Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day of Relaxation.

Relaxation-Something I needed today. No news at all. I don't want to get pissed and raise my blood pressure.

So off to the range I went. The Colt Python performed as usual. The Glock stared back at me from the range bag. I stared back. We are not fond of each other. It feels like a light Styrofoam brick to me. Yes it's a 45, but not a 1911. I guess I'm just a dinosaur unable to adjust to modern time. I like it like that. I sure enjoy shooting the Gold Cup. So the Glock just went along for the ride. Maybe I'll give it to my son for a birthday present. Like I have said before I hate to sell any gun I own.

So after the range? Reload Reload Reload Great for relaxation.

Tomorrow the land hunt begins.

See Ya


Sunfighter said...

"I guess I'm just a dinosaur unable to adjust to modern time." I've shot plastic guns before. I'll keep my 1911 thank you very much, I like metal not that nylon stuff.

If someone gave me a Glock, I'd sale it and buy a real handgun...

Diogenes said...

I have had a Glock, a Taurus, a M&P and I would get rid of them after a month or two. They shot just fine but there was something just not right about them.
I am back to the 1911 myself.

I haven't found anything the feels like, shoots like, handles like, the 1911 and its clones.(some better than others)

Guess I am just a dinosaur too.

Anonymous said...

You have a Gold Cup? Wow. I got an idea, let's build it an altar and worship it! I have wanted one for ages but could never come up with the green, they are the top of the line. I have a few Glocks, don't like them much and mainly got them in trades or because they were too good a deal to pass up. But I know the younger guys like TOR like them and the other "plastic fantastic." It's the old geezers like us who dote on the M1911.