Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Salt or Not to Salt

Our stupid ass government must be run by Aliens. No I take that back, I apologize to the Aliens. Our government is just dumber than dirt. Somebody needs to tell Felix Ortiz D-Brooklyn which finger to pick his nose with, and shove bill A10129 up his dark side. Now restaurants cannot salt meals when they cook them? For each violation a 1K fine? Next the FDA will take salt off the market? Shit better not give THEM any ideas. What asshole has the right to do this? Come to my house, and tell me I can't salt my meals as I cook them. No don't come to my house you would get a knuckle sandwich.

They must stay up at night thinking up this shit.

Damn why do I even read the news? Get the rope.

See Ya


Sandcastle Momma said...

It's terrifying to realize that our country is being run by such complete idiots. Don't these people have anything better to do?

Staying Alive said...

I follow that admonition to find the rope. Let the light posts proclaim our independence. It's getting so they don't even want us to be allowed to choose our salt.


Northwoods said...

This actually becomes a national issue when you concider the restaurants order supplies from venders that may have salt added to their products.
I swear every one these politicians has shit for brains and
it's long past time for an enima!

doubletrouble said...

" would get a knuckle sandwich."

That's OK, just don't put any salt on it...

TEAM HALL said...

You know Tony...just when I think our country has gone right off its rockers, all I have to do is read something about your country and it makes me feel a little bit better! hahahaha
Has everyone gone crazy?!?! I'm serious, sometimes yah just gotta wonder!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

For YOF, it's pepper. He puts pepper on everything, lots and LOTS of pepper. When I pepper it for him, I put what I think is enough and then a little more and he STILL peppers it.

For me, it's salt. I even salt pizza. I don't salt bacon so I figure I'm not out of control ...yet.

: )

Lawyer said...

At some point, you have to wonder about the people who elected them. Did the sane people stay home?