Friday, April 30, 2010

A Friend in Need.

When I was still working, and owned my condo I had a lovely sweet elderly neighbor who had lost her husband. She has 9 adult children all living with-in 10 miles of her. Several of her children come to visit her on Fridays, and stay for a couple of hours.

Our condos faced each other, and she got into the habit of visiting me most evenings when I came home from work. She just needed someone to talk to. I'd take her out for dinner once a month. After I sold my condo I promised I would keep in contact. I have. Last Saturday I paid a visit, and found her some what distraught. She had colon surgery scheduled for Monday and needed to be at the hospital at 5am, and needed transportation. I did not ask about her kids, but I did say I would be happy to take her. She was up at 3am, and ready to go when I arrived at 4am. Her prep time was two hours, and the operation was to take 3 1/2 hours. I thought to myself that was one hell of an operation.

She had told her children that I was going to take her to the hospital, and they all agreed since I was retired that would work for them. I often wondered what they would have done if I had not just drooped in for a visit.

Two of her daughters arrived at 9:30 to see how things were going. Surgery was complete, and after an hour in recovery we were allowed to see her for just a few minutes. I told them that I would be here every day until she was discharged, and gave them my cell number.

The next day they called to see how she was doing. I stayed from 8am until 8pm when visiting hours ended. I will be doing this until she is discharged. Her face just lights up when I walk into her room. She talks all day and I listen.

She talks to the kids each day by phone, but so far no visitors but me. This 79 year lady has gone thru so many hardships in those years. Her stories could fill volumes. I'm proud to call her a friend. She may be discharged Monday or Tuesday. Until then I will be at the hospital from 8am to 8pm listening to her stories. No more posts until then.

See Ya

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Should have stayed away a week longer

Damn-the range has been closed all week for repairs. Maybe reopen Monday. Since I have an eye appointment Monday...ya sucks.

Been busy all week baby setting tree cutters. My daughter had contracted for four VERY large trees to be taken down. Since she and SIL had to work all week, they asked me to come over and keep an eye on the job. Now all these trees are close to the house, camper, and swimming pool so extreme caution is required. These guys are GOOD. They laid down branches with only inches to spare. Wish my camera had been working. The chipper they used would eat up to 18" diameter limbs as fast as they pushed them in. Of course the stupid kids did not want any of the fine oak that they cut down. So I have two truck loads. Could have had more but my storage shed is now full. Plus the tree jockeys sell the wood to.

Good thing they finished up on Friday, because we have a gun show this weekend. Makes me happy happy happy. At the gun show today I found something I just had to add to the collection. I have wanted one for many years, but never found one in the condition I desired. Today the gun gods smiled on me.

13# of fire belching 45 ACP from either the 50 round drum or the 30 round sticks. That's correct ladies, and gentlemen a Tommy gun. 1927A-1 Carbine With finned barrel,and compensator. Frame, and receiver are machined from solid steel. All wood genuine American walnut. Happy Happy. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. And to think I was going to pass on the show today because all my gun buddies had to work. Retirement does have advantages.

Ya all have a good weekend.

See Ya

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to do when kids will not listen

I am very proud of both my children. They were absolutely a joy to raise. Unfortunately they refused to take any advice regarding money. Both have very good jobs, and thought they were living The American dream. Both also thought I was having a mid life crisis. I had a beautiful condo, and a very successful business. They thought I was throwing away everything I worked so hard to have. Telling them the Freedom I have now they seem to at least realize how happy I am. Now back to them. They are both very private about their money problems. I have just found out that my son's wife has not worked for the past year, and they are three months behind on the mortgage. Son sold several toys to stay a float, and now works two jobs. I hated to hear him say that I was right, and now he has a big hole to get out of. But also the courage to do it. My daughter on the other hand decided to file for bankruptcy(second time), and then go to Vegas to celebrate. She says since she works every day she is entitled. Not on my dime, or on the dimes of the honest people paying their credit card bills. Her excuse was the banks raised the interest rates to the point she had more out go than income. Not the banks fault. Cash has no interest charges.

I laid out my preps to both, and again said in that regard I would help. I have a one year supply of food for one. I purchased a one year supply for four more adults, and delivered it to them. I also told them where they could find me if the SHTF. At least they can eat for a year if nothing else.

The main reason I have been gone is moving various supplies and equipment to three different locations. Man I am tired. My thinking of having all my eggs in one basket is not a good idea. Moving a ton of ammo, guns, cloths,tools, and metal working equipment alone is more than a two day endeavor. Work three 18 days, sleep one for 12. More on this later.

Also bought the land I wanted. More on this later.

My 26 day hiatus has been very productive. But at 69 I wonder if it was all worth it. Since I still wish to live as long as possible I think it will be.

Tomorrow is range day. I did not forget about "Buy a gun day" so a break-in day is required.

Good to be back. I missed all the blogs, and really need to catch up. However not hearing no political bullshit for all that time was refreshing.

See Ya