Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DID IT MY WAY has passed on 7-29-2010

This is being written by the SIL (son #2) as I am hoping the followers of this blog will be notified of Tony's passing. Our family is still in shock and having a difficult time with this as you all can imagine. We are all very close and Dad was just as much of a best friend as well as a Dad to us all. His humor and views on his blog were just a sample of how great of a man he was in real life but no different from his postings on his blog at all. The blog gave everyone a taste of his personality, views and knowledge but he definitely livened up any conversation and put smiles on many faces. He was the most unselfish, caring, loving, generous, friendly, intelligent, compassionate, straight-forward, honest, and caring man many of us have ever known. Although it hurts not to have Tony (Dad) with us, and our family outings, range time etc. will never be the same, I can only say we are very thankful for having such a man in our lives. Please, feel free to leave your kind words on his memorial site if you wish and understand that the entire family thanks all of you for touching him as much as he has touched you.

Tony's Family

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Copy Attempt

Not even Germany can copy The great Colt Ace.
I own an original Colt Service Ace. This 22 was built to simulate the look, feel and function of the Colt 1911, and still is used to train people for the 45.
Yesterday I paid a visit to my local gun store and much to my surprise found what is pictured on the right. The importer is : American Tactical Imports inc.
100 Air park Drive
Rochester, NY 14624
Manufactured in Germany by German Sport Guns.
Now Germany has some fine craftsmen, but I think this attempt is more of a simulator than an attempt to copy the real weapon. Because the cost for this gun is $367.00. The weight is the only part that feels like a forty five to me.
We will take this to the range one day next week, and wring it out. Report forth coming.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First day on the range

Well we made it back yesterday afternoon. Taking your time to do 1200 miles is a new joy for me. I usually haul ass from point A to B, so I can spend the most time at point B.
Bob has deceided that I have to much .357 ammo(never have enough), and he has not shot any wheel guns for a long time. So off wwe go to the range.
See Ya.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What time really means

They say if a man has one good friend he is rich. I have that good friend. I met Bob when I was 5 years old. We grew up together, went to school together. He joined the Air Force, and two months later I went in the Army. Other than the service time a day did not pass without a phone call. Sometimes just to say "Bring the Jack", other times to discuss parenting problems with our kids. Other times to check on the where abouts of the kids...at my house or his. Where ever they were we just said feed um, and then send them home. We lived about a mile apart.

I was always the wander, and 29 years ago left Michigan and brought my family to Florida. Bob was a corporate man, and was looking for that 30 and out deal. However for 12 years he and family would come to Florida and spend a month with my family. When he retired he bought a house a few miles from where I lived. His only mistake was the rest of his family, and kids were still in Michigan. Missing them sent him and his wife back to Michigan.

He was always a house up grader. It caught up with him with the last house. Having a mortgage of $750,000.00 at age 69 ....well I don't have to say more. Michigan is not the place to be under those conditions.

When he would come down for that month of vacation I would always have the time to take him fishing, hunting, and camping. We both will always remember those times. He said when he retired he was going to do all those things when he had time. That magic word we all use so often. When we get time. Well folks the "time" has come and gone. We woke up to find we are now 69. He in failing health, and myself in great health(for how long?)

I have spent my time with my friend since July 7Th. No TV, Radio, Computers(except to check e mails from friends) Sometimes just talking, sometimes fishing, and sometimes drinking some Jack, wondering where the time went. The time went trying to live the good life. Keep up with the neighbor. Bob went that route, and I did not. Oh I had the good life, owned my own business, decent house, 2 cars, but I paid cash for everything. But the cost of my time was not replaceable either.

Mayberry has a great post up about the cost of time. Go Read it.

Do I offer any advice? No because no one wants to hear it. I told my children to find a trade or an occupation that they loved-work 40 hours, and learn to live with in the income it provided.

I'm a free man now-no home,no light bills,no taxes, no income that requires taxes, and most important I dictate how I spend my time. I'm a lucky man that finally found out the cost of time. To bad it took so long.

You just need shelter, food,water,some cloths, and the guts to do it. Size of the house does not matter, a car or truck can last for 15 years or more if taken care of.

Tomorrow I'm bringing Bob to Florida for the rest of the month. He has not shot his 30 cal Carbine in 5 years. When we get back we are going to the range at odark30 and stay until the sun goes down if he is up to it. I'm going to let him shoot anything in the safe he wants. Yes it's going to be one hell of a day. We are both looking forward to it.

Time well spent. How about yours?

See Ya.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


At least today I am still free. My hope is that we all STAY free. Enjoy with family and friends, and remember all our armed forces all over the world who keep us that way.

God Bless the Republic.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainy season

It's been raining since odark thirty. When you live in a little tin box the rain pounding on your roof does not lull you to sleep. Jack hammers make less noise. Since I am in my beloved woods the pain is easier to accept. I'm taking a break from the crazy gloom and doom that is threatening to destroy my part of paradise. The thought of having to leave Florida and never return is taking a toll on my sanity. The water polluted, the land polluted, and the air polluted, with no place to hide. Dear God I hope that never happens. What will be will be. I'm trying to take a trip up to Michigan before the cold season starts up there, and each time I get ready something keeps me here. I have a close friend getting ready to meet his maker.

I'm also getting to the age where close friends and more family members have some pretty intense health issues. Damn more gloom and doom. Think sunshine. One of those friends has a great attitude. "A time for all seasons. A time for living, and a time for dying. Live every day like it was your last." He will not see the new year. He says he is happy knowing how much time he has left. He can get all his affairs ready. The pain can be handled with medications, and all his friends, and family can say good by. I'm not sure how I would handle knowing what time I had left.

The rain has let up to just a drizzle, so I think I'll go outside, set up the lawn chair under the awning, and drink a fresh cup of coffee. Smell the fresh air, and thank God for his gift of another day. Tomorrow will come, and life will go on. Something to be thankful for.

God Bless.

See Ya.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Avertible catastrophe

Catastrophe is a big word for "Oh Shit", and "Oh Shit" is something I really don't like.

When other countries have Catastrophe's the good old USA tries to help. Well excuse me but the Gulf is turning black......CASASTROPHE!!!!!! Every country with oil experience and equipment should be in the Gulf RIGHT NOW. Well guess what...A lot of them tried, and our Commie government refused the help. WTF???

http:www.financialpost.com/avertable+catastrophe/3203808/story.html READ IT ALL FOLKS.

If this is true every federal employee should be brought up on treason charges.

Now I know why I really hate reading the news. Being retired gives me to much time to think...that's bad for a man that loves his country. I should have gone to the range today.

Lock and load.

God Bless us all....we sure need it.

See Ya.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is not fair & nobody promised you a rose garden.

Time sometimes stands still, and other times flies faster than a 727. The best laid plans of mice and men crash and burn. You wonder what and where your life is going. The years have come and gone like the winds.

I've always tried to play fair in both my business dealing's and my personal dealings. I have made mistakes and always paid for them in full. But the lousy brief case carrying Sobs learned that you can steal more money with a brief case than you can with a gun. Buy a piece of land with the mineral rights, and then find out that the insurance company who insured those rights did not know they were only the right to lease those rights, and is now out of business. The survey was incorrect, and never up-dated but insured by the same company. The warranty deed was phony as a three dollar bill, and the lawyer I hired just so happened to work for the seller's. So for the last 16 days I have been in another state seeking justice.

My dad never finished high school, having to quit in the 7Th grade to work to help the family. His generation had a lot of that. His generation had a lot of strength, honesty, and a good helping of common sense. He said you have to due what is right, and right a wrong. Times sure have changed. My dad would probably have beat the crooked lawyer until he had his money.

I thought about that, but at age 69 I think experience says that is not an option. However the old saying don't mess with a senior citizen has merit. This morning scumbag lawyer and I had a small conversation out in the woods. He decided life was worth living, and I high tailed out of state with all my money. Life ain't fair, and nobody promised me a rose garden, but I did promise that no good scumbag lawyer one he could live in. My dad would be proud.

Was I right? Damn straight I was. It's time to take this country back. Would I do it again-YES.

Advice? Check, Check, and Check and Check again when dealing for vacant land in another state. Find an honest(yes there are some) lawyer, cross every t, and dot every i. I learned a lot, and took a hell of a chance to make it right, but then that's what senior citizens that don't give a shit can do.

I'm tired, pissed off, and disappointed, but I'll get over it.

See Ya.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gun Show

Well Saturday and Sunday was the first gun show of June. This is always a good show. As usual there was a hundred black guns to one regular gun. But there was also a lot of decent buys. Smith & Wesson A22 semi-auto for $199.00. Lot of gun for the money, and accurate to. Unfortunately I already own one. Ruger 10/22's were also cheap. Ammo was plentiful, some decent prices. I found a good buy on my 45LC-$30.00 for 50 rounds. I can re-load them, but I'm short on brass right now so I buy new to shoot, and then will have the brass. Bought some more mags for the .223, and a speed loader, plus the 100 round drum. Gonna have to do a test with that 100 round drum to make sure it works right.

Was up at o-dark thirty this morning for a trip down to my son's for some shoot-um up. Had a great time. It's been some time since the 1100 has been out of the safe. The first 50 rounds the clays were laughing at me. I know the shotgun shoots better than I do, but it was embarrassing. Settled down and things got better. But taking 50 rounds to get back in the groove? Of course son enjoyed whipping my butt. He'll pay for that when we shoot the revolvers, and the 1911's. Had a great day. Need to do that more often.

Long day. Time for a shower, and dinner.

See Ya.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make my week-end.

I used to work a minimum of 58 hours a week. I still had time to hunt, fish, boat, shoot, and all other manly enjoyments. What the hell happened. Seems since I retired I don't have time for breathing. So some self evaluation seems to be order. When working there was always a few hours to go down to the dock, and drop a line. So now I get to the dock at 7am, and find my way home at 9 or 10. I used to maybe spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon reloading. This past weekend I spent two days reloading 4,000 38's. I used to read the Blogs during my lunch hour, now I can be found on the computer for 8 hours and not realize where the time went. Now mind you I know there are plenty of folks out there that would trade me places, but I have a lot of things not getting done.

The vette, truck, and MH needs to be washed and waxed. The storage unit needs to be emptied. The preps need to be moved. Who am I kidding....that sounds like work.

So it's time to allocate time for all projects. Make a list of things according to their importance.
That's the way I used to work.

But this weekend is the Tampa gun show. OK maybe I'll start with the list Monday. Wonder what item will yell "Take Me Home".

See Ya.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Forget

God Bless all our troops where ever they are today. I will always remember that freedom is not free without the sacrifices made by them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip was wonderful, freedom to do what you want...Priceless

Greedy SOB's always want to mess with you.

After that short trip I was really feeling like I just received my driver's license at age 16. I had an old Plymouth business coupe, and it was summer vacation. I had my Boy Scout tent, and plenty of gear. So I loaded it all up, and headed to the State Parks for a month.

Well the vette had run just great, so what the hell...loaded it up with a two man tent(not your normal passenger), and other assorted camping gear, and took off again. Up Florida into Georgia, back to Alabama, and then headed home. The feeling of being able to do that any time you like is better than winning the lotto. Of course I would take the lotto to. Fat chance.

So now I'm back to prepping, and trying to figure out how to put a building on the propriety to transfer the preps.

Now back to the rant. When I got back I found my re-newal insurance policy for my 2002 Silverado pick-up. Damn...two bills. One dated 5/13/2010 for $460.00, and one dated 5/20/2010 for $504.00. WTF? So I call my agent...oh ya the correct bill is $504.00. For 6 months of bare bones insurance to be legal on the road, don't even have collision. Sorry bastards. $1008.00 for a year? If it don't go up the next 6 months. I can BUY a truck for that price. So it looks like I'll be shopping for new insurance. I certainly do not endorse driving without insurance, but how does a low wage earner afford those prices. The truck is 8 years old, and bare bones. Nothing but power steering, and air conditioning.

Plus I own two-The 2002 Silverado, and the 2004 Chevrolet Van. I am the sole driver of both...which means one of them is setting parked at all times. Would ya not think I should get a break on price. Nope. Maybe it's time to move out of Florida.

Still have not been to the range, maybe soon. Feels like it's going to be an expensive trip this time. Lots of 45acp's, and 45LC. That would make me feel better.

Also not one lousy picture from either trip. Walgreen's said film was not printable. Just my luck. Time for a new digital camera. Always something. Ah but good memories.

The vette is insured with a good company that only insures classic cars. Wish they also normal cars.

All right folks. Right now I'm going to tear into a lobster, and a pound of boiled in beer shrimp while I can still get them.(May BP rot in Hell) Sorry that's another rant that even a full bottle of Jack will not help. God help us all.

God Bless.

SEE ya.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ride the wind

Today was just a day of pure fun. Left Clearwater at 7am. Beautiful day...top down, and Red Hot Momma is on the road. Set course for Sarasota for lunch, and a stop at a local yacht basin to ogle the BIG $$$ boats (yachts). The vette received a lot of nice compliments, but nobody wanted to trade me a Hatteras for her. Good thing, I couldn't afford their gas bill or dock fees.

Left Sarasota to head for Naples for dinner. Fresh sea food always works for me. Driving with the top down after the sun goes down is pure joy. The afternoon ride fried me. I flatly refuse to put the top up, or the side windows. It's against the law. On the way home clouds threatened all the way. Took a side trip to avoid one set of showers. Made it all the way back with no rain.

Thanks Mayberry and Treesong. I needed it.

See Ya

Monday, May 10, 2010

Always trust your gut feelings

As you know I brought Miss Fiesty home on Monday. She did well Monday, and Tuesday. I decided I would stay one more day just to make sure she could be left alone. She had day care service to check on her, and her kids were starting to at least call her every day. But that little nagging gut feeling of mine persisted.
My cell phone rang at 3am Wednesday morning. I was parked in my MH just outside her door. She was having trouble breathing. I'll go straight to the meat.....blood clots in both lungs.

The super hero's saved her life again. Real tough battle this time. The drugs used to break up the clots could cause internal bleeding from her current operation. They finally had to resort to Radiology. They went in thru the groin, blasted the clot, and put a filter in to stop future blood clots. I was there every day just to keep her focused that she would recover. As of today Miss Fiesty is back to normal....eating everything they put in front of her, and really wanting to go home. I'm bringing her back for the second time tomorrow. The doctors have assured me that all is well, and she is safe. Thanks again to all my frends prayers. I would have been pissed if she died.

So that's where I have been.

Will I ever see the range again?

See Ya.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Care Givers are Angels

Brought "Miss Feisty" home yesterday.

First of all let me tell you I HATE hospitals, HATEUM, HATEUM, HATEUM. Like I Hate Lawyers, and Bankers. So for 8 days I lived in one from 8am to 8pm for a friend. She was scared, and lonely, and so sweet. But let me tell you she received the best care in the world. I received the best service in the world considering I was always under foot. She had a private room, a registered nurse, and a nurse assistant. She was treated like she was the only patient in the hospital. If she needed something, and pressed the call button a nurse was there in less than a minute 99percent of the time. Due to her surgery control of her functions was hit or miss. When that happened they were prompt to clean her up, and change the bedding, sometimes as often as three times in one hour.

She had a steady stream of doctors. I just watched them come and go. I don't mean come in say how are you and leave. Every doctor asked questions, gave answers, and was genuine conserved.

The job of care giver has to be one of the toughest jobs a person can accept. To do it with care, and a smile takes a special person.

The USA has the best medical personal, best doctors, best care givers, and the best hospitals in the world. The place is spotless. Everyone knows their jobs, and the place runs like a well oiled machine. I was impressed!!

Every one there loved Miss Feisty, hell they even liked me. I was offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I could eat with her. I politely declined, as I would help Miss Feisty to eat. The first couple of days she had to be coached just to take a few bites. Another requirement she needed was to try and walk every day. Day one was three steps. When we were leaving she was mad because they said she had to leave by wheel chair. The woman amazes me.

I stayed an extra day at her house to make sure every thing was fine and she felt safe enough to be alone. Then I called every one of her children,and explained that there are laws on the books about cruelty to seniors. That I expected one of them to come over every day after work for the next 30 days and check on Miss Feisty, and if they could find it in their hearts maybe stay at least an hour just to talk. I'll leave the meat of our conversation to your imagination, because when I get pissed my language sometimes gets colorful. I also said I would call every night to make sure they would comply.

Again the staff, doctors, caregivers, definitely 5 stars!

No I still HATEUM, just not so much.


See Ya

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Friend in Need.

When I was still working, and owned my condo I had a lovely sweet elderly neighbor who had lost her husband. She has 9 adult children all living with-in 10 miles of her. Several of her children come to visit her on Fridays, and stay for a couple of hours.

Our condos faced each other, and she got into the habit of visiting me most evenings when I came home from work. She just needed someone to talk to. I'd take her out for dinner once a month. After I sold my condo I promised I would keep in contact. I have. Last Saturday I paid a visit, and found her some what distraught. She had colon surgery scheduled for Monday and needed to be at the hospital at 5am, and needed transportation. I did not ask about her kids, but I did say I would be happy to take her. She was up at 3am, and ready to go when I arrived at 4am. Her prep time was two hours, and the operation was to take 3 1/2 hours. I thought to myself that was one hell of an operation.

She had told her children that I was going to take her to the hospital, and they all agreed since I was retired that would work for them. I often wondered what they would have done if I had not just drooped in for a visit.

Two of her daughters arrived at 9:30 to see how things were going. Surgery was complete, and after an hour in recovery we were allowed to see her for just a few minutes. I told them that I would be here every day until she was discharged, and gave them my cell number.

The next day they called to see how she was doing. I stayed from 8am until 8pm when visiting hours ended. I will be doing this until she is discharged. Her face just lights up when I walk into her room. She talks all day and I listen.

She talks to the kids each day by phone, but so far no visitors but me. This 79 year lady has gone thru so many hardships in those years. Her stories could fill volumes. I'm proud to call her a friend. She may be discharged Monday or Tuesday. Until then I will be at the hospital from 8am to 8pm listening to her stories. No more posts until then.

See Ya

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Should have stayed away a week longer

Damn-the range has been closed all week for repairs. Maybe reopen Monday. Since I have an eye appointment Monday...ya sucks.

Been busy all week baby setting tree cutters. My daughter had contracted for four VERY large trees to be taken down. Since she and SIL had to work all week, they asked me to come over and keep an eye on the job. Now all these trees are close to the house, camper, and swimming pool so extreme caution is required. These guys are GOOD. They laid down branches with only inches to spare. Wish my camera had been working. The chipper they used would eat up to 18" diameter limbs as fast as they pushed them in. Of course the stupid kids did not want any of the fine oak that they cut down. So I have two truck loads. Could have had more but my storage shed is now full. Plus the tree jockeys sell the wood to.

Good thing they finished up on Friday, because we have a gun show this weekend. Makes me happy happy happy. At the gun show today I found something I just had to add to the collection. I have wanted one for many years, but never found one in the condition I desired. Today the gun gods smiled on me.

13# of fire belching 45 ACP from either the 50 round drum or the 30 round sticks. That's correct ladies, and gentlemen a Tommy gun. 1927A-1 Carbine With finned barrel,and compensator. Frame, and receiver are machined from solid steel. All wood genuine American walnut. Happy Happy. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. And to think I was going to pass on the show today because all my gun buddies had to work. Retirement does have advantages.

Ya all have a good weekend.

See Ya

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to do when kids will not listen

I am very proud of both my children. They were absolutely a joy to raise. Unfortunately they refused to take any advice regarding money. Both have very good jobs, and thought they were living The American dream. Both also thought I was having a mid life crisis. I had a beautiful condo, and a very successful business. They thought I was throwing away everything I worked so hard to have. Telling them the Freedom I have now they seem to at least realize how happy I am. Now back to them. They are both very private about their money problems. I have just found out that my son's wife has not worked for the past year, and they are three months behind on the mortgage. Son sold several toys to stay a float, and now works two jobs. I hated to hear him say that I was right, and now he has a big hole to get out of. But also the courage to do it. My daughter on the other hand decided to file for bankruptcy(second time), and then go to Vegas to celebrate. She says since she works every day she is entitled. Not on my dime, or on the dimes of the honest people paying their credit card bills. Her excuse was the banks raised the interest rates to the point she had more out go than income. Not the banks fault. Cash has no interest charges.

I laid out my preps to both, and again said in that regard I would help. I have a one year supply of food for one. I purchased a one year supply for four more adults, and delivered it to them. I also told them where they could find me if the SHTF. At least they can eat for a year if nothing else.

The main reason I have been gone is moving various supplies and equipment to three different locations. Man I am tired. My thinking of having all my eggs in one basket is not a good idea. Moving a ton of ammo, guns, cloths,tools, and metal working equipment alone is more than a two day endeavor. Work three 18 days, sleep one for 12. More on this later.

Also bought the land I wanted. More on this later.

My 26 day hiatus has been very productive. But at 69 I wonder if it was all worth it. Since I still wish to live as long as possible I think it will be.

Tomorrow is range day. I did not forget about "Buy a gun day" so a break-in day is required.

Good to be back. I missed all the blogs, and really need to catch up. However not hearing no political bullshit for all that time was refreshing.

See Ya

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I will be gone for awhile

I'm still alive, and doing fine. Just wanted to tell my two steady readers I will be silent for some time.

God Bless.

See Ya.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh Ya I'm Fishing

To those who say I can't go fishing.........Come and get me assholes. Here I am. Oh I did add the stainless Mossberg.
This sneaky little boat can find it's way where ever I can carry it. No trailer to show, no boat slip needed. Draws about 3" of water, and the electric trolling motor is very slick.
Needless to say I'm still pissed about the possibility of not being able to fish. I'm like Mayberry I don't think it will ever pass, but who even thinks this shit up?
I'm not asking my government to take care of me. That's MY F..k..g job. If cigarettes give me cancer=my responsibility. I pay for insurance at a higher rate because I smoke. If booze kills my liver=my responsibility. When I turned 65 the government MADE me take Medicare Health Insurance. My fine insurance company that I paid into for 45 years without one claim cancelled my insurance because I was signed up with Medicare. Nice job you bastards. Take my money when the odds are in your favor, then drop me as soon as the possibility that I might need it. But guess what...I don't need it. If I get a terminal disease I get to die, so again kiss my ass. Hospitals kill as many as they save, and half of the doctors finished in the bottom of their class.
Rant over. Now I'm going to put some salt in my beer, rack one in the chamber, and drown a few worms. I might even have a bass for lunch.
See Ya

To Salt or Not to Salt

Our stupid ass government must be run by Aliens. No I take that back, I apologize to the Aliens. Our government is just dumber than dirt. Somebody needs to tell Felix Ortiz D-Brooklyn which finger to pick his nose with, and shove bill A10129 up his dark side. Now restaurants cannot salt meals when they cook them? For each violation a 1K fine? Next the FDA will take salt off the market? Shit better not give THEM any ideas. What asshole has the right to do this? Come to my house, and tell me I can't salt my meals as I cook them. No don't come to my house you would get a knuckle sandwich.

They must stay up at night thinking up this shit.

Damn why do I even read the news? Get the rope.

See Ya

Friday, March 12, 2010

Warmer weather and more rain.

Warmer weather finally headed our way. Makes my bones happy. Even rain does not hamper my spirits today. Spent four hours at the range, came home(actually home went back to the woods) and cleaned four weapons. My little RV always gets a lot of attention at the range. Everything from cool to do you really LIVE in that thing. I always smile when I tell them it has everything their house has except it moves. Eight months now, and I enjoy it more each day. Sometimes I do wish I would have bought one in 4 x 4, so I could go deeper in the woods. For those times I just grab the BOB and take a hike. I think it would be real easy to become a hermit

Gardening season is almost here. I'm going to try container gardening this year. I have one of those removable extensions for the back of the van to carry extra gear like coolers, gas cans etc. Should hold a few five gallon buckets. Be fun to see people's looks to see greenery growing off the back end. lol The things one thinks about during the rain.

The rain does have an advantage-Lets one get some reading time in. Also lets one think what to do with the rest of your life. No rants today. I'm just enjoying my day of Freedom.

See Ya

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did The World Go Crazy While I Was In The Woods?

One thing about being in the woods is the peace and solitude I enjoy so much. No TV, no phone, no computer. Wrapped in a blanket of nature, watching squirrels play, listening to the frogs and insects during the night. Hearing that bass break the surface gulping down his breakfast just at daybreak. The evening fire. Each new fire with a different smell, and each blade of fire with a different view. I think I was born 50 years to late. The world moves to fast today. To many people are wage slaves looking for the weekend or that one week of vacation. Did one ever think what freedom you gave up to buy that big screen. As I look over my little pond the view changes by the minute. The wind gently painting an ever changing scene.

Then shitty reality when I come to the city. The news is all gloom and doom. Somebody gets killed every so many seconds. But to get the real info one has to go to the net. I never heard on the news that tanks are now on our streets, the education systems need combat shotguns, and now they tell me they are going to stop me from fishing? WTF? I had to read this on several blogs. Tell me I have come back to another world. What F..king Idiot thinks he can do that? You don't have enough cops, army personal, tree hugger, or dumb F..ks to stop me from fishing. Just try it! I eat fresh fish at least 3 days a week. I obey even the dumb size limits, buy my tax permission to eat what nature provides, and have done so all my life. I only take what I need to eat. This time I think the king has gone to far. You are not getting my guns, nor my fishing rods. So does this mean I have to pack a hog leg to go fishing now? I can do that, and if you wish to stop me remember my little pond is DEEP in the woods. A green shirt tree hugger may not find there way out. Just saying....

See Ya

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Gun Show

Saturday and Sunday was the Tampa Bay gun show. I did not rent a table this year because I don't have anything I wanted to sell. Kinda glad I did not. Seems our gun show has gone Black. Everything seems to be tactical. Tables and tables of AR's, Glocks, Scopes, Lights, Tasers, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I own all the tactical toys to. They are fun to shoot. When I go to the range I'm there to shoot, not spending half the time to load mags. I believe in having plenty of mags. All my 22 semi auto have at least 20 mags each. Sometimes it seems my mags cost more than the guns.

It also seems that a lot of folks are buying .380's. Why? .380 ammo here has been as scarce as hens teeth for months. Surprise-plenty of .380 ammo at this show. Can't quite figure it out.

Attendance was huge. This show had more people this year than I have seen in the past three years. The show opened at 9am. I was there at 8am, the parking gates was already open, and the line was already REALLY long. At 11am I fought my way outside for a smoke, and they were still lined up coming in! Standing room only in side.

Very few private sellers, but lots of individuals with mostly long rifles for sale. Seems my revolver's are a dieing breed at the shows. Did see a couple of Colt Pythons, but not worth $1500.00 to me. Wish I had bought more when I bought mine when they were $300.00 new. Seems wheel guns are now just collector items. A Smith & Wesson 686-4 for $900.00?

The show was not a total disappointment for me. Reloading supplies was abundant, and plenty of primers($50.00 per k), powder, brass, and bullets was in good supply. Adequate cleaning supplies, and targets.

I still can't get over how many people attended this show. When I left at 2pm they were still coming in.

Going back to searching for land this coming week. The temps are heading up. Might see 70's for the week.Oh joy.

See Ya.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colt 1911 Dragon #0242 of #400

The Colt 1911 Dragon is now mine. Been very busy lately. More on this later. Enough to say it eats everything I've run Thu it today. Hollow points, ball, lead wad cutters, etc. Very good accuracy right out of the box. 300 rounds today. More pics and info later. See Ya

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tires, Guns, Time, and Work

As usual when the shtf it all comes at once. As any vehicle owner knows tires do wear out. But they wear differently on different vehicles. Also time comes into play. For example my 2002 Silverado has 78,000 miles on the factory tires. The truck is driven almost every day during the week. My 2004 "Little One" only has 18,ooo miles and needs new tires. Why? First of all the tires was manufactured in 2003 which now makes them 7 years old. Also most of those years was setting somewhere. Not good for tires to set. Sun does bad things to tires setting. There are covers to protect, and also uv treatments for tires. The normal life for MH tires is 5 years. So I'm pushing it. The tread looks great, but further inspection shows the side walls getting soft. So Saturday was tire day. Four nice new top rated tires took $686.00 from my wallet. Now that buys a very decent 1911, and or a lot of ammo. But my life style needs good tires. So win some lose some. Of course nothing goes according to plan. I had an appointment for 8am when they opened so I did not have to spend all day there. My house does not like to be alone. The special tire guy does not show up until 9AM. This does not look good already. Upon arrival he says we have a problem. When does WE and MY $$'s have a problem. Well the problem is non of the lifts can lift my van. Say What? They have the solution- 10 ton floor jack. Fine-so whats the problem? It will take about 5-6 hours to take off the tires, mount and balance, and install. Ok fine I'll wait. They did push the 6 hours.

So I arrive at my daughter's house around 4pm. SIL is cleaning up a section of the garage where we plan on putting the second safe that is stored at my x SIL. So of course I pitch in. Worked until dinner time. Dinner was damn good.

SIL asks after dinner when 1 of 400 is due. I say maybe Monday or Tuesday. So I go online to check the tracking number. SOB it was delivered Today at 1:20Pm to my favorite gun store. I could have had it in my hands Saturday! Now I can't get it until 10:00am Monday.

So thats how Saturday went. Sunday I read my favorite blogs, and reloaded 2000 rounds of 45's. I want to be ready for Monday.

See Ya

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computer Shaky and Random Thoughts

Looks like the computer has old age problems. The hard drive has the death rattles, currently takes about 5-10 minutes to boot up. Was reading e mails yesterday when they suddenly disappeared all by themselves. A kind gentleman from Michigan sent me an e-mail about my blog, that I was reading when it went south. If you read this please send it again.

However being a prepper, I mealy fired up the back-up lap top. Of course info lost is lost forever. I know back-up, back-up. How do you back up in the middle of reading an e-mail.

For a few giggles, I found a piece of property That I would love to own. 100 acres....Now where can I get $170,000.00 loan for $300.00 down and payments of $200.00 a month? Oh yes the land search goes on.

Seems a lot of my favorite blogs are going dark. Makes me sad. It's like losing a friend you have not met yet. I'm sure they have their reasons. I appreciate the ones that tell you good by, but the ones that just stop without giving a reason makes me wonder what happened. So if you do wish to quit just post it on your last blog please.

I did find one of four hundred produced. Should have it by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yes when I have it in my grubby hands I will tell you what it is, and post pictures. Ha Ha .

As usual the cold fronts continue to punish our tourists, and keep me wearing to many layers of cloths in The Sunshine State. Our beaches look like desserts. Dr. Gore needs to be sued for malpractice. Of course the power companies are loving it. The meters are like spinning tops. Still has to be cheaper than what my northern friends are paying, and I don't have to shovel cold.

See Ya

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woods, Cigs, and Jack

In the woods with no people in sight, parked on a nice little pond. Watched the sun come up with a cup of coffee, and the birds, and squirrels for company. Took a nice little walk, and returned to the comfort of my lawn chair.

With a pack of cigarettes, and a half bottle of Jack. I'm reading some of my favorite blogs. Non of the news, or gloom and doom blogs. Maybe some comics, and some e mails. Today I will enjoy just the day, the woods, and a few talks with Jack. Something that I have not done in a long time. In the past I have had some very serious talks with Jack, but today he is here just for the enjoyment of the moment.

A small fire in the fire-ring, perhaps Salmon for dinner, and pure peace and solitude. For today all is good in the world.

See Ya

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Read This


A veteran, a good hard working man died, and another Innocent is fighting for life, because some scumbag who could not handle real life decided to take the cowards way out.

Why does the commie news service not tell the above story?

Thanks Paladin for your service for telling the other side of the story.

See Ya

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Land Search Continues

They say never give up. They say never quit. The say when the time is right it will happen. Who the hell are they? I have not found who they are, but I will not give up, and I will not quit! I'll stick with when it is right it will happen. My little MH has had fun running around Florida in the mean time. I have found a few small plots that I could park on, and be in the woods. The problem....they are SMALL plots. Five to ten acres is what I seek, and I will not lower my standards.

On a brighter note. Everybody I know knows my favorite fire arms are made by Colt. Well I have found out that they have produced a limited run of 400 1911's. Now I have a good collection of 1911's. But it's new, and a limited run, and it's made by Colt. Only 400 produced. Remember I said only 400 produced. What makes it so special? Only 400 produced. So what. It's still just a 1911. But only one of 400 produced. Think of the number of collectors that would want one for their collection. Think of them putting on the white gloves to handle this jewel. Admiringly the engraving, and the workmanship. Think of me getting one, and going out to the range and blasting off 500 rounds to make sure it works right. I want one. Just the thought of doing that makes me happy. The new hunt starts now.

I've seen so many 40 degree nights that I have stopped complaining. My friends up north are suffering much worse than I am. So this is my last statement about it. "When it warms up I'm moving to Florida".

One of 400?

See Ya

Friday, February 12, 2010

Every Gun Owner Needs To Read This

Please read the post CarteachO. I don't know how to post a link to his blog. The story is about a military infantry man shooting his buddy point blank in the chest. A terrible accident. A must read!!!!!

See Ya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freezing My A** Off

Freezing my A** off in the land of sunshine. Has to be the coldest and wettest February on record. No place to escape to. Cold and wet all the way to Key West. Yes I am a wimp. I did not move from Michigan to Florida to freeze. I could have done that in Michigan. Yes I know you fine folks up North are getting the shit kicked out of you. I feel your pain, but you are not used to seventy degree weather in February, I am, so when the high today will be 50, and the low tonight will be 40 I am in a bad mood.

I love to live outside, see the sun rise every morning with coffee in hand. Tried it today, with fire in the fire ring, five layers of cloths on, gloves on, two bath towels on the lawn chair, and wool socks in my combat boots. I lasted long enough to chug my medium warm coffee.

It could be worse...The Panhandle is expecting snow. That's an area I'm looking for property in. I would like to kick Al Gore's ass. Global warming my ass.

The whole country is having weird weather this year.

A big bowl of my home made ham and pea soup should put me in a better mood. Time to eat.

See Ya

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well I'm holed up inside again. This winter sure seems a lot wetter than usual. Yes I am tired of it. Yes it could bring a bout of cabin fever. So far a good book, and the pot of coffee has worked. I could put on the foul weather gear, and take a walk. I prefer playing in the rain with just a bathing suit and much higher temperatures.

On the bright side my daughter and son-in-law did go camping this weekend. Only 65 miles north of Clearwater. SIL called me just a minute ago very excited. Seems there are lots available in the area. He talked to one owner that has three acres, and houses on all four sides of his propriety. He SHOOTS on his land often. One of his neighbors is a deputy sheriff. Seems not to be a problem. More investigation is required. When they return SIL and I will be making the trip. I would head up there now, but I'm baby setting their dog. Besides the current weather makes walking the land miserable, and I will check out every square inch of what I buy. I guess that area has lots of foreclosed proprieties. We will see. All I want is enough land to hide my van on, and to shoot when I want to. I have checked out 40 acre parcels in Texas. Kids would go nuts if I moved to Texas, but if I had land there I could go visit myself for a month or so. Maybe stop and see Mayberry. Time will tell. When it happens the time will be right.

See Ya

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Florida Vacant Land

Is there any vacant land in Florida that a man can buy cheap, and shoot on? My "Little One" only needs a parking space. I want to be able to set out side with a cup of coffee, and watch the sun rise. Then whip out a Colt revolver and shoot some targets down range. Seems like a simple request. Maybe not to be in Florida.

Spent the last three days in the Ocala area looking for my dream parcel. Found one with eleven acres. Affordable. No shooting allowed. %*@^&* . The rest that I found was WAY beyond my price range. If I had 1.2 million for land I would be able to make my own rules. lol

I did have my morning coffee, no sun, the rain was beating down on my roof like jack hammers trying to get in.

Guess I'll go to the range today for some re-coil therapy. Still wish I could shoot some long guns.

See Ya.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Boat

Love my little boat. For years(20+) my boat was a twenty two foot Grady-White with twin 150's. Great boat for off shore, and rough water. The years of off shore fishing are now fond memories. All my fishing buddies are either fishing with Jesus, or say they get to tired on our usual three day runs. Now grouper fishing is currently banned, so time for a change.I sold the Grady just before the Condo, and the shop. Miss it? Damn right. Times change. I could never be without a boat. Fishing from shore, or bridges is for snowbirds.

So what to buy? Could get a small skiff for the inter coastal, but would still need a trailer, and a place to store it. I could store it at my daughter's house where all my other shit is. But when I'm gone on a trip I'd still have to tow it. Camp grounds charge extra to store a boat, and I would not use it every day.

Enter the magic world of Sea Eagle. The Fold Cat 375fc. The finest 2-person fishing boat on the planet. A very light weight catamaran with twin pontoons. This rig is just plan cool. I can inflate, and put together in 30 minutes by myself. Fully assembled it weighs about 70 pounds, and I can drag it to the water by myself. It maneuvers like a nimble quarter horse. With a 74 lb thrust electric motor this baby flies leaving a wake. Great fishing platform.

The best part is that it stows in two canvas bags, and I can carry it in my mini-MH. The hull material is super tough. Fish hooks slid up on the pontoons without snagging. There is a full cover between the hulls, so stuff stays in the boat. Fully assembled it is 4 foot wide, and 14 foot long. Twin swivel seats, 4 rod holders.

Down sizing, and still have a fishing platform works for me. Life is good. Nothing like a platter full of blue gills, fried taters, and fresh home made bread.

Also this week end is another trip looking for land. Not quite as long as the last one. Orlando Florida area. May even wet a line.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired, Disappointed, But Still Happy

First, and foremost the Colt did go shooting this afternoon. Since most of my shooting buddies know I never bring just one gun to the range. So Mr Ruger Vaquero came along to keep the Colt company.

I am a favorite of all Ruger guns period. Some like the auto's are just butt ugly, but every Ruger I own is built like a tank. I have hand loads for my Ruger revolvers that would destroy my Pythons. Of course Colts are nice to. What I mean is that all my guns are my favorites.

Short range report....Remember I'm still working on caffeine and cigarettes this afternoon. Bone tired. The Colt had no trouble with 2" groups at 25 yards, and neither did the Ruger. I'm going to take both back when I'm fresh. Just thought one should train tired from time to time to see the results.

The reason I'm so tired.....1,444 miles From Clearwater to Frankfort Kentucky looking at land. Sorry non found.

Bed time.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wonderful Family

Colt Cowboy 45 Colt
Model CB1850
ColtCowboy Single Action
5 1/2" Barrel 45 Colt, Blue/Color Case Finish

Yes I do spoil myself. My birthday present to me.

My kids took all my hints, and added a few. Daughter did what I asked...two dozen of her special baked oatmeal cookies. My favorite. Son washed and waxed my van. Grandson washed and waxed my truck. Son-in-law against my wishes bought me a very nice gun cleaning kit. He said HE had to give me something gun related. That boy does know how to suck up.

Like have always said....I have the best family.

Oh my.........range time tomorrow. My work is never done.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feeling Better

A trip to the range always lifts my spirits. Slight cough left, but nothing I can't handle. I have been truly blessed with good health. Take no meds at all, except some allergy tablets for the nose running during cold weather. Lived for 69 years(today) and have always said doctors and hospitals kill as many as they save. Caffeine, nicotine, and sugar the building blocks for the American male.

Birthday party tonight at the kids house. If I left enough hints I'll get what I want. I have also been blessed with the BEST kids in the world. They can't do enough for me. Don't know why I deserve it. We have been a family blessed. I just wish I still had my wonderful wife to enjoy it with.

Going to expand my search for land. Have contacted real estate agents in Milton Florida, and the Panhandle. The problem is travel time. It's a 7 hour ride one way from Clearwater and right now commitments keep me in town for the next two weeks. Seems I had more free time when I was working than I do now. My wife always said when it's meant to be it will be.

Well the guns are cleaned, and packed. Time to do the same to me and head to the party.

See Ya

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Acres Found-Five Acres Lost

The search goes on. The search goes on. Found & Lost. Some days you are the pigeon, some days the statue.

I remember the piece of ground I had in West Branch Michigan in the 60's. Beautiful small town, three acres of woods, dirt road, no nosey neighbors, and no stinking permits. Septic tank was a 250 gallon oil tank. Pipes to the field was 4" diameter aluminum coin shoots from a bank. System never failed in the 15 years I owned it.Common sense still worked then....don't put your septic system in an area to foul your well. Other construction still used common sense then to. Build your roof so it did not leak, right peak so snow did not collapse roof, etc etc. Why go on. Those days are gone. Today you need three of everything, approved drawing you have to pay a fortune for, every portion of construction done by a LICENCED contractor, then inspected 30 times before you are considered safe. Think Chinese dry-wall?

Damn I was born 100 years to late.

The five acres I had found was good looking land to. All woods and acess by a good dirt road, and for Florida high ground. Being somewhat smarter than last time I deceided to find out if there was any restrictions, and what was the CODE requirements. Yah I should have known. How about needing a permit for an address? Permit for driveway? I won't bore you with all the additional permits required because my head would explode. The search goes on.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can You Ever Really Be Free?

I really don't want to turn this into a rant. I have worked all my life, paid my dues, and paid for all of my mistakes. All I want in the days I have left is to be left alone. I am self sufficient, have adequate funds, most of my mental facilities, everything I own is free and clear. Since August of 2009 I have enjoyed being a free spirit, and bother no one.

There are millions of what are called "Full Timers" in their 5Th wheel trailers, the McMansion 40 foot buses etc. Some are called "Snow Birds" filling the "Encore" resorts here in Florida for the winter months. God Bless them and their lifestyle. The resorts have everything needed to live the good life. Heated pools,club houses, big screen TVs, entertainment to rival concerts. For the privileged at $50.00 and up per night. I don't wish to live that life-style.

Last night was the first time I was hassled by any law enforcement. The names have been changed to protect the Innocent. I was parked on a residential street visiting my girlfriend. Before I could exit the van flashing red and blue lights was behind me. A loud speaker barked "Get back in the vehicle NOW." Ok mister policeman. Ten minutes passed before he decided to approach my van. I rolled down my window, and asked if there was a problem officer? His response was license, registration, and insurance please. I complied, and back to the squad car he went. I regress-while this occurred three more police cars had arrived, and a few people had come out to see what was going on. When the officer returned his first question was "Do you realize that no camping is allowed in this city?" My laughter did not help the situation. When I replied that I was just visiting, not camping, my van was not a camper,and it was my daily driver, he said he knew a camper when he say one. When I asked him why my registration stated 2004 Chevrolet 3500 Express Van he had no answer. By now the fun had worn off, and I was about to become pissed. In my most polite voice I asked to speak to his supervisor. He stomped back to his police car, and in about another 10 minutes yet ANOTHER bubble factory arrived. When said supervisor was once again told the story he informed me that new ordinances have passed, and not all of the officers were up to date. WTF? Since when does a van look like a 40' motor coach? Besides I was legally parked.

He had no answer, decided I was legal, returned my documents, and told me I could park there for the night. In my most humble voice I thanked him for "Allowing me to be legal". So five police cars spent an hour and a half harassing an old man instead of looking for criminals. No need to thank me criminals just do not try camping in this neighborhood.

Further research found the greedy camp grounds were responsible for pushing the new ordinances to drive traffic to their business. Pack-um in like sardines, and raise the fees. I guess greed never ends. Once I find my piece of land I won't have to put up with that shit. Any place outside of the cities I have found the kindness people. I've been invited to eat, use their showers, even wash my van. So I'm still not bitter, just pissed off at being hassled, when all I want is to be left alone.

See Ya

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deer Hunting in Michigan's UP

This was sent to me via e mail from my brother-in-law in Michigan. The man is 6' and weighs 200 pounds. Michigan pussy cats have gotten larger since I moved to Florida. According to the story it appeared the cat was hunting the man.
I'd have to mortage everything I own to have it stuffed, and buy another house to display it. If I had shot it, it would be tempting. Damn BIG cat.
See Ya

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nine Days of Record Cold

I know by now people are tired of hearing about our cold weather. Us wimps are used to heat, sunshine, warm waters, shorts, and bare feet. How cold has it been? Well several Northern visitors on the news last night said they were cutting their vacations short and going home. They call us wimps? Ha Ha

On a more serious note this weather should teach us a lesson. Like the boy scouts...be prepared. This is like the hurricane season in reverse....space heaters are gone...sweaters, and warm coats hard to find. Some houses in Florida still have no heat, and never did. House fire's increase when weather stays this cold. Death's due to carbon dioxide increase. Keep an eye on your senior neighbor's.

My Michigan blood must be coming back, today does not feel cold, just brisk, maybe my brain is frozen. Just saying we as humans can adjust to any situations with the right tools and proper planning. So once I get the proper tools(plane ticket to Cayman Islands) and plan to stay there until Florida hits 70 degrees at night I will have adjusted to the situation.

See Ya

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Cold...Please Go Away.

I feel like a bear in hibernation. I have adequate heat in the MH, but propane is hard to find in the woods. So I try to use only what I need. Last summer when I visited family in Michigan I acquired an Artic sleeping bag good for 20 below. So last night I did not turn on the furnace.

I slept until 11am this morning, but damn when I did crawl out of that bag I wrapped it around myself until I started the engine and had heat flowing. Small is good when heat is needed. I'm starting to get cabin fervor, but I don't want to go ice fishing. So I guess it's time for a good book, and a nice pot of potato soup. Maybe I'll consider ice fishing after all. Yeah right.

See Ya

Saturday, January 9, 2010

To move or not move

The joys of a home on wheels is the fact that I can move any time I like. Since August 13Th I have had that pleasure. I have been all over Florida during that time. The current cold weather has given me thought for another trip. To Key West. Fantastic fishing, historical building, and very interesting people. Unfortunately Key West is not much better than Clearwater. Only 52 degrees in Key West. Not worth the 8 hour drive, and 417 miles. Plus I promised my kids I'd be here for my birthday.

I've also had several e mails asking about my "van". Camera is in the repair shop, but I will post pictures in the future. This is a van on steroids. The van is a 2004 Roadtrek on a Chevrolet 3500 chassis. The stand up headroom is 6" 2". It has all the convinces of a home. Three leather captain's chairs, with the one behind the passenger's seat can be convert to a single bed. There is a table that can be installed between the two front seats.(stored when not used). The kitchen stove is a two burner propane,with a cover that doubles as a counter top when not in use. Stainless steel sink, with storage cabinet underneath. The fridge can run on 120v,battery, or propane. Self contained toilet, and shower. The rear of the van can be used two ways-a living area with two bench facing each other with a table in between or as a king sized bed with storage under the bed. Air conditioning, and forced air furnace. 15" flat screen TV & DVD player with stereo speakers. Almost forgot the micro-wave. Storage cabinets are in every square inch available, and a main closet behind the drivers seat. Under the rear chassis rides the self contained propane tank, and the generator. In an outside compartment two deep cell batteries. So this van is a small motor home. I'm sure I missed something. Oh yes- My fresh water tank holds twenty five gallons, and I also carry more fresh water under the bed when planning to stay out a month .Since 90 percent of the time I travel alone this is more than adequate for my needs. I can actually stay lost in the woods for a month at a time with no problems.

Mayberry commented about where I can store stuff. When I moved the contents of one of my safes there was 16 long guns laying on the bed. My tactical gun case with two AR's under the bed. In the drawer under one seat was 12 handguns, and the range bag had another 12 in it. God only knows what would have happened if Johnny Law would have stopped me. When on the road I carry the tactical gun case with a rifle or two of choice, and the range bag with at least four pistols. Both out of sight and well hidden.

So that's the info on the "van" that carries a front license plate that says "Little One"

See Ya

Friday, January 8, 2010

Check and double check

Today was range day. Colder than a witch's t#t in January. Fortunately the range is indoors. Ha Ha.

Took the Buckmark, two Ruger II, and the Ruger III. Since each of these weapons only load 10 rounds, and I'm not fond of reloading clips at the range I bring at least 10 mags for each. Well the Ruger Mark III was a recent purchase, so on the way to the range I stopped at my most friendly(they have a lot of my money) gun store. Picked up 10 mags for the Ruger Mark III. In -out head to the range. I know, how many saw it coming? Those that did you are right. WRONG MAGS. Moral of story? Don't be in a hurry, and check, and double check. I'll have the right ones tomorrow, but what if I was leaving the state on a trip after that purchase? I would have been sol, and stuck with just two mags.

Another little tip I might add. Since so many 22 mags look so much a like I have color coded my mags to each weapon. A small dot of finger nail polish to the base of the gun and the mag solves the problem. I also have found mag pouch's that hold 10 clips, and have labeled them to the corresponding weapons. Now all my 22 semi-auto's are organized. Mags for my High Standards, and a few others are not cheap, and can be hard to find. So I try and take care of what I have. Having at least 10 for each weapon may seem like over kill, but the guns are almost useless with out them.

So the Mark III only had 20 rounds shot. I told you I was lazy. Still a fun day.

Stay warm and safe during this cold spell.

See Ya

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Land Land Land where are you?

Spent ALL day today looking for land. My eyes are going crossed. Tomorrow range day...need to straighten out my eyes. The net can help sometimes, and can offer disappointment other times.

I have made contact with three Realtors covering from central Florida to the pan handle and the Georgia line. I'm beginning to think Florida might be a write off unless I go south. That would just make it more difficult if I had to leave the state. Kentucky looks better all the time.
When we moved from Michigan to Florida with no jobs, and really not sure where we would live my wife said God would show us the way. God took her in o3, and now I'm alone to make all those decisions. I'll see if He helps my decision.

See Ya

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to buy for my birthday?

January 19 Th will mark 69 years living on this planet. I must admit most of them have been very enjoyable. Just the joy of living in the USA has been worth it.

Since the weather is colder than a witch's t#t I'm inside where it is nice and warm. What better time to check out the gun world. From the time I was 21 I have purchased a fire arm for my birthday. Needless to say from that time fire arms continued to improve, and oh yes increase in price. I have a problem. What to buy this year. I know gunnies are not supposed to have that as a problem. My intent when I first started was to have a revolver, a semi-auto pistol, and a rifle in the same caliber (carry three weapons & one ammo) in the most common calibers. 22,9mm,357,45Lc,30caliber,etc. That was reached a long time ago. It's been more than a month since something jumped in my hand that I could not let go of. I'm not bored, like they say what do you give a man that has everything? you got it...more of it.

I still have time to think about it. Perhaps I'll have an answer before then. Any idea's?

See Ya

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hibernation or guts?

Hibernation can be fun, unless you are a strawberry farmer. Those men and women live and die by the weather. Right now they are running sprinklers to lay down a layer of ice to try and save the crops. By what I have read on the news they check the ground temperatures every hour which determines when to activate the sprinklers. I wish them luck.

Fish farmers are in trouble due to the weather. They have limited facilities for inside storage. They have taken in as many as possible, and covered the outside tanks. But if cold weather continues as predicted the water temps will drop to a level that kills tropical fish. The fish farmer interviewed said the result would be a million dollar lose, and he would have to lay off his 6 employees.

Our citrus crops will also be effected.

I can hibernate, turn up the heat to comfort level. I feel the pain for all Floridians that have to work outside in this weather. Mother nature can be cruel, and when she is our food supply suffers.

See Ya

Monday, January 4, 2010

Can you live in a refrigerator?

I think I woke up in a refrigerator this morning. I do not do cold well. Most small RV's and travel trailers are not built for cold weather. Mine is like living in a tin can. Walls of steel, paneling, and I would imagine very little insulation. Probably a minus 2 rating.

However the faculties in my little house are more than adequate: Forced air furnace for cold, AC for heat in summer.. Buuuuut one needs to turn said options ON. The thermostat was set at 70 degrees when I retired for the night, and I was comfortable then. My sleeping bag is good for Arctic temps, so I was very warm until I woke up, and poked my nose out. Big dummy....the thermostat was set on the AC side, so the furnace did not turn on. Hit the switch for the furnace, and it turned on in mil-second. My life has been saved.

How cold was it? TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES. My northern friends may laugh at me for being a wimp, but if it's not 70 degrees when I step outside I'm pissed. So laugh at me. I may just hibernate for the winter. I know today it will be hot coffee, and a good book.

See Ya

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Land Hunting

Spent the day on line checking for vacant Florida land. Found a few that look promising, but may be priced out of my reach. I'll keep looking.

Added a few knives to the prep bag. Like guns I figure you can't have to many. A 15" knife is pretty close to a small machete. Does feel good on the leg. When in the woods I carry one on each hip. Never know when one or the other would become inaccessible.

Camera broke today. Need to have it repaired. I just carry a small Sony pocket camera in the woods.

Keep prepping, and lets get back to the times when we helped each other. Not the dead beats -the guys that lost their jobs. We need to start sticking together or we may not survive either.

See Ya

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day of Relaxation.

Relaxation-Something I needed today. No news at all. I don't want to get pissed and raise my blood pressure.

So off to the range I went. The Colt Python performed as usual. The Glock stared back at me from the range bag. I stared back. We are not fond of each other. It feels like a light Styrofoam brick to me. Yes it's a 45, but not a 1911. I guess I'm just a dinosaur unable to adjust to modern time. I like it like that. I sure enjoy shooting the Gold Cup. So the Glock just went along for the ride. Maybe I'll give it to my son for a birthday present. Like I have said before I hate to sell any gun I own.

So after the range? Reload Reload Reload Great for relaxation.

Tomorrow the land hunt begins.

See Ya

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down

The year was 1959. I was stationed in Ankara Turkey serving my country. Fresh out of high school, and in a foreign country. The three years I served was an eye opening experience, and one that stayed with me for the rest of my life. It also instilled in me what a great country I lived in.

The time in Turkey also showed me what most people take for granted did not exist. Like toilet paper, matches, decent cigarettes. We had ration cards for cigarettes, and liquor. Use them up before the end of the month and you were sol.

The year is 2010. The country USA. Or should I say Commie USA. First my stupid government tries to tax my cigarettes out of existence. Oh yea it's for the children's insurance. Bull shit. It's for money and control. It gets even worse. Now we have to try and smoke cigarettes that go out by themselves. WTF Again for our own protection. Who the hell asked you to protect me? I've lived for 68 years without your help. 20 years ago I could roll my own. The tax increase on loose tobacco was even steeper than the cigarettes. So I have accepted the tax increase on my cigarettes (must save the children-even tho it's the parents job) Well I guess I'll go back to rolling my own again. But wait you bastards must be reading my mind. I've been in the woods to long, and out of the news loop. Senate Bill S1147 short version. ALL CIGARETTES, RYO,AND SMOKELESS TOBACCO PRODUCTS ARE NON MAILABLE. WTF? Well you shitheads will now make me drive to other states to find what I want? Can't buy off the internet any more. Not only the Post Office, but all the carriers, UPS,Fed-ex etc will not deliver tobacco products. It's enough to make a grown man cry. And yes it's a bad bad bad habit, but it's MINE. And don't give me no shit about me burdening the medical system. I take care of myself remember-I take no pills, eat healthy, and am physically fit.

To bad my government worries so much about me, and not about our fine service members. But that's another rant. All I want is to be left alone, and enjoy my vices for what time I have left. I guess that's to much to ask. Wish I could re-enlist, but then my government would not let me win the war. Shit another rant. Sorry I'm starting the year with an attitude.

God Bless.

See Ya