Sunday, June 27, 2010

Avertible catastrophe

Catastrophe is a big word for "Oh Shit", and "Oh Shit" is something I really don't like.

When other countries have Catastrophe's the good old USA tries to help. Well excuse me but the Gulf is turning black......CASASTROPHE!!!!!! Every country with oil experience and equipment should be in the Gulf RIGHT NOW. Well guess what...A lot of them tried, and our Commie government refused the help. WTF??? READ IT ALL FOLKS.

If this is true every federal employee should be brought up on treason charges.

Now I know why I really hate reading the news. Being retired gives me to much time to think...that's bad for a man that loves his country. I should have gone to the range today.

Lock and load.

God Bless us all....we sure need it.

See Ya.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is not fair & nobody promised you a rose garden.

Time sometimes stands still, and other times flies faster than a 727. The best laid plans of mice and men crash and burn. You wonder what and where your life is going. The years have come and gone like the winds.

I've always tried to play fair in both my business dealing's and my personal dealings. I have made mistakes and always paid for them in full. But the lousy brief case carrying Sobs learned that you can steal more money with a brief case than you can with a gun. Buy a piece of land with the mineral rights, and then find out that the insurance company who insured those rights did not know they were only the right to lease those rights, and is now out of business. The survey was incorrect, and never up-dated but insured by the same company. The warranty deed was phony as a three dollar bill, and the lawyer I hired just so happened to work for the seller's. So for the last 16 days I have been in another state seeking justice.

My dad never finished high school, having to quit in the 7Th grade to work to help the family. His generation had a lot of that. His generation had a lot of strength, honesty, and a good helping of common sense. He said you have to due what is right, and right a wrong. Times sure have changed. My dad would probably have beat the crooked lawyer until he had his money.

I thought about that, but at age 69 I think experience says that is not an option. However the old saying don't mess with a senior citizen has merit. This morning scumbag lawyer and I had a small conversation out in the woods. He decided life was worth living, and I high tailed out of state with all my money. Life ain't fair, and nobody promised me a rose garden, but I did promise that no good scumbag lawyer one he could live in. My dad would be proud.

Was I right? Damn straight I was. It's time to take this country back. Would I do it again-YES.

Advice? Check, Check, and Check and Check again when dealing for vacant land in another state. Find an honest(yes there are some) lawyer, cross every t, and dot every i. I learned a lot, and took a hell of a chance to make it right, but then that's what senior citizens that don't give a shit can do.

I'm tired, pissed off, and disappointed, but I'll get over it.

See Ya.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gun Show

Well Saturday and Sunday was the first gun show of June. This is always a good show. As usual there was a hundred black guns to one regular gun. But there was also a lot of decent buys. Smith & Wesson A22 semi-auto for $199.00. Lot of gun for the money, and accurate to. Unfortunately I already own one. Ruger 10/22's were also cheap. Ammo was plentiful, some decent prices. I found a good buy on my 45LC-$30.00 for 50 rounds. I can re-load them, but I'm short on brass right now so I buy new to shoot, and then will have the brass. Bought some more mags for the .223, and a speed loader, plus the 100 round drum. Gonna have to do a test with that 100 round drum to make sure it works right.

Was up at o-dark thirty this morning for a trip down to my son's for some shoot-um up. Had a great time. It's been some time since the 1100 has been out of the safe. The first 50 rounds the clays were laughing at me. I know the shotgun shoots better than I do, but it was embarrassing. Settled down and things got better. But taking 50 rounds to get back in the groove? Of course son enjoyed whipping my butt. He'll pay for that when we shoot the revolvers, and the 1911's. Had a great day. Need to do that more often.

Long day. Time for a shower, and dinner.

See Ya.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make my week-end.

I used to work a minimum of 58 hours a week. I still had time to hunt, fish, boat, shoot, and all other manly enjoyments. What the hell happened. Seems since I retired I don't have time for breathing. So some self evaluation seems to be order. When working there was always a few hours to go down to the dock, and drop a line. So now I get to the dock at 7am, and find my way home at 9 or 10. I used to maybe spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon reloading. This past weekend I spent two days reloading 4,000 38's. I used to read the Blogs during my lunch hour, now I can be found on the computer for 8 hours and not realize where the time went. Now mind you I know there are plenty of folks out there that would trade me places, but I have a lot of things not getting done.

The vette, truck, and MH needs to be washed and waxed. The storage unit needs to be emptied. The preps need to be moved. Who am I kidding....that sounds like work.

So it's time to allocate time for all projects. Make a list of things according to their importance.
That's the way I used to work.

But this weekend is the Tampa gun show. OK maybe I'll start with the list Monday. Wonder what item will yell "Take Me Home".

See Ya.