Monday, January 4, 2010

Can you live in a refrigerator?

I think I woke up in a refrigerator this morning. I do not do cold well. Most small RV's and travel trailers are not built for cold weather. Mine is like living in a tin can. Walls of steel, paneling, and I would imagine very little insulation. Probably a minus 2 rating.

However the faculties in my little house are more than adequate: Forced air furnace for cold, AC for heat in summer.. Buuuuut one needs to turn said options ON. The thermostat was set at 70 degrees when I retired for the night, and I was comfortable then. My sleeping bag is good for Arctic temps, so I was very warm until I woke up, and poked my nose out. Big dummy....the thermostat was set on the AC side, so the furnace did not turn on. Hit the switch for the furnace, and it turned on in mil-second. My life has been saved.

How cold was it? TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES. My northern friends may laugh at me for being a wimp, but if it's not 70 degrees when I step outside I'm pissed. So laugh at me. I may just hibernate for the winter. I know today it will be hot coffee, and a good book.

See Ya


TEAM HALL said...

Tony, Tony, Tony. 27? That's almost balmy!! hahahahaha
You have a good one...oh and keep warm!

Shy Wolf said...

27 degrees? Dang, that's swimsuit weather up here. Woke up this morning 54 degrees coldererer than you. And I had to go out and feed the fire! :D
God bless.

Mayberry said...

I'm with ya. It's 70 in my house, and I'm chilly. Think the outside temp is in the 50s. Way too cold for me. Sure wish I could hibernate myself, wake me up when the overnight low is 65 or better.....

Diogenes said...


Been there. LMAO

Get warm brother.

Sandcastle Momma said...

They may be laughing up north but I'm not - it's too damn cold here!
Stay warm!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

LOL. I am from the north, and I don't like the cold either. I try to keep the temp in my little shack at about 26C or about 80F, but when shes 40 below outside, things actually freeze in here if it is on the floor, but the top bunk is just right. lol.

Borepatch said...

27 degrees? When did you move north to Connecticut?

HermitJim said...

That's too cold for me, buddy! Have to build a campfie, inside if necessary!

Stay warm, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. It's really brutal up here in the Smokey Mountains, but we are still above Zero. Xmichra the Canadian took her little girl ice skating on a frozen pond at 21 below a few days ago and they didn't think anything of it. It's all in what you are used to and prepared for.