Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freezing My A** Off

Freezing my A** off in the land of sunshine. Has to be the coldest and wettest February on record. No place to escape to. Cold and wet all the way to Key West. Yes I am a wimp. I did not move from Michigan to Florida to freeze. I could have done that in Michigan. Yes I know you fine folks up North are getting the shit kicked out of you. I feel your pain, but you are not used to seventy degree weather in February, I am, so when the high today will be 50, and the low tonight will be 40 I am in a bad mood.

I love to live outside, see the sun rise every morning with coffee in hand. Tried it today, with fire in the fire ring, five layers of cloths on, gloves on, two bath towels on the lawn chair, and wool socks in my combat boots. I lasted long enough to chug my medium warm coffee.

It could be worse...The Panhandle is expecting snow. That's an area I'm looking for property in. I would like to kick Al Gore's ass. Global warming my ass.

The whole country is having weird weather this year.

A big bowl of my home made ham and pea soup should put me in a better mood. Time to eat.

See Ya


Rev. Paul said...

I doubt it will make you feel any better about it, but Anchorage is currently 15 degrees warmer than normal (this week, I mean) and may be near 40 degrees in a couple of days. When the jet stream dips to the south ("Canadian clipper" and snow in the midwest/east) we get warm air from the south. We grumbling about the snow starting to melt & the roads getting messy. Misery, the North&South edition.

SciFiChick said...

MMMM Hot Ham & Pea soup! Life could be a whole lot worse!

Mayberry said...

Like I tell the locals when they start their annual flap about "welcoming cooler temperatures", Move to freakin' Wisconsin if ya want that crap!!!!! South Texas is supposed to be relatively warm during winter, and I sweat my ass off all summer so I don't have to freeze in winter. Like y'all, we've had "dog nose" weather, cold and wet. Toss in overcast for good measure. "I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when".... I miss my 80 degree Decembers! Where the hell is my Gorebal Warming?!!! Al?! WTF??!!!

HermitJim said...

I'm with ya on this cold and nasty weather! Like Mayberry said...somebody's got my share of the sunshine!!!

The Hermit said...

I think we have all had about enough of the snow and cold. I live in the Smoky Mountains and we get snow and cold temps every winter, but not for this duration and not one storm on the heels of another. It's harder to keep things ship shape in the snow and ice, harder to go anywhere, and working outside just leeches the energy right out of you.

Toaster 802 said...

Ha! Here in Vermont land, we wear shorts until the snow flys, and as soon as it his 40-45 in the spring. It just gets to hot for long pants much after the snow is almost melted.
I do not think I would need much of a jacket ether, just a gore-tex shell and my turtle fur touke.

Hello from the Green mountains,