Sunday, July 25, 2010

Copy Attempt

Not even Germany can copy The great Colt Ace.
I own an original Colt Service Ace. This 22 was built to simulate the look, feel and function of the Colt 1911, and still is used to train people for the 45.
Yesterday I paid a visit to my local gun store and much to my surprise found what is pictured on the right. The importer is : American Tactical Imports inc.
100 Air park Drive
Rochester, NY 14624
Manufactured in Germany by German Sport Guns.
Now Germany has some fine craftsmen, but I think this attempt is more of a simulator than an attempt to copy the real weapon. Because the cost for this gun is $367.00. The weight is the only part that feels like a forty five to me.
We will take this to the range one day next week, and wring it out. Report forth coming.


Ken said...

...i've been tempted to get the .22 conversion for my gov't models,but haven't yet...i had one for my AR platforms and sold it before ever using it(?)(ammo was alot cheaper then)...oh well,live and learn

Lawyer said...

Rest in peace. You will be missed.

Jay G said...

What Lawyer said. RIP Tony. Your comments will be missed.

TJ said...

I had wondered why you hadn't been blogging in a while but hoped it was only that you were too busy. Enjoyed your blog ... RIP.

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