Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DID IT MY WAY has passed on 7-29-2010

This is being written by the SIL (son #2) as I am hoping the followers of this blog will be notified of Tony's passing. Our family is still in shock and having a difficult time with this as you all can imagine. We are all very close and Dad was just as much of a best friend as well as a Dad to us all. His humor and views on his blog were just a sample of how great of a man he was in real life but no different from his postings on his blog at all. The blog gave everyone a taste of his personality, views and knowledge but he definitely livened up any conversation and put smiles on many faces. He was the most unselfish, caring, loving, generous, friendly, intelligent, compassionate, straight-forward, honest, and caring man many of us have ever known. Although it hurts not to have Tony (Dad) with us, and our family outings, range time etc. will never be the same, I can only say we are very thankful for having such a man in our lives. Please, feel free to leave your kind words on his memorial site if you wish and understand that the entire family thanks all of you for touching him as much as he has touched you.

Tony's Family