Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deer Hunting in Michigan's UP

This was sent to me via e mail from my brother-in-law in Michigan. The man is 6' and weighs 200 pounds. Michigan pussy cats have gotten larger since I moved to Florida. According to the story it appeared the cat was hunting the man.
I'd have to mortage everything I own to have it stuffed, and buy another house to display it. If I had shot it, it would be tempting. Damn BIG cat.
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Bitmap said...

Wrong description on the pic according to Boone and Crockett:


If you believe Snopes the cat weighed 190 pounds, which is one big kitty. Most of the mountain lions around here are more like 125 pounds for the males.


Did it MY way said...

I thought it was phony, have not had time to check it out. I have never seen a cat that big in Michigan.

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theotherryan said...

I dunno what it weighs but it looks pretty darn big to me.

Paladin said...

Holy Crap that's a big cat! No matter where it came from.

Did it MY way said...

Hey Paladin;
Glad you did not have to try and catch it.

Borepatch said...


Fred and Wilma said...

Now you did it Tony,....I keep catching myself looking over my shoulder when outside.
Dang it, I hate Michigan!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

The night time outhouse jaunts are going to be altogether different for me from now on. Thanks Tony. I did see one of those cats a couple years ago and had a pretty good close look at him. But he was'nt quite that big, maybe half that size. That was the first and only one I've seen. We do have alot of cougars around here apparently, but you just don't see them that much. I'm pretty sure they have probably seen me a few times though. I think I would want to stuff something like that too.

Sissy said...

Is that CAT dead? Is this cat a native in Michigan? The biggest feline creature Iii've ever seen