Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to buy for my birthday?

January 19 Th will mark 69 years living on this planet. I must admit most of them have been very enjoyable. Just the joy of living in the USA has been worth it.

Since the weather is colder than a witch's t#t I'm inside where it is nice and warm. What better time to check out the gun world. From the time I was 21 I have purchased a fire arm for my birthday. Needless to say from that time fire arms continued to improve, and oh yes increase in price. I have a problem. What to buy this year. I know gunnies are not supposed to have that as a problem. My intent when I first started was to have a revolver, a semi-auto pistol, and a rifle in the same caliber (carry three weapons & one ammo) in the most common calibers. 22,9mm,357,45Lc,30caliber,etc. That was reached a long time ago. It's been more than a month since something jumped in my hand that I could not let go of. I'm not bored, like they say what do you give a man that has everything? you got it...more of it.

I still have time to think about it. Perhaps I'll have an answer before then. Any idea's?

See Ya


Grace. said...

Happy almost-birthday! And here's to many more.

Don't you live in FLORIDA? Land of perpetual sunshine??

What's with all this cold-weather talk? You might as well be in New England.

Did it MY way said...

It was 39 degrees this morning. This week end it will be in the 20's. But we do still have far. lol

TEAM HALL said...

I know what yah get him...LAND...and LOTS of it!
Happy 69th (coming up)!

Bitmap said...

I would suggest a duplicate of something important that you already have. Another identical copy of one of your "go to" guns - same sights, same grip, same everything as close as possible. That way if your primary is out of commission for some reason you have another that will feel and function the same.

If you don't have a Steyr Scout then that is something to think about.

The short action Browning BLR take-down with a forward scope mount is a very nice rifle. I've handled one and it is a slick little package. The one thing they really missed on that one is sling swivels. Who in their right mind would make a rifle without swivels?

If you don't have a S&W revolver in .500 S&W then you don't have everything. The price of ammo is shocking on that one. Even the price of brass and bullets is shocking.

How about a handgun with custom engraving?

You could SBS a side-by-side 20ga shotgun, cut the barrels to 10" and cut the stock off to make a pistol grip. That would be a little different.

You can't possibly have everything. Where would you put it?

Mayberry said...

A Howitzer. Definitely. You can tow it behind the van....

Anonymous said...

What about a rifle caliber pistol in .233 scoped of course. TC contender has the option of multiple calibers/barrels or a savage or some other brand. I think you can get them magna ported or a recoil damping muzzle brake. I almost bought a TC years ago cheap and now I wished I had.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I think Bitmap's got the right idea - get something you like as a backup. No matter what you get I know you'll enjoy it.

Did it MY way said...

Like your idea.

Have the TC in .223,.357,45.
Bought years ago when they were cheap.

Good idea, and that's covered to.I don't have a Scout.That's possible.

Anonymous said...

I got another idea for ya.. come over to my blog and read about my recent purchase:

I just got a NAA blackwidow and I really like it.

Did it MY way said...

Have two of the North American Arms mini Revolver 22/22m with holster grips. They are cute, and do carry easy.

Team Hall;
Spent all day today looking for land.