Monday, May 10, 2010

Always trust your gut feelings

As you know I brought Miss Fiesty home on Monday. She did well Monday, and Tuesday. I decided I would stay one more day just to make sure she could be left alone. She had day care service to check on her, and her kids were starting to at least call her every day. But that little nagging gut feeling of mine persisted.
My cell phone rang at 3am Wednesday morning. I was parked in my MH just outside her door. She was having trouble breathing. I'll go straight to the meat.....blood clots in both lungs.

The super hero's saved her life again. Real tough battle this time. The drugs used to break up the clots could cause internal bleeding from her current operation. They finally had to resort to Radiology. They went in thru the groin, blasted the clot, and put a filter in to stop future blood clots. I was there every day just to keep her focused that she would recover. As of today Miss Fiesty is back to normal....eating everything they put in front of her, and really wanting to go home. I'm bringing her back for the second time tomorrow. The doctors have assured me that all is well, and she is safe. Thanks again to all my frends prayers. I would have been pissed if she died.

So that's where I have been.

Will I ever see the range again?

See Ya.


Mayberry said...

Damn... What loser kids she has! So glad you're there for her... Range hell, how 'bout a cruise in that 'vette?!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Still saying prayers.

HermitJim said...

Thank God you have some good "gut feelings", buddy!

I think maybe a higher power was whispering in your ear...!

Glad you were there for her and thank you for the update!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I'm glad you were there, Tony. And glad she had the sense to call YOU when she needed someone right away.

You will see the range again, I promise.


Help U Prep said...

what a blessing to have you for a friend.
I hope her kids realize they could have lost her for good and are more attentive now...
You're a fine man, and I'm glad to know you.

treesong said...

Better you were the one with your friend and how fortunate she is to have you! Had it been me I would have knocked a few of those kids' heads together.

Hopefully you get some range time soon and I agree with Mayberry; take a ride in your Vette. You've more than earned it. Treesong