Thursday, February 18, 2010

Land Search Continues

They say never give up. They say never quit. The say when the time is right it will happen. Who the hell are they? I have not found who they are, but I will not give up, and I will not quit! I'll stick with when it is right it will happen. My little MH has had fun running around Florida in the mean time. I have found a few small plots that I could park on, and be in the woods. The problem....they are SMALL plots. Five to ten acres is what I seek, and I will not lower my standards.

On a brighter note. Everybody I know knows my favorite fire arms are made by Colt. Well I have found out that they have produced a limited run of 400 1911's. Now I have a good collection of 1911's. But it's new, and a limited run, and it's made by Colt. Only 400 produced. Remember I said only 400 produced. What makes it so special? Only 400 produced. So what. It's still just a 1911. But only one of 400 produced. Think of the number of collectors that would want one for their collection. Think of them putting on the white gloves to handle this jewel. Admiringly the engraving, and the workmanship. Think of me getting one, and going out to the range and blasting off 500 rounds to make sure it works right. I want one. Just the thought of doing that makes me happy. The new hunt starts now.

I've seen so many 40 degree nights that I have stopped complaining. My friends up north are suffering much worse than I am. So this is my last statement about it. "When it warms up I'm moving to Florida".

One of 400?

See Ya


Rev. Paul said...

You should mention that the new Colt 1911s are a limited run of only 400.


Mayberry said...

I take it you're gonna reduce the availability to 399... Patience, the right piece of land will come along. I always score eventually when I can bridle my impatience. My rash purchases never come out good.

Shy Wolf said...

One of 400? Is there something special about this? LOL.
OK, gotta admit: I bought a Ruger MKII 50th Anniversary, so I ain't one to point fingers. Heck, IF I could afford a Colt, I'd buy one. Maybe. But they gotta make it in 9mm cuz I ain't gonna buy two kinds of ammo.
399, huh? I imagine that means you've already called the factory.
Good luck with that seven shot.

Ken said... if i didn't want another gov't model,now comes,just as well,i could never own one and not shoot the hell out it...

HermitJim said...

Hope you soon get both the land and the gun, my friend!

All us older guys deserve a break now and again, right?

Have fun with the search!

Anonymous said...

Is there any part of the country you would not want to live in? There is lots of land for sale up here in North Georgia, and it is not expensive. Eastern Tennessee is the same. But the winters are harsh here, so perhaps you might not want to live here full time. I'll send you some local newspapers with land listings if you would like them.

Did it MY way said...

Rev.Paul: There is only 400 available

Mayberry: I'm going to get one, but would prefer the land instead.

Shy Wolf: No 9mm that I know of.

Ken: But it's a Colt.

Hermit Jim: I'd give up the Colt for the land, but would be nice to get both. Thanks for the well wishes.

The Hermit: I envy your piece of heaven. It looks beautiful. The weather in winter is not for me. Thanks for the offer.