Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woods, Cigs, and Jack

In the woods with no people in sight, parked on a nice little pond. Watched the sun come up with a cup of coffee, and the birds, and squirrels for company. Took a nice little walk, and returned to the comfort of my lawn chair.

With a pack of cigarettes, and a half bottle of Jack. I'm reading some of my favorite blogs. Non of the news, or gloom and doom blogs. Maybe some comics, and some e mails. Today I will enjoy just the day, the woods, and a few talks with Jack. Something that I have not done in a long time. In the past I have had some very serious talks with Jack, but today he is here just for the enjoyment of the moment.

A small fire in the fire-ring, perhaps Salmon for dinner, and pure peace and solitude. For today all is good in the world.

See Ya


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thought.

Underground Carpenter said...

Good post, nicely written.


Sandcastle Momma said...

That does sound like a good day. Hubby likes to hang with Jack too.

Northwoods said...

Sounds like an awesome day. A few smokes, nature and Jack.
I've had many a comforting conversations with Jack.
Gotta watch him though. Sometimes that ole boy don't know when to shut up :)

HermitJim said...

Sounds like I should be there with ya, my man!

Say hello to Jack for me!

theotherryan said...

Seems like a pretty nice day to me.

gecko said...

What a wonderful day you have planned, I do hope Jack provided the company that was needed, and not too talkative ;)

Ken said...

...simple pleasures Brother...simple pleasures...

...don't tell Jack ya know me,every time we hung out,i got in trouble while he got off

Bitmap said...

That sounds fun.

I just finished a bottle of Jack last night. I will have to make a trip to the store now.