Sunday, January 3, 2010

Land Hunting

Spent the day on line checking for vacant Florida land. Found a few that look promising, but may be priced out of my reach. I'll keep looking.

Added a few knives to the prep bag. Like guns I figure you can't have to many. A 15" knife is pretty close to a small machete. Does feel good on the leg. When in the woods I carry one on each hip. Never know when one or the other would become inaccessible.

Camera broke today. Need to have it repaired. I just carry a small Sony pocket camera in the woods.

Keep prepping, and lets get back to the times when we helped each other. Not the dead beats -the guys that lost their jobs. We need to start sticking together or we may not survive either.

See Ya


Anonymous said...

You should think of coming up here. Since 2008, there's more land for sale than you can shake a stick at.Our local bank has so many bad loans secured by land they are virtually giving it away.

Sunfighter said...

What man can't walk past a knife display case and do an abrupt stop and then take a good look see. I swear it's in the genes...

Did it MY way said...

The Hermit;
I lived in Michigan for the first 41 years....thelast 28 in Florida. I think one of the best places for survival will be in the northern half. I just don't like cold any more.

Did it MY way said...

A good dog, gun, and knife, does make a man happy. I agree it's in the genes.

Anonymous said...

DIMW, I've been giving some thought to moving myself. If I have trouble with getting everything done in low temps now that I am 57, what will I do in ten years, or twenty?