Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What time really means

They say if a man has one good friend he is rich. I have that good friend. I met Bob when I was 5 years old. We grew up together, went to school together. He joined the Air Force, and two months later I went in the Army. Other than the service time a day did not pass without a phone call. Sometimes just to say "Bring the Jack", other times to discuss parenting problems with our kids. Other times to check on the where abouts of the kids...at my house or his. Where ever they were we just said feed um, and then send them home. We lived about a mile apart.

I was always the wander, and 29 years ago left Michigan and brought my family to Florida. Bob was a corporate man, and was looking for that 30 and out deal. However for 12 years he and family would come to Florida and spend a month with my family. When he retired he bought a house a few miles from where I lived. His only mistake was the rest of his family, and kids were still in Michigan. Missing them sent him and his wife back to Michigan.

He was always a house up grader. It caught up with him with the last house. Having a mortgage of $750,000.00 at age 69 ....well I don't have to say more. Michigan is not the place to be under those conditions.

When he would come down for that month of vacation I would always have the time to take him fishing, hunting, and camping. We both will always remember those times. He said when he retired he was going to do all those things when he had time. That magic word we all use so often. When we get time. Well folks the "time" has come and gone. We woke up to find we are now 69. He in failing health, and myself in great health(for how long?)

I have spent my time with my friend since July 7Th. No TV, Radio, Computers(except to check e mails from friends) Sometimes just talking, sometimes fishing, and sometimes drinking some Jack, wondering where the time went. The time went trying to live the good life. Keep up with the neighbor. Bob went that route, and I did not. Oh I had the good life, owned my own business, decent house, 2 cars, but I paid cash for everything. But the cost of my time was not replaceable either.

Mayberry has a great post up about the cost of time. Go Read it.

Do I offer any advice? No because no one wants to hear it. I told my children to find a trade or an occupation that they loved-work 40 hours, and learn to live with in the income it provided.

I'm a free man now-no home,no light bills,no taxes, no income that requires taxes, and most important I dictate how I spend my time. I'm a lucky man that finally found out the cost of time. To bad it took so long.

You just need shelter, food,water,some cloths, and the guts to do it. Size of the house does not matter, a car or truck can last for 15 years or more if taken care of.

Tomorrow I'm bringing Bob to Florida for the rest of the month. He has not shot his 30 cal Carbine in 5 years. When we get back we are going to the range at odark30 and stay until the sun goes down if he is up to it. I'm going to let him shoot anything in the safe he wants. Yes it's going to be one hell of a day. We are both looking forward to it.

Time well spent. How about yours?

See Ya.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Your friend, Bob, got caught up in the corporate rat race and he may still be mortgaged up to his eyeballs ...but he's a rich man too because he has a lifelong friend like you. You both 'made it big' in that regard!

All the best to you guys tomorrow, Tony. Enjoy your day!

Borepatch said...

69 with a three quarters of a million dollar mortgage? Holy Moley.


I envy your freedom. Can't do it myself without doing without the Mrs., and that's more freedom than I care for.

Wouldn't mind getting rid of the mortgage, and we may be doing that.

But I have nearly 2 decades until I'm 69. Although you're right - there's never as much time as you think.

HermitJim said...

Time is one of those things that goes way too fast!

Time spent with an old friend and an activity you enjoy together...priceless!

Have a great one, buddy!

Mayberry said...

Wow, that's the way I DON'T want to end up! Thanks for the shout out.

Grace. said...

You don't say if Bob likes his work. For me, that's the most important advice you gave your kids--work hard at something you love; leave time for play; keep your fingers crossed that you'll live long enough and healthily enough to play all the time during retirement should you get there. But I really don't get that mortgage--the man owes that much at age 69???? What was he thinking?

Lawyer said...

I have over 30 years to go before I get there, if God grants me that privilege. This has been an excellent reminder of priorities. Thank you!

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

My dad was/is corporate. But he doesnt play any games. If it werent for his job, our entire family wouldnt be living on beautiful country land now...beautiful DEBT FREE country land.

He told us to enjoy what we did regarding employment - to pay cash - to save.

Corporate can suck the life out of you or you can master it and use it to make a life....

I hope your time with your friend is blessed. A friendship such as your is rare.