Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainy season

It's been raining since odark thirty. When you live in a little tin box the rain pounding on your roof does not lull you to sleep. Jack hammers make less noise. Since I am in my beloved woods the pain is easier to accept. I'm taking a break from the crazy gloom and doom that is threatening to destroy my part of paradise. The thought of having to leave Florida and never return is taking a toll on my sanity. The water polluted, the land polluted, and the air polluted, with no place to hide. Dear God I hope that never happens. What will be will be. I'm trying to take a trip up to Michigan before the cold season starts up there, and each time I get ready something keeps me here. I have a close friend getting ready to meet his maker.

I'm also getting to the age where close friends and more family members have some pretty intense health issues. Damn more gloom and doom. Think sunshine. One of those friends has a great attitude. "A time for all seasons. A time for living, and a time for dying. Live every day like it was your last." He will not see the new year. He says he is happy knowing how much time he has left. He can get all his affairs ready. The pain can be handled with medications, and all his friends, and family can say good by. I'm not sure how I would handle knowing what time I had left.

The rain has let up to just a drizzle, so I think I'll go outside, set up the lawn chair under the awning, and drink a fresh cup of coffee. Smell the fresh air, and thank God for his gift of another day. Tomorrow will come, and life will go on. Something to be thankful for.

God Bless.

See Ya.


Mayberry said...

Sorry to hear that about your friend. I don't know how I would handle knowing either. I sure hope they can stop this oil soon, but I honestly think they don't want to...

Rev. Paul said...

What Mayberry said. It's nigh inconceivable that FL would have to be evacuated...but several pundits have predicted that, too. I think your plan to get out of Dodge for awhile is a good one, but I understand about needing to stay close to your friends.

Pam said...

I have a sister in Tampa and DH's brother and wife that just today closed on a house in central Florida. I am worried for both sets of relatives. At least sister is renting and could come north to my home in Michigan on short notice. Michigan isn't great when you look at what a ruin Detroit has become. However, all of Michigan is NOT Detroit thank goodness and we have elections coming up in November! We also have pretty decent gun laws:)

Sandcastle Momma said...

Sad to hear about your friend. Hopefully this rain will stop and we can see some of that FL sunshine. There's enough gloom and doom without gray skies.
Enjoy that coffee!

Northwoods said...

I've lost several old friends in the last year.
I at least find some comfort in knowing they wont have to live through (witness) our country's demise as they were all good Patriots.
And just a heads up Tony,
I've been watching this oil thing closely and leaving Florida now would be a really good idea. I'd encourage family and friends to do the same.
There is no way of stoping that shit "Period"! They are up to 3800 ppb of Benzene in Florida air as of last week before the feds outlawed reporting it!
Get your ass out of there..

Ken said...

...Thoughts and Prayers to yer friend and his family,get to the mitten,say your farewells...grieving is lessened if you get to say "goodbye"...all too often they're are no goodbyes

Grace. said...

Ah, Rain on the roof! When I was a child, it made me feel so comforted and so cozy to lie in bed and listen to it. Sigh. But once I became a homeowner, the sound just made me worry about the integrity of my roof! I live in the pacific NW so rain is part of life--in fact we're still waiting for the rain to stop and summer to begin. Yes, it rained on the 4th of July!

About your friend--it is one of the hazards of aging that we begin to lose those around us. I am sorry for you, but relieved at your friend's attitude about it.