Saturday, April 24, 2010

Should have stayed away a week longer

Damn-the range has been closed all week for repairs. Maybe reopen Monday. Since I have an eye appointment Monday...ya sucks.

Been busy all week baby setting tree cutters. My daughter had contracted for four VERY large trees to be taken down. Since she and SIL had to work all week, they asked me to come over and keep an eye on the job. Now all these trees are close to the house, camper, and swimming pool so extreme caution is required. These guys are GOOD. They laid down branches with only inches to spare. Wish my camera had been working. The chipper they used would eat up to 18" diameter limbs as fast as they pushed them in. Of course the stupid kids did not want any of the fine oak that they cut down. So I have two truck loads. Could have had more but my storage shed is now full. Plus the tree jockeys sell the wood to.

Good thing they finished up on Friday, because we have a gun show this weekend. Makes me happy happy happy. At the gun show today I found something I just had to add to the collection. I have wanted one for many years, but never found one in the condition I desired. Today the gun gods smiled on me.

13# of fire belching 45 ACP from either the 50 round drum or the 30 round sticks. That's correct ladies, and gentlemen a Tommy gun. 1927A-1 Carbine With finned barrel,and compensator. Frame, and receiver are machined from solid steel. All wood genuine American walnut. Happy Happy. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. And to think I was going to pass on the show today because all my gun buddies had to work. Retirement does have advantages.

Ya all have a good weekend.

See Ya

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Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like a nice day, and a great find. Congrats.