I would head up there now, but I'm baby setting their dog. Besides the current weather makes walking the land miserable, and I will check out every square inch of what I buy. I guess that area has lots of foreclosed proprieties. We will see. All I want is enough land to hide my van on, and to shoot when I want to. I have checked out 40 acre parcels in Texas. Kids would go nuts if I moved to Texas, but if I had land there I could go visit myself for a month or so. Maybe stop and see Mayberry. Time will tell. When it happens the time will be right.

See Ya

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Florida Vacant Land

Is there any vacant land in Florida that a man can buy cheap, and shoot on? My "Little One" only needs a parking space. I want to be able to set out side with a cup of coffee, and watch the sun rise. Then whip out a Colt revolver and shoot some targets down range. Seems like a simple request. Maybe not to be in Florida.

Spent the last three days in the Ocala area looking for my dream parcel. Found one with eleven acres. Affordable. No shooting allowed. %*@^&* . The rest that I found was WAY beyond my price range. If I had 1.2 million for land I would be able to make my own rules. lol

I did have my morning coffee, no sun, the rain was beating down on my roof like jack hammers trying to get in.

Guess I'll go to the range today for some re-coil therapy. Still wish I could shoot some long guns.

See Ya.