Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have to love those wheel guns

New addition to the family of wheel guns. I do like wheel guns. Smith & Wesson 22-4 Thunder Ranch 45.

I believe Federal used to make the 45 Rim brass so the half moon clips were not necessary. At any rate I believe they are now hard to find. I think I'll do some research. At any rate I own 6 wheel guns in the 45 caliber. So many many years ago while I was on Midway I noticed that they had 10,000 rounds of 45 rim brass for sale. Yep I own them. So I'm in pretty good shape.

Range time again for this week end. I think this week end will be strictly 45's.

See Ya

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Range Report

The family that shoots together has a lot of fun.

Number one son still loves the Glock.

Number two son still loves his v10

Dad just loves them all. I'm sorry but the Glock still feels funny to me. I think it's just the weight or lack of. It shoots just fine right out of the box. First 50 rounds was factory ammo, and the next 950 rounds was my reloads. Oh shit there goes my warranty. Number one son states the trigger needs to be reworked. I disagree, because he likes a trigger pull to be way to light. Breathe on his it goes off. On any of my weapons that other people may shoot the trigger pulls are factory. On my personal weapons that nobody else shoots I do have adjustments-especially my wheel guns. And I do LOVE my wheel guns.

The Glock 30sf may be carried during the warmer times. More range time is required. It did function without one hick-up.

Of course number two son had to slip in his Colt AR22, and bring it to the range as well. For his punishment Number one son and dad shot up two thousand rounds of his ammo, and have no intention of replacing it. Serves him right. If he would have asked we would have brought ours, and used our own ammo.

The best part was that I got to spend the day with two men I love very much. Two men I have faith in to carry on the fight for our second ammendments right. Two men who strongly stand up for their own ideas, and refuse to lower their standards. They make me proud.

See Ya

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Tradition-Willing to Dis-agree

How in the hell do I delete pictures uploaded by mistake? Help.

My number one son loves Glocks. He now has three. My number two son(actually son-law but son #2) sucks up to me because I have always been a 1911 man.

Our favorite gun store favors Glocks, although they never have trouble selling me another high end 1911. lol

Tomorrow the three of us are headed to the range Willing to Dis-agree. Number one son will be shooting Glocks, and number two son will be shooting my 1911's. And me....he he will be shooting all of them.

Again I have never been against change or not willing to try something new, so I have added a Glock 30sf to the safe. Two reasons-if I like it could be a nice summer carry here in Florida. Current carry is: Springfield Armory V10 Ultra Compact. For general target plinking we will use the Springfield Armory NM Trophy Match.

3000 rounds are in the ammo box. Glad I have two young fellows as ammo carriers. You know how heavy 3000 rounds of 45 is?

One thing does piss me off right from the word go. Glock's manual says I cannot shoot re-loads . To do so may damage the gun, and void the warranty. WTF All my good old American guns shoots what ever I put thru them. You can bet your ass this Glock will to, or my number one son gets another Christmas present. I have not discussed this with him yet. I know he has been reloading since he was 16, and I doubt he would buy factory ammo just for his three Glocks. He did tell me not to shoot lead thru a Glock. Pussy gun. I'll give it the hardball, and save the lead for the wheel guns-they love to eat anything.

So we will see what tomorrow brings at the range. I promise an honest unbiased report. He He

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Re-tired Have to love it

When I was working I was lucky enough to get to the range once a month. Since I retired I now can go every day if I feel like it. Thus far two days a week seems to satisfy my re-coil therapy. However since acquiring two new items to add to the safe I feel this week will require more work. They are nice, but my M-1 is still the old stand by. Enough said.
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