Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Gun Show

Saturday and Sunday was the Tampa Bay gun show. I did not rent a table this year because I don't have anything I wanted to sell. Kinda glad I did not. Seems our gun show has gone Black. Everything seems to be tactical. Tables and tables of AR's, Glocks, Scopes, Lights, Tasers, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I own all the tactical toys to. They are fun to shoot. When I go to the range I'm there to shoot, not spending half the time to load mags. I believe in having plenty of mags. All my 22 semi auto have at least 20 mags each. Sometimes it seems my mags cost more than the guns.

It also seems that a lot of folks are buying .380's. Why? .380 ammo here has been as scarce as hens teeth for months. Surprise-plenty of .380 ammo at this show. Can't quite figure it out.

Attendance was huge. This show had more people this year than I have seen in the past three years. The show opened at 9am. I was there at 8am, the parking gates was already open, and the line was already REALLY long. At 11am I fought my way outside for a smoke, and they were still lined up coming in! Standing room only in side.

Very few private sellers, but lots of individuals with mostly long rifles for sale. Seems my revolver's are a dieing breed at the shows. Did see a couple of Colt Pythons, but not worth $1500.00 to me. Wish I had bought more when I bought mine when they were $300.00 new. Seems wheel guns are now just collector items. A Smith & Wesson 686-4 for $900.00?

The show was not a total disappointment for me. Reloading supplies was abundant, and plenty of primers($50.00 per k), powder, brass, and bullets was in good supply. Adequate cleaning supplies, and targets.

I still can't get over how many people attended this show. When I left at 2pm they were still coming in.

Going back to searching for land this coming week. The temps are heading up. Might see 70's for the week.Oh joy.

See Ya.


Paladin said...

I've been itching to go to a gun show here lately. I'm trying to stay focused one saving my beans for some particular items, though. I know if I go I'll end up blowing my stash on other stuff instead :)

I wish I had bought a python, and a diamondback, back when they were in my price range when new.

Temps here are supposed to hit the 70's too this week. Its about time to get the Valkyrie cleaned up and ready for spring rides. I'm ready!

Sandcastle Momma said...

It's good to know there were lots of people there - that means there are more of us than the govt would like to think!

theotherryan said...

I think the old Colts and just about all Smiths are into collector range now if just because of price. People still buy and use wheel guns they are just Rugers and Tauruses and Charter Arms and Rossi.