Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hibernation or guts?

Hibernation can be fun, unless you are a strawberry farmer. Those men and women live and die by the weather. Right now they are running sprinklers to lay down a layer of ice to try and save the crops. By what I have read on the news they check the ground temperatures every hour which determines when to activate the sprinklers. I wish them luck.

Fish farmers are in trouble due to the weather. They have limited facilities for inside storage. They have taken in as many as possible, and covered the outside tanks. But if cold weather continues as predicted the water temps will drop to a level that kills tropical fish. The fish farmer interviewed said the result would be a million dollar lose, and he would have to lay off his 6 employees.

Our citrus crops will also be effected.

I can hibernate, turn up the heat to comfort level. I feel the pain for all Floridians that have to work outside in this weather. Mother nature can be cruel, and when she is our food supply suffers.

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Mayberry said...

Must be Gorebal Warming....

The Hermit said...

This cold is apparently only going to get worse. Dudley out in Texas was saying the second cold wave is starting to reach him there. It's predicted to hit here tomorrow, bringing three days of snow and single digit temperatures. I hope the pipes don't break in the kids apartment down in Jax. They didn't leave the heat on, but they have an upper floor apartment, so I figure the heat from the neighbors apartments below and on either side should prevent that. The apartments are cheaply built though, zip insulation.