Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip was wonderful, freedom to do what you want...Priceless

Greedy SOB's always want to mess with you.

After that short trip I was really feeling like I just received my driver's license at age 16. I had an old Plymouth business coupe, and it was summer vacation. I had my Boy Scout tent, and plenty of gear. So I loaded it all up, and headed to the State Parks for a month.

Well the vette had run just great, so what the hell...loaded it up with a two man tent(not your normal passenger), and other assorted camping gear, and took off again. Up Florida into Georgia, back to Alabama, and then headed home. The feeling of being able to do that any time you like is better than winning the lotto. Of course I would take the lotto to. Fat chance.

So now I'm back to prepping, and trying to figure out how to put a building on the propriety to transfer the preps.

Now back to the rant. When I got back I found my re-newal insurance policy for my 2002 Silverado pick-up. Damn...two bills. One dated 5/13/2010 for $460.00, and one dated 5/20/2010 for $504.00. WTF? So I call my agent...oh ya the correct bill is $504.00. For 6 months of bare bones insurance to be legal on the road, don't even have collision. Sorry bastards. $1008.00 for a year? If it don't go up the next 6 months. I can BUY a truck for that price. So it looks like I'll be shopping for new insurance. I certainly do not endorse driving without insurance, but how does a low wage earner afford those prices. The truck is 8 years old, and bare bones. Nothing but power steering, and air conditioning.

Plus I own two-The 2002 Silverado, and the 2004 Chevrolet Van. I am the sole driver of both...which means one of them is setting parked at all times. Would ya not think I should get a break on price. Nope. Maybe it's time to move out of Florida.

Still have not been to the range, maybe soon. Feels like it's going to be an expensive trip this time. Lots of 45acp's, and 45LC. That would make me feel better.

Also not one lousy picture from either trip. Walgreen's said film was not printable. Just my luck. Time for a new digital camera. Always something. Ah but good memories.

The vette is insured with a good company that only insures classic cars. Wish they also normal cars.

All right folks. Right now I'm going to tear into a lobster, and a pound of boiled in beer shrimp while I can still get them.(May BP rot in Hell) Sorry that's another rant that even a full bottle of Jack will not help. God help us all.

God Bless.

SEE ya.


Rev. Paul said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. Leave the rest for another time, and savor the memories.

Mayberry said...

Prime exmple of how the "insurance" companies have bought off the government! They cover the vehicle instead of the driver. For collision I can see that, but not for liability. That should be on the driver, who is then covered in whatever vehicle he happens to be driving. I know a lot of folks who would own more than one vehicle if they weren't forced to pay insurance on something they might drive only occasionally...

Bustednuckles said...

Pick one that you don't drive a lot and tell the insurance company to knock the coverage down to comprehensive.

HermitJim said...

The insurance folks sure do manage to stick it to ya...and I agree that all us older folks with good records should catch a break!

with food and insurance cost going up, makes me wonder just where it stops!

Glad you enjoyed the trip, buddy! Good for clearing the cobwebs!

Ken said... is a damn my minds eye i see a big 'mafia type clown' collecting my premiums...anyways,always a plus to hear of the good vibes given off from a roadtrip,does wonders fer the mind...