Friday, February 12, 2010

Every Gun Owner Needs To Read This

Please read the post CarteachO. I don't know how to post a link to his blog. The story is about a military infantry man shooting his buddy point blank in the chest. A terrible accident. A must read!!!!!

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Underground Carpenter said...

I agree. That is a must-read.
Here's the link:


This is my first attempt at putting a link in a comment. Hope it works.


Did it MY way said...

Thanks Dave your link worked!

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Paladin said...

Wow... thanks for the heads up on this story, DiMw. That's an amazing story for lots of reasons.

As an unexpected consequence in hindsight, it also sheds some light on the acceptablility of 9mm as a defensive handgun round. I've heard some derisively refer to 9mm as a "Euro Pellet".


Mayberry said...

To post a link: Copy and paste title onto your blog post. Highlight title, then click "insert hyperlink" (the little globe looking button). Highlight and copy the web address of what you want to link to, then paste it in the hyperlink box. Click "OK". Yer done. And thanks for the info!

Underground Carpenter said...

If you'd like to know how to put a link in a comment or how to spice up your blog, this lady knows all about it and explains it simply:

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Ken said...'s gonna stick with me a long time...

The Hermit said...

CarteachO is still around? He used to have a great blog on Mausers and reloading, but I lost track of him.

ASM826 said...

Not an accident. Negligence. Probably criminal negligence. Broke all 4 of the Cooper rules at once. A horrifying story, but in no way an accident.

The Hermit said...

You haven't frozen to death down there, have you?