Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Forget

God Bless all our troops where ever they are today. I will always remember that freedom is not free without the sacrifices made by them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip was wonderful, freedom to do what you want...Priceless

Greedy SOB's always want to mess with you.

After that short trip I was really feeling like I just received my driver's license at age 16. I had an old Plymouth business coupe, and it was summer vacation. I had my Boy Scout tent, and plenty of gear. So I loaded it all up, and headed to the State Parks for a month.

Well the vette had run just great, so what the hell...loaded it up with a two man tent(not your normal passenger), and other assorted camping gear, and took off again. Up Florida into Georgia, back to Alabama, and then headed home. The feeling of being able to do that any time you like is better than winning the lotto. Of course I would take the lotto to. Fat chance.

So now I'm back to prepping, and trying to figure out how to put a building on the propriety to transfer the preps.

Now back to the rant. When I got back I found my re-newal insurance policy for my 2002 Silverado pick-up. Damn...two bills. One dated 5/13/2010 for $460.00, and one dated 5/20/2010 for $504.00. WTF? So I call my agent...oh ya the correct bill is $504.00. For 6 months of bare bones insurance to be legal on the road, don't even have collision. Sorry bastards. $1008.00 for a year? If it don't go up the next 6 months. I can BUY a truck for that price. So it looks like I'll be shopping for new insurance. I certainly do not endorse driving without insurance, but how does a low wage earner afford those prices. The truck is 8 years old, and bare bones. Nothing but power steering, and air conditioning.

Plus I own two-The 2002 Silverado, and the 2004 Chevrolet Van. I am the sole driver of both...which means one of them is setting parked at all times. Would ya not think I should get a break on price. Nope. Maybe it's time to move out of Florida.

Still have not been to the range, maybe soon. Feels like it's going to be an expensive trip this time. Lots of 45acp's, and 45LC. That would make me feel better.

Also not one lousy picture from either trip. Walgreen's said film was not printable. Just my luck. Time for a new digital camera. Always something. Ah but good memories.

The vette is insured with a good company that only insures classic cars. Wish they also normal cars.

All right folks. Right now I'm going to tear into a lobster, and a pound of boiled in beer shrimp while I can still get them.(May BP rot in Hell) Sorry that's another rant that even a full bottle of Jack will not help. God help us all.

God Bless.

SEE ya.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ride the wind

Today was just a day of pure fun. Left Clearwater at 7am. Beautiful down, and Red Hot Momma is on the road. Set course for Sarasota for lunch, and a stop at a local yacht basin to ogle the BIG $$$ boats (yachts). The vette received a lot of nice compliments, but nobody wanted to trade me a Hatteras for her. Good thing, I couldn't afford their gas bill or dock fees.

Left Sarasota to head for Naples for dinner. Fresh sea food always works for me. Driving with the top down after the sun goes down is pure joy. The afternoon ride fried me. I flatly refuse to put the top up, or the side windows. It's against the law. On the way home clouds threatened all the way. Took a side trip to avoid one set of showers. Made it all the way back with no rain.

Thanks Mayberry and Treesong. I needed it.

See Ya

Monday, May 10, 2010

Always trust your gut feelings

As you know I brought Miss Fiesty home on Monday. She did well Monday, and Tuesday. I decided I would stay one more day just to make sure she could be left alone. She had day care service to check on her, and her kids were starting to at least call her every day. But that little nagging gut feeling of mine persisted.
My cell phone rang at 3am Wednesday morning. I was parked in my MH just outside her door. She was having trouble breathing. I'll go straight to the meat.....blood clots in both lungs.

The super hero's saved her life again. Real tough battle this time. The drugs used to break up the clots could cause internal bleeding from her current operation. They finally had to resort to Radiology. They went in thru the groin, blasted the clot, and put a filter in to stop future blood clots. I was there every day just to keep her focused that she would recover. As of today Miss Fiesty is back to normal....eating everything they put in front of her, and really wanting to go home. I'm bringing her back for the second time tomorrow. The doctors have assured me that all is well, and she is safe. Thanks again to all my frends prayers. I would have been pissed if she died.

So that's where I have been.

Will I ever see the range again?

See Ya.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Care Givers are Angels

Brought "Miss Feisty" home yesterday.

First of all let me tell you I HATE hospitals, HATEUM, HATEUM, HATEUM. Like I Hate Lawyers, and Bankers. So for 8 days I lived in one from 8am to 8pm for a friend. She was scared, and lonely, and so sweet. But let me tell you she received the best care in the world. I received the best service in the world considering I was always under foot. She had a private room, a registered nurse, and a nurse assistant. She was treated like she was the only patient in the hospital. If she needed something, and pressed the call button a nurse was there in less than a minute 99percent of the time. Due to her surgery control of her functions was hit or miss. When that happened they were prompt to clean her up, and change the bedding, sometimes as often as three times in one hour.

She had a steady stream of doctors. I just watched them come and go. I don't mean come in say how are you and leave. Every doctor asked questions, gave answers, and was genuine conserved.

The job of care giver has to be one of the toughest jobs a person can accept. To do it with care, and a smile takes a special person.

The USA has the best medical personal, best doctors, best care givers, and the best hospitals in the world. The place is spotless. Everyone knows their jobs, and the place runs like a well oiled machine. I was impressed!!

Every one there loved Miss Feisty, hell they even liked me. I was offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I could eat with her. I politely declined, as I would help Miss Feisty to eat. The first couple of days she had to be coached just to take a few bites. Another requirement she needed was to try and walk every day. Day one was three steps. When we were leaving she was mad because they said she had to leave by wheel chair. The woman amazes me.

I stayed an extra day at her house to make sure every thing was fine and she felt safe enough to be alone. Then I called every one of her children,and explained that there are laws on the books about cruelty to seniors. That I expected one of them to come over every day after work for the next 30 days and check on Miss Feisty, and if they could find it in their hearts maybe stay at least an hour just to talk. I'll leave the meat of our conversation to your imagination, because when I get pissed my language sometimes gets colorful. I also said I would call every night to make sure they would comply.

Again the staff, doctors, caregivers, definitely 5 stars!

No I still HATEUM, just not so much.


See Ya