Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computer Shaky and Random Thoughts

Looks like the computer has old age problems. The hard drive has the death rattles, currently takes about 5-10 minutes to boot up. Was reading e mails yesterday when they suddenly disappeared all by themselves. A kind gentleman from Michigan sent me an e-mail about my blog, that I was reading when it went south. If you read this please send it again.

However being a prepper, I mealy fired up the back-up lap top. Of course info lost is lost forever. I know back-up, back-up. How do you back up in the middle of reading an e-mail.

For a few giggles, I found a piece of property That I would love to own. 100 acres....Now where can I get $170,000.00 loan for $300.00 down and payments of $200.00 a month? Oh yes the land search goes on.

Seems a lot of my favorite blogs are going dark. Makes me sad. It's like losing a friend you have not met yet. I'm sure they have their reasons. I appreciate the ones that tell you good by, but the ones that just stop without giving a reason makes me wonder what happened. So if you do wish to quit just post it on your last blog please.

I did find one of four hundred produced. Should have it by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yes when I have it in my grubby hands I will tell you what it is, and post pictures. Ha Ha .

As usual the cold fronts continue to punish our tourists, and keep me wearing to many layers of cloths in The Sunshine State. Our beaches look like desserts. Dr. Gore needs to be sued for malpractice. Of course the power companies are loving it. The meters are like spinning tops. Still has to be cheaper than what my northern friends are paying, and I don't have to shovel cold.

See Ya


Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to hear about your PC troubles - they do that, don't they? On the other hand, new CPUs are less expensive than ever.

Congrats on the 1 of 400 - I'm looking forward to the pics & post. In the meantime, we've received 5" of globular warmering flakes in the last two hours, here in Anchorage. Makes me wonder if Algore decided to hide up here.

Ken said...

...yep,PC...stands fer (P)iece o (C)rap...

...lets see,ten of us with ten acre parcels @ 17k,or 5 of'em with 20 acre parcel @34k...???

...are ya gonna shoot it,or make it a holster queen(?)stupid question i figure,but i gotta mind screaming shoot it,safe it,shoot it,safe it,shoot it,safe it...AAahhhhhhhh)

Did it MY way said...

New CPUs are cheap, but that money could go for ammo. lol

Your idea about the land is GREAT. I may look ito that possibility.

SHOOT IT! No other option.

Paladin said...

I'm the WORST about backing stuff up and I know its gonna bite me in the butt one day.

About the only backup I do religiously is uploading digital pics to my flickr account online and burning home movies to DVD regularly so I've got hard copies. No way in hell I'll risk loosing trip pictures or pictures and movies of the Grandbaby :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

Maybe you can use the new toy to shoot the computer?
Our beaches are still deserted too and the snowbirds that are grumpy on a good day are really in a foul mood. Must stink to come to paradise and find out it's cold here too.

Borepatch said...

You might like this.

Mayberry said...

We're finally having some "chamber of commerce" weather down here today. Finally.... But I know it will get cold and wet again soon, spring break is coming. Heh heh heh... The weather almost always suck for spring break here! Congrats on your 1 of 400....

HermitJim said...

If nothing else comes from the land search, you at least know where you don't want to be!

Good luck, buddy!

doubletrouble said...


Ken's got a great idea there.

Would I pay $34k for 20a of good land? Bet yer arse I would. Especially if I knew thet the "neighbors" would be like minded individuals.

wv: "peniz" OK, no joke here...

TEAM HALL said...

Hey Tony!
Yup, we are shovelling our "cold" once again...just when I thought it was over. Oh well, we did manage to get the right kind - you know, the stuff that makes really great snowmen. hehe
Come north, my friend...we'll find you some great parcels of land!!!

Grace. said...

LOL--I'm no fan of firearms, but I loved Sandcastle Mama's plan!

I hear you about bloggers who leave abruptly--when they make me God (maybe you shouldn't hold your breath, waiting!) it will be a requirement that folks make a wind-up post telling us faithful readers that they are leaving.