Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ride the wind

Today was just a day of pure fun. Left Clearwater at 7am. Beautiful down, and Red Hot Momma is on the road. Set course for Sarasota for lunch, and a stop at a local yacht basin to ogle the BIG $$$ boats (yachts). The vette received a lot of nice compliments, but nobody wanted to trade me a Hatteras for her. Good thing, I couldn't afford their gas bill or dock fees.

Left Sarasota to head for Naples for dinner. Fresh sea food always works for me. Driving with the top down after the sun goes down is pure joy. The afternoon ride fried me. I flatly refuse to put the top up, or the side windows. It's against the law. On the way home clouds threatened all the way. Took a side trip to avoid one set of showers. Made it all the way back with no rain.

Thanks Mayberry and Treesong. I needed it.

See Ya


commoncents said...

Thank you for posting! Your homepage absolutely rocks!!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange???

Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable day. I used to leave the top off my Jeep CJ for the same reason - rain or not.

p.s. Common Cents is link-hound, with little-to-no original content. Tantamount to spam, IMHO.

Northwoods said...

Up in our neck of the woods it actually hit 70 degrees on Saturday.
So I de-winterized my 79 Triumph Spitfire and (top down) put about a 100 miles on her.
Man I needed that!
If only for a little while it took my mind off of the gloom and doom.
And hey Tony..if you'd consider putting me in your Will...
I'll take the Vete and Tommy Gun Please:)

Mayberry said...

I'll kick North's ass and take the 'Vette, heh heh heh... Actually, he can have the 'Vette, and I'll shoehorn a small block in the Spitfire! That'd be a lot more fun.... PICTURES Tony!

Oh, now that I see North can't even SPELL 'Vette.... ; ) What the hell's a "Vete"? Bwaaaahahahahaaaa! I'm just messin' with ya bro....

Northwoods said...

Bring it on Mayb' Ole Buddy I'll "Razle" you fer it!
And BTW a "Vete" is a Vette when have a sticky "T" key ;)

HermitJim said...

As a former vet owner...I can certainly imagine the pure joy of such a ride!

Ah...those were the days, my friend!

Thanks for the update!

Ken said...

...Ragtop man...could my eyes possibly get any more green than they are now ???

treesong said...

Enough alrea you guys! Here I was feeling great because I took the golf cart for a ride BY MYSELF!!!

And I'm thinking Tony might consider giving this Michigander the Vette in his will - or his home on wheels or his new land. How else is a poor woman gonna get to Florida?

Seriously, if we manage to make it down that way someday I hope Tony will provide a place for us to park the old rig on our trip. We checked out some RV campgrounds in Citrus County. What the hell do I care about golf, shuffleboard, bingo, horseshoes and being crammed like sardines into a "campground?"

Did it MY way said...

Kind words from everyone. I have extended the ride. I am now finally getting home from the road trip. Florida to Georgia on to Alabama and finally home in Florida. "Red Hot Momma" ran like a dream. She can't carry a lot of cargo, but the small tent made a goood passenger.

Michigan still has a soft part in my heart. Might visit treesong before she visits me.

Sorry guys I don't plan on dieing.

See Ya.