Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to leave

Friday and Saturday was range therapy. SIL and I managed to help the Black Friday mentality by buying 4,200 rounds of 22's. They came in box's of 525 for $25.50 a box. So we helped the local gun store to pay their rent for the day. $204.00 for two days of fun seemed to me money well spent.

The Colt AR 22 eats 30 rounds per mag, the 22 semi's eat 10 rounds per clip, and the 22 revolvers eat 6-9 for each round. Since I hate to reload mags, I have 30 for the Colt AR, and at least 10 each for the other 22 pistols.

The ammo was Federal 525 round value pack. 36 grain, copper plated, hollow point. The Colt AR's ate everyone of them. As did all the Rugers. The Browning Buck Mark(I have 4) had so many failures with this ammo that we came home with half the clips still loaded. The mis-fires were all used up in the Rugers, and the revolvers. Of course I favor the Smith revolvers. They eat everything I put in them.

Guns are cleaned, and back in the safe, except for a few that I carry with me in the van.

The van is gassed, cleaned, and re-stocked for at least another month. Time to hit the road to some where. The Ocala National Forrest seems to calling my name. Found some lots on line there that needs to be looked at. Not exactly what I want, but would be a nice place to park from time to time. They are close to the river, and my Sea Eagle needs to get wet again, as does the fishing lures.

See Ya

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Stuff your face with Turkey,mashed tatters or yams,stuffing,gravy,and at least two pieces of pie. I know I will.

Remember the men and women of our Armed Forces that allow us to continue free.

Kiss your kids and loved ones.

God Bless the USA

See Ya

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuck in the city for a week.

Today is only Wednesday. I feel like I have been in prison for a year. I'm stuck in the city for this week. Waiting for clips, and mags from the local gun store. Plus a few survival items ordered off the net shipped to my daughter's house. Plus I promised I would be in town for Turkey Day. I love her so here I am.

It's great not to have an address, or people knowing where they can find you. But it has it's draw backs. Been thinking about a PO box. But again another expense I can afford, but I'm trying to eliminate trails. So currently I have two places to keep stuff. My daughter, and my son. They are 100 miles apart. When I can find a piece of land I'll feel better. My Van can carry enough for me to last a month easy, but then when it's time to restock have to go to my stuff.

As long as I'm stuck in the city I have been checking the local store sales since it's Turkey week. Found some very good sales on can goods. Bought 120 cans of various vegetables for a total of $98.27. Some buy one get one free, others 10 for $10.00. But damn....they get heavy. Managed to put them all in my daughter's pantry. She had to ask me if I still think the SHTF is going to happen. I just smiled, and said I don't like to go grocery shopping very often.

I have a ton of supplies stored in several places, and have been thinking if something happens, how do I get to them. Something to think about. I do have it set up so both supplies are equal. That way I'm not short either place. But just the thought of moving either one makes me tired.

Another thought....What if it's only what you can carry without a truck, or van? I have both, and I know they would be useless without gas. The van is my house, so when gas is gone I can just park it, and live in it. Need to think of something to haul goods with other than a grocery cart. I have built trailers for bicycles that can carry quite a load. But they are only good for concrete travel. I don't plan on being on the roads.

Gotta find that land soon. Problem is I want it close enough for my family to get to. If it was just me I would already have something out west, or in upper Michigan. Family...Gotta try and take care of them even if they won't take care of themselves.

Well if by some miracle we survive what appears to be unfolding the supplies will not go to waste.

At least the week won't be a total waste. Range therapy planned for Friday, and Saturday. Back to the woods on Sunday.

See Ya

Saturday, November 21, 2009

News Today: Fat People Need to Hide

Scary: I would not advise fat people to go to Peru. Just when you thought the news could not get any worse. Peruvian gangs killing fat people to sell their fat to the cosmetics industry. Holy shit....Momma may be putting on lipstick from one of her relatives.The joke always was not kidnapping a fat person. Guess shooting one is ok. What the hell is next?

Now you see why I like the woods?

Se Ya

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking for Land again

Sometimes I think to much. I think squatters may have the right idea. Let the land owners fight the bullshit nanny requirements for what you can and cannot do with your own land. Then when they do catch you squatting just move on somewhere else. Unfortunately my morals would not let me use something without permission that does not belong to me. Still tempting sometime.

I had five acres which I got for a good deal. No money exchanged. Trades work very nice when both parties are happy. Of course when land or property changes hands the nanny government gets to change the rules. Didn't see that coming did ya?

Well to make a long story short I have a friend that loves to live in a deed restriction life style, and always runs for office of the HOA. When I told him of my problem he most graciously offered me a fine price to take it off my hands. Not wanting to screw a friend I asked him if the offer was serious, and he said yes. Sometimes there is a God. I now have the funds to look for another piece of land.

I did learn my lesson. Funny I forgot so easy. Guess it was just the sheer joy of having 5 acres to call my own. When we moved to Florida and was loking for a house I told my wife that we needed three requirements: High ground, two car garage and NO RESTRICTIONS. Since that was 28 years ago, and my wife has passed and not here to remind me I'll blame it on CRS.

So the search begins again. Any one have any info on vacant land available North of Clearwater Florida for sale?

Damn maybe now is the time to look for land in Texas. I think I could find my type of friends there. Gotta love a state for open carry.

On a brighter note-Today is Buy Ammo Day or as I like to say"Piss off Sarah Brady Day" You all will be glad to know I did my part for at least three people. Went to the range this morning and used 750 round as re-coil therapy for my bad mood, then went to my normal gun shop(we have ammo) and replaced it three fold. Also tonight plan on re-loading a bunch of 38's. I'm feeling better already.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

See Ya

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The More I See People The More I Like The Woods

I really hate coming out of the woods . If is was not for my kids I would not have to.

I may be old...But I like saying "Merry Christmas".

When I had a house I never cared if my neighbor's grass was three inches taller than mine. Or he had a car on blocks. Maybe his lawn mower was broke, and the car to, and maybe him to. I'd ask if he needed some help, and if he said no that was fine. He must be happy as is. Unless it's a health hazard it's his property. Oh shit...I forgot about property values. How are they now folks?

I read a lot of survival blogs (my kind of people)...Hate when some of my favorite's just disappear with out warning. What happened to them?

A friend that was down from Michigan, and I suggested a trip to the range. Opened the safe and asked him what he would like to shoot. His reply was "What the hell do you need so many for?" My reply...I have a limit?

Went to Radio Shack for some red dot batteries......Same shit. They wanted more info than the IRS...Folks all I want is to buy batteries not give you my life story. They did not get the info.

My girl friend lives in a 55 plus community. More shit....The condo commando's know my truck, and me. The last time I visited her I had not turned the motor off before one of them was at my door reminding me to put my visitor pass on the dashboard. I said forget it. Love to piss them off. Half of them don't even know their neighbor, but let a strange vechile show up?

Maybe I'm getting grouchy in my old age. I always believed in giving my customers something alittle extra and asking my neighbors if they needed help. Now I feel like I just want to be left alone, and I don't like that feeling. A man needs to work, and be part of a community. I can't bring back the 50's as I well know. But I'm damn sure going to start looking for new friends that still think the way I do. I do know the net has a lot of people that still think like I do....Think I'll start looking for some in Florida.

See Ya

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I admit by todays law I am a criminal

Criminal, criminal, possible domestic terrorist. Damn that would be me.

I now have two safes. One at my son-in-laws(ex-but still family to me), and the new one I just bought for my daughter's house. My ex son -in-law always seems to have money problems. Currently behind on his mortgage payments, light bill, water bill...You get the idea. Not a good place for my collection to reside. Besides that safe was already full, and about 25 new ones were taking up a lot of my storage space in the van. Legal? Don't give a shit...did it my way.

So new safe installed in daughter's house needed to be filled with guns from old safe, then old safe needed to be moved to daughter's house. You get the picture. So I load up my truck and head to daughter's house. Put the first load in safe. Call it a day. Only about three more loads to finish.

Go to the bank, post office, grocery store, Verizon phone store, and stop for gas. Time to head home to the van. Much to my surprise when I un-loaded my pockets what did I find.....The 38 derringer I had put in my pocket when unloading the safe so it would not get lost in the truck.

No I do not have a concealed carry permit. I am a Free American who believes the Second Amendment allows me to carry a fire arm. So for a short period today I was a criminal in the eyes of the law. Why don't I just break down and get the permit? Nah next time I'll just make sure it's in the glove box and I'll be legal. Still don't make sense to me.

Nobody was harmed during my short criminal career.

See Ya

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm having trouble staying out of the woods.

The woods feel like they are my private domain. I simply love the peace and solitude they provide. Setting in my lawn chair with a fresh cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the meadow, starts my day. The only thing better is when I find a location with a stream flowing thru the woods. So as often as possible I'm in the woods.

I have promised my off-spring that I would stay tethered to the real world via the stupid cell phone. I do check in sometimes so they know I'm still alive. I called Saturday night to inform them that I was still alive, and doing just fine. SIL had to inform me that I'm missing a local gun show. He loves to be a smart ass sometimes.

Yes I made it back Saturday night in record time, picked up SIL at 0700 this morning, out to breakfast, and to the gun show. This is a very small local show held once a year. Mostly the same local collectors you see every year. I know quite a few of them. Was nice to see them again and rub in the fact I was re-tired.

Of course you know my weakness for wheel guns, and of course 22's in general. I could supply a small army with 22's. But what happens when you find a real gem? Damn it.

Ruger SPS 101 in 22. Stainless of course. I have never seen one before. I have the SPS 101 in 9mm. Guess I don't get out as often as I need to. So another 22 has to find some range time this week....Like Monday at 10:00am when the local indoor range opens. Another reason I like the woods. No time limits except darkness. Night vision next? Strange thoughts sometimes run around in my head.

Life is good

God Bless

See ya