Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Boat

Love my little boat. For years(20+) my boat was a twenty two foot Grady-White with twin 150's. Great boat for off shore, and rough water. The years of off shore fishing are now fond memories. All my fishing buddies are either fishing with Jesus, or say they get to tired on our usual three day runs. Now grouper fishing is currently banned, so time for a change.I sold the Grady just before the Condo, and the shop. Miss it? Damn right. Times change. I could never be without a boat. Fishing from shore, or bridges is for snowbirds.

So what to buy? Could get a small skiff for the inter coastal, but would still need a trailer, and a place to store it. I could store it at my daughter's house where all my other shit is. But when I'm gone on a trip I'd still have to tow it. Camp grounds charge extra to store a boat, and I would not use it every day.

Enter the magic world of Sea Eagle. The Fold Cat 375fc. The finest 2-person fishing boat on the planet. A very light weight catamaran with twin pontoons. This rig is just plan cool. I can inflate, and put together in 30 minutes by myself. Fully assembled it weighs about 70 pounds, and I can drag it to the water by myself. It maneuvers like a nimble quarter horse. With a 74 lb thrust electric motor this baby flies leaving a wake. Great fishing platform.

The best part is that it stows in two canvas bags, and I can carry it in my mini-MH. The hull material is super tough. Fish hooks slid up on the pontoons without snagging. There is a full cover between the hulls, so stuff stays in the boat. Fully assembled it is 4 foot wide, and 14 foot long. Twin swivel seats, 4 rod holders.

Down sizing, and still have a fishing platform works for me. Life is good. Nothing like a platter full of blue gills, fried taters, and fresh home made bread.

Also this week end is another trip looking for land. Not quite as long as the last one. Orlando Florida area. May even wet a line.

See Ya


Bustednuckles said...

That is a cool unit dude!

SciFiChick said...

Your living the dream my friend! And that dinner sounds wonderful.

Mayberry said...

Man, those Gradys are sweet rigs. I always wanted a 25 walkaround with a 502 Mercruiser. Built like tanks, and very nicely finished. I'd miss it too, but not the gas bill! About 30 gallons per hour I'd reckon with that pair of V6s... But it'd take a damn near hurricane to make me feel uncomfortable in one of those!

That's a neat little rig you got now. How much run time you get on the battery(ies)?

Sandcastle Momma said...

That definitely sounds like an great boat!
But I have to ask - you make your own bread? I've never been successful at bread baking. Share your recipe?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I like it. That's a neat little fishing boat.

HermitJim said...

Hey Buddy...looks like a winner to me! Wish I was going fishing!

Ken said... those rigs,best of both worlds...for years i had an inflatable four man...soft,but good for two people and fishin way was it a "four man boat" though... careful on the road Brother...

Anonymous said...

You are sure good at reducing the things you require to manageable size. It gives you a lot more freedom than someone who is anchored to a fixed location by all their possessions.