Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Boat

Love my little boat. For years(20+) my boat was a twenty two foot Grady-White with twin 150's. Great boat for off shore, and rough water. The years of off shore fishing are now fond memories. All my fishing buddies are either fishing with Jesus, or say they get to tired on our usual three day runs. Now grouper fishing is currently banned, so time for a change.I sold the Grady just before the Condo, and the shop. Miss it? Damn right. Times change. I could never be without a boat. Fishing from shore, or bridges is for snowbirds.

So what to buy? Could get a small skiff for the inter coastal, but would still need a trailer, and a place to store it. I could store it at my daughter's house where all my other shit is. But when I'm gone on a trip I'd still have to tow it. Camp grounds charge extra to store a boat, and I would not use it every day.

Enter the magic world of Sea Eagle. The Fold Cat 375fc. The finest 2-person fishing boat on the planet. A very light weight catamaran with twin pontoons. This rig is just plan cool. I can inflate, and put together in 30 minutes by myself. Fully assembled it weighs about 70 pounds, and I can drag it to the water by myself. It maneuvers like a nimble quarter horse. With a 74 lb thrust electric motor this baby flies leaving a wake. Great fishing platform.

The best part is that it stows in two canvas bags, and I can carry it in my mini-MH. The hull material is super tough. Fish hooks slid up on the pontoons without snagging. There is a full cover between the hulls, so stuff stays in the boat. Fully assembled it is 4 foot wide, and 14 foot long. Twin swivel seats, 4 rod holders.

Down sizing, and still have a fishing platform works for me. Life is good. Nothing like a platter full of blue gills, fried taters, and fresh home made bread.

Also this week end is another trip looking for land. Not quite as long as the last one. Orlando Florida area. May even wet a line.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired, Disappointed, But Still Happy

First, and foremost the Colt did go shooting this afternoon. Since most of my shooting buddies know I never bring just one gun to the range. So Mr Ruger Vaquero came along to keep the Colt company.

I am a favorite of all Ruger guns period. Some like the auto's are just butt ugly, but every Ruger I own is built like a tank. I have hand loads for my Ruger revolvers that would destroy my Pythons. Of course Colts are nice to. What I mean is that all my guns are my favorites.

Short range report....Remember I'm still working on caffeine and cigarettes this afternoon. Bone tired. The Colt had no trouble with 2" groups at 25 yards, and neither did the Ruger. I'm going to take both back when I'm fresh. Just thought one should train tired from time to time to see the results.

The reason I'm so tired.....1,444 miles From Clearwater to Frankfort Kentucky looking at land. Sorry non found.

Bed time.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wonderful Family

Colt Cowboy 45 Colt
Model CB1850
ColtCowboy Single Action
5 1/2" Barrel 45 Colt, Blue/Color Case Finish

Yes I do spoil myself. My birthday present to me.

My kids took all my hints, and added a few. Daughter did what I asked...two dozen of her special baked oatmeal cookies. My favorite. Son washed and waxed my van. Grandson washed and waxed my truck. Son-in-law against my wishes bought me a very nice gun cleaning kit. He said HE had to give me something gun related. That boy does know how to suck up.

Like have always said....I have the best family.

Oh my.........range time tomorrow. My work is never done.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feeling Better

A trip to the range always lifts my spirits. Slight cough left, but nothing I can't handle. I have been truly blessed with good health. Take no meds at all, except some allergy tablets for the nose running during cold weather. Lived for 69 years(today) and have always said doctors and hospitals kill as many as they save. Caffeine, nicotine, and sugar the building blocks for the American male.

Birthday party tonight at the kids house. If I left enough hints I'll get what I want. I have also been blessed with the BEST kids in the world. They can't do enough for me. Don't know why I deserve it. We have been a family blessed. I just wish I still had my wonderful wife to enjoy it with.

Going to expand my search for land. Have contacted real estate agents in Milton Florida, and the Panhandle. The problem is travel time. It's a 7 hour ride one way from Clearwater and right now commitments keep me in town for the next two weeks. Seems I had more free time when I was working than I do now. My wife always said when it's meant to be it will be.

Well the guns are cleaned, and packed. Time to do the same to me and head to the party.

See Ya

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Acres Found-Five Acres Lost

The search goes on. The search goes on. Found & Lost. Some days you are the pigeon, some days the statue.

I remember the piece of ground I had in West Branch Michigan in the 60's. Beautiful small town, three acres of woods, dirt road, no nosey neighbors, and no stinking permits. Septic tank was a 250 gallon oil tank. Pipes to the field was 4" diameter aluminum coin shoots from a bank. System never failed in the 15 years I owned it.Common sense still worked then....don't put your septic system in an area to foul your well. Other construction still used common sense then to. Build your roof so it did not leak, right peak so snow did not collapse roof, etc etc. Why go on. Those days are gone. Today you need three of everything, approved drawing you have to pay a fortune for, every portion of construction done by a LICENCED contractor, then inspected 30 times before you are considered safe. Think Chinese dry-wall?

Damn I was born 100 years to late.

The five acres I had found was good looking land to. All woods and acess by a good dirt road, and for Florida high ground. Being somewhat smarter than last time I deceided to find out if there was any restrictions, and what was the CODE requirements. Yah I should have known. How about needing a permit for an address? Permit for driveway? I won't bore you with all the additional permits required because my head would explode. The search goes on.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can You Ever Really Be Free?

I really don't want to turn this into a rant. I have worked all my life, paid my dues, and paid for all of my mistakes. All I want in the days I have left is to be left alone. I am self sufficient, have adequate funds, most of my mental facilities, everything I own is free and clear. Since August of 2009 I have enjoyed being a free spirit, and bother no one.

There are millions of what are called "Full Timers" in their 5Th wheel trailers, the McMansion 40 foot buses etc. Some are called "Snow Birds" filling the "Encore" resorts here in Florida for the winter months. God Bless them and their lifestyle. The resorts have everything needed to live the good life. Heated pools,club houses, big screen TVs, entertainment to rival concerts. For the privileged at $50.00 and up per night. I don't wish to live that life-style.

Last night was the first time I was hassled by any law enforcement. The names have been changed to protect the Innocent. I was parked on a residential street visiting my girlfriend. Before I could exit the van flashing red and blue lights was behind me. A loud speaker barked "Get back in the vehicle NOW." Ok mister policeman. Ten minutes passed before he decided to approach my van. I rolled down my window, and asked if there was a problem officer? His response was license, registration, and insurance please. I complied, and back to the squad car he went. I regress-while this occurred three more police cars had arrived, and a few people had come out to see what was going on. When the officer returned his first question was "Do you realize that no camping is allowed in this city?" My laughter did not help the situation. When I replied that I was just visiting, not camping, my van was not a camper,and it was my daily driver, he said he knew a camper when he say one. When I asked him why my registration stated 2004 Chevrolet 3500 Express Van he had no answer. By now the fun had worn off, and I was about to become pissed. In my most polite voice I asked to speak to his supervisor. He stomped back to his police car, and in about another 10 minutes yet ANOTHER bubble factory arrived. When said supervisor was once again told the story he informed me that new ordinances have passed, and not all of the officers were up to date. WTF? Since when does a van look like a 40' motor coach? Besides I was legally parked.

He had no answer, decided I was legal, returned my documents, and told me I could park there for the night. In my most humble voice I thanked him for "Allowing me to be legal". So five police cars spent an hour and a half harassing an old man instead of looking for criminals. No need to thank me criminals just do not try camping in this neighborhood.

Further research found the greedy camp grounds were responsible for pushing the new ordinances to drive traffic to their business. Pack-um in like sardines, and raise the fees. I guess greed never ends. Once I find my piece of land I won't have to put up with that shit. Any place outside of the cities I have found the kindness people. I've been invited to eat, use their showers, even wash my van. So I'm still not bitter, just pissed off at being hassled, when all I want is to be left alone.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deer Hunting in Michigan's UP

This was sent to me via e mail from my brother-in-law in Michigan. The man is 6' and weighs 200 pounds. Michigan pussy cats have gotten larger since I moved to Florida. According to the story it appeared the cat was hunting the man.
I'd have to mortage everything I own to have it stuffed, and buy another house to display it. If I had shot it, it would be tempting. Damn BIG cat.
See Ya

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nine Days of Record Cold

I know by now people are tired of hearing about our cold weather. Us wimps are used to heat, sunshine, warm waters, shorts, and bare feet. How cold has it been? Well several Northern visitors on the news last night said they were cutting their vacations short and going home. They call us wimps? Ha Ha

On a more serious note this weather should teach us a lesson. Like the boy prepared. This is like the hurricane season in heaters are gone...sweaters, and warm coats hard to find. Some houses in Florida still have no heat, and never did. House fire's increase when weather stays this cold. Death's due to carbon dioxide increase. Keep an eye on your senior neighbor's.

My Michigan blood must be coming back, today does not feel cold, just brisk, maybe my brain is frozen. Just saying we as humans can adjust to any situations with the right tools and proper planning. So once I get the proper tools(plane ticket to Cayman Islands) and plan to stay there until Florida hits 70 degrees at night I will have adjusted to the situation.

See Ya

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Cold...Please Go Away.

I feel like a bear in hibernation. I have adequate heat in the MH, but propane is hard to find in the woods. So I try to use only what I need. Last summer when I visited family in Michigan I acquired an Artic sleeping bag good for 20 below. So last night I did not turn on the furnace.

I slept until 11am this morning, but damn when I did crawl out of that bag I wrapped it around myself until I started the engine and had heat flowing. Small is good when heat is needed. I'm starting to get cabin fervor, but I don't want to go ice fishing. So I guess it's time for a good book, and a nice pot of potato soup. Maybe I'll consider ice fishing after all. Yeah right.

See Ya

Saturday, January 9, 2010

To move or not move

The joys of a home on wheels is the fact that I can move any time I like. Since August 13Th I have had that pleasure. I have been all over Florida during that time. The current cold weather has given me thought for another trip. To Key West. Fantastic fishing, historical building, and very interesting people. Unfortunately Key West is not much better than Clearwater. Only 52 degrees in Key West. Not worth the 8 hour drive, and 417 miles. Plus I promised my kids I'd be here for my birthday.

I've also had several e mails asking about my "van". Camera is in the repair shop, but I will post pictures in the future. This is a van on steroids. The van is a 2004 Roadtrek on a Chevrolet 3500 chassis. The stand up headroom is 6" 2". It has all the convinces of a home. Three leather captain's chairs, with the one behind the passenger's seat can be convert to a single bed. There is a table that can be installed between the two front seats.(stored when not used). The kitchen stove is a two burner propane,with a cover that doubles as a counter top when not in use. Stainless steel sink, with storage cabinet underneath. The fridge can run on 120v,battery, or propane. Self contained toilet, and shower. The rear of the van can be used two ways-a living area with two bench facing each other with a table in between or as a king sized bed with storage under the bed. Air conditioning, and forced air furnace. 15" flat screen TV & DVD player with stereo speakers. Almost forgot the micro-wave. Storage cabinets are in every square inch available, and a main closet behind the drivers seat. Under the rear chassis rides the self contained propane tank, and the generator. In an outside compartment two deep cell batteries. So this van is a small motor home. I'm sure I missed something. Oh yes- My fresh water tank holds twenty five gallons, and I also carry more fresh water under the bed when planning to stay out a month .Since 90 percent of the time I travel alone this is more than adequate for my needs. I can actually stay lost in the woods for a month at a time with no problems.

Mayberry commented about where I can store stuff. When I moved the contents of one of my safes there was 16 long guns laying on the bed. My tactical gun case with two AR's under the bed. In the drawer under one seat was 12 handguns, and the range bag had another 12 in it. God only knows what would have happened if Johnny Law would have stopped me. When on the road I carry the tactical gun case with a rifle or two of choice, and the range bag with at least four pistols. Both out of sight and well hidden.

So that's the info on the "van" that carries a front license plate that says "Little One"

See Ya

Friday, January 8, 2010

Check and double check

Today was range day. Colder than a witch's t#t in January. Fortunately the range is indoors. Ha Ha.

Took the Buckmark, two Ruger II, and the Ruger III. Since each of these weapons only load 10 rounds, and I'm not fond of reloading clips at the range I bring at least 10 mags for each. Well the Ruger Mark III was a recent purchase, so on the way to the range I stopped at my most friendly(they have a lot of my money) gun store. Picked up 10 mags for the Ruger Mark III. In -out head to the range. I know, how many saw it coming? Those that did you are right. WRONG MAGS. Moral of story? Don't be in a hurry, and check, and double check. I'll have the right ones tomorrow, but what if I was leaving the state on a trip after that purchase? I would have been sol, and stuck with just two mags.

Another little tip I might add. Since so many 22 mags look so much a like I have color coded my mags to each weapon. A small dot of finger nail polish to the base of the gun and the mag solves the problem. I also have found mag pouch's that hold 10 clips, and have labeled them to the corresponding weapons. Now all my 22 semi-auto's are organized. Mags for my High Standards, and a few others are not cheap, and can be hard to find. So I try and take care of what I have. Having at least 10 for each weapon may seem like over kill, but the guns are almost useless with out them.

So the Mark III only had 20 rounds shot. I told you I was lazy. Still a fun day.

Stay warm and safe during this cold spell.

See Ya

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Land Land Land where are you?

Spent ALL day today looking for land. My eyes are going crossed. Tomorrow range day...need to straighten out my eyes. The net can help sometimes, and can offer disappointment other times.

I have made contact with three Realtors covering from central Florida to the pan handle and the Georgia line. I'm beginning to think Florida might be a write off unless I go south. That would just make it more difficult if I had to leave the state. Kentucky looks better all the time.
When we moved from Michigan to Florida with no jobs, and really not sure where we would live my wife said God would show us the way. God took her in o3, and now I'm alone to make all those decisions. I'll see if He helps my decision.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to buy for my birthday?

January 19 Th will mark 69 years living on this planet. I must admit most of them have been very enjoyable. Just the joy of living in the USA has been worth it.

Since the weather is colder than a witch's t#t I'm inside where it is nice and warm. What better time to check out the gun world. From the time I was 21 I have purchased a fire arm for my birthday. Needless to say from that time fire arms continued to improve, and oh yes increase in price. I have a problem. What to buy this year. I know gunnies are not supposed to have that as a problem. My intent when I first started was to have a revolver, a semi-auto pistol, and a rifle in the same caliber (carry three weapons & one ammo) in the most common calibers. 22,9mm,357,45Lc,30caliber,etc. That was reached a long time ago. It's been more than a month since something jumped in my hand that I could not let go of. I'm not bored, like they say what do you give a man that has everything? you got it...more of it.

I still have time to think about it. Perhaps I'll have an answer before then. Any idea's?

See Ya

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hibernation or guts?

Hibernation can be fun, unless you are a strawberry farmer. Those men and women live and die by the weather. Right now they are running sprinklers to lay down a layer of ice to try and save the crops. By what I have read on the news they check the ground temperatures every hour which determines when to activate the sprinklers. I wish them luck.

Fish farmers are in trouble due to the weather. They have limited facilities for inside storage. They have taken in as many as possible, and covered the outside tanks. But if cold weather continues as predicted the water temps will drop to a level that kills tropical fish. The fish farmer interviewed said the result would be a million dollar lose, and he would have to lay off his 6 employees.

Our citrus crops will also be effected.

I can hibernate, turn up the heat to comfort level. I feel the pain for all Floridians that have to work outside in this weather. Mother nature can be cruel, and when she is our food supply suffers.

See Ya

Monday, January 4, 2010

Can you live in a refrigerator?

I think I woke up in a refrigerator this morning. I do not do cold well. Most small RV's and travel trailers are not built for cold weather. Mine is like living in a tin can. Walls of steel, paneling, and I would imagine very little insulation. Probably a minus 2 rating.

However the faculties in my little house are more than adequate: Forced air furnace for cold, AC for heat in summer.. Buuuuut one needs to turn said options ON. The thermostat was set at 70 degrees when I retired for the night, and I was comfortable then. My sleeping bag is good for Arctic temps, so I was very warm until I woke up, and poked my nose out. Big dummy....the thermostat was set on the AC side, so the furnace did not turn on. Hit the switch for the furnace, and it turned on in mil-second. My life has been saved.

How cold was it? TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES. My northern friends may laugh at me for being a wimp, but if it's not 70 degrees when I step outside I'm pissed. So laugh at me. I may just hibernate for the winter. I know today it will be hot coffee, and a good book.

See Ya

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Land Hunting

Spent the day on line checking for vacant Florida land. Found a few that look promising, but may be priced out of my reach. I'll keep looking.

Added a few knives to the prep bag. Like guns I figure you can't have to many. A 15" knife is pretty close to a small machete. Does feel good on the leg. When in the woods I carry one on each hip. Never know when one or the other would become inaccessible.

Camera broke today. Need to have it repaired. I just carry a small Sony pocket camera in the woods.

Keep prepping, and lets get back to the times when we helped each other. Not the dead beats -the guys that lost their jobs. We need to start sticking together or we may not survive either.

See Ya

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day of Relaxation.

Relaxation-Something I needed today. No news at all. I don't want to get pissed and raise my blood pressure.

So off to the range I went. The Colt Python performed as usual. The Glock stared back at me from the range bag. I stared back. We are not fond of each other. It feels like a light Styrofoam brick to me. Yes it's a 45, but not a 1911. I guess I'm just a dinosaur unable to adjust to modern time. I like it like that. I sure enjoy shooting the Gold Cup. So the Glock just went along for the ride. Maybe I'll give it to my son for a birthday present. Like I have said before I hate to sell any gun I own.

So after the range? Reload Reload Reload Great for relaxation.

Tomorrow the land hunt begins.

See Ya

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down

The year was 1959. I was stationed in Ankara Turkey serving my country. Fresh out of high school, and in a foreign country. The three years I served was an eye opening experience, and one that stayed with me for the rest of my life. It also instilled in me what a great country I lived in.

The time in Turkey also showed me what most people take for granted did not exist. Like toilet paper, matches, decent cigarettes. We had ration cards for cigarettes, and liquor. Use them up before the end of the month and you were sol.

The year is 2010. The country USA. Or should I say Commie USA. First my stupid government tries to tax my cigarettes out of existence. Oh yea it's for the children's insurance. Bull shit. It's for money and control. It gets even worse. Now we have to try and smoke cigarettes that go out by themselves. WTF Again for our own protection. Who the hell asked you to protect me? I've lived for 68 years without your help. 20 years ago I could roll my own. The tax increase on loose tobacco was even steeper than the cigarettes. So I have accepted the tax increase on my cigarettes (must save the children-even tho it's the parents job) Well I guess I'll go back to rolling my own again. But wait you bastards must be reading my mind. I've been in the woods to long, and out of the news loop. Senate Bill S1147 short version. ALL CIGARETTES, RYO,AND SMOKELESS TOBACCO PRODUCTS ARE NON MAILABLE. WTF? Well you shitheads will now make me drive to other states to find what I want? Can't buy off the internet any more. Not only the Post Office, but all the carriers, UPS,Fed-ex etc will not deliver tobacco products. It's enough to make a grown man cry. And yes it's a bad bad bad habit, but it's MINE. And don't give me no shit about me burdening the medical system. I take care of myself remember-I take no pills, eat healthy, and am physically fit.

To bad my government worries so much about me, and not about our fine service members. But that's another rant. All I want is to be left alone, and enjoy my vices for what time I have left. I guess that's to much to ask. Wish I could re-enlist, but then my government would not let me win the war. Shit another rant. Sorry I'm starting the year with an attitude.

God Bless.

See Ya