Saturday, January 9, 2010

To move or not move

The joys of a home on wheels is the fact that I can move any time I like. Since August 13Th I have had that pleasure. I have been all over Florida during that time. The current cold weather has given me thought for another trip. To Key West. Fantastic fishing, historical building, and very interesting people. Unfortunately Key West is not much better than Clearwater. Only 52 degrees in Key West. Not worth the 8 hour drive, and 417 miles. Plus I promised my kids I'd be here for my birthday.

I've also had several e mails asking about my "van". Camera is in the repair shop, but I will post pictures in the future. This is a van on steroids. The van is a 2004 Roadtrek on a Chevrolet 3500 chassis. The stand up headroom is 6" 2". It has all the convinces of a home. Three leather captain's chairs, with the one behind the passenger's seat can be convert to a single bed. There is a table that can be installed between the two front seats.(stored when not used). The kitchen stove is a two burner propane,with a cover that doubles as a counter top when not in use. Stainless steel sink, with storage cabinet underneath. The fridge can run on 120v,battery, or propane. Self contained toilet, and shower. The rear of the van can be used two ways-a living area with two bench facing each other with a table in between or as a king sized bed with storage under the bed. Air conditioning, and forced air furnace. 15" flat screen TV & DVD player with stereo speakers. Almost forgot the micro-wave. Storage cabinets are in every square inch available, and a main closet behind the drivers seat. Under the rear chassis rides the self contained propane tank, and the generator. In an outside compartment two deep cell batteries. So this van is a small motor home. I'm sure I missed something. Oh yes- My fresh water tank holds twenty five gallons, and I also carry more fresh water under the bed when planning to stay out a month .Since 90 percent of the time I travel alone this is more than adequate for my needs. I can actually stay lost in the woods for a month at a time with no problems.

Mayberry commented about where I can store stuff. When I moved the contents of one of my safes there was 16 long guns laying on the bed. My tactical gun case with two AR's under the bed. In the drawer under one seat was 12 handguns, and the range bag had another 12 in it. God only knows what would have happened if Johnny Law would have stopped me. When on the road I carry the tactical gun case with a rifle or two of choice, and the range bag with at least four pistols. Both out of sight and well hidden.

So that's the info on the "van" that carries a front license plate that says "Little One"

See Ya


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

The van sounds pretty cozy. I might have to try that some time in my life. Throw a canoe on top and just give'r.

Mayberry said...

That thing's got everything my 30 foot motorhome has. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I've been giving a lot of thought to getting a camper and nice pickup at some point in the future. The one thing I could never figure out was how to heat it or cool it when the truck engine was off. I guess you can plug in to an electric outlet, but do you need some sort of small generator out in the bush?

Did it MY way said...

The Hermit;
I have a gen set for power in the boon docks. But just use it for heat or ac. Lights run on battery or 120. Fridge runs on propane.

Frugal Canadian Hermit;
Sea Eagle boats make a great series of blow up boats. Saves space.

I love it. Plus with the Sea Eagle boat I don't have to tow one. Plus I can park it almost anywhere and hide. Just don't put out the awning,and the lawn chairs. lol

Grace. said...

Assuming I'm still safe to be on the highway when I retire, I'm seriously considering getting something like your home. One of my concerns is that I am not the least bit "handy," and I worry that your rig needs lots of tinkering and fixing. True or not?

Did it MY way said...

The only problem I have had was the micro-wave puked, and was replaced for free. I don't expect any problems that a house would not have. I have had it since 2004. I bought it brand new.Great for one, cozy for two, very tight for three.

See Ya

SciFiChick said...

All the comforts of home my friend.

theotherryan said...

Sounds pretty nice. When we lived in an RV we had a pistol, a shotgun and a few pistols.

A little travel trailer is on our long list. Maybe if we stumbled into one of these...