Friday, January 8, 2010

Check and double check

Today was range day. Colder than a witch's t#t in January. Fortunately the range is indoors. Ha Ha.

Took the Buckmark, two Ruger II, and the Ruger III. Since each of these weapons only load 10 rounds, and I'm not fond of reloading clips at the range I bring at least 10 mags for each. Well the Ruger Mark III was a recent purchase, so on the way to the range I stopped at my most friendly(they have a lot of my money) gun store. Picked up 10 mags for the Ruger Mark III. In -out head to the range. I know, how many saw it coming? Those that did you are right. WRONG MAGS. Moral of story? Don't be in a hurry, and check, and double check. I'll have the right ones tomorrow, but what if I was leaving the state on a trip after that purchase? I would have been sol, and stuck with just two mags.

Another little tip I might add. Since so many 22 mags look so much a like I have color coded my mags to each weapon. A small dot of finger nail polish to the base of the gun and the mag solves the problem. I also have found mag pouch's that hold 10 clips, and have labeled them to the corresponding weapons. Now all my 22 semi-auto's are organized. Mags for my High Standards, and a few others are not cheap, and can be hard to find. So I try and take care of what I have. Having at least 10 for each weapon may seem like over kill, but the guns are almost useless with out them.

So the Mark III only had 20 rounds shot. I told you I was lazy. Still a fun day.

Stay warm and safe during this cold spell.

See Ya


Mayberry said...

My question is, where do you find room for all this stuff in that van? ; )

Did it MY way said...

My range bag can carry all of them plus. The main storage is the two safes at my daughter's and my son-in-laws. I make deposits, and with drawls each time I'm in town.

Anonymous said...

I don't have many .22 pistols. Several of the Ruger's in different variants, a Walther P22, and an ancient Woodsman. I never really gave much thought to extra mags for any of these but I guess I should.

HermitJim said...

Well, I'm glad you were just going to the range and not on a trip!

A lesson well learned, huh?

Bitmap said...

There is a lot to be said for standardizing on mags.