Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cement done

Cement poured. Pictures at a later date. No time now.

Garage to be delivered 8/4/09. Six hours later should be done.

Shop auction still on for 8/12/09.

Fishing poles clean, oiled, and ready to use. Camper loaded, gassed, and ready.

Life is good.

See Ya

Friday, July 24, 2009

Does this look like a garage?

Patience my ass-getter done.
Finally something is started. Sometimes when friends wish to do you a favor you should just say no thank you. For two months nothing had been done. OK you guys were busy, but you are getting PAID to do this job. So it's a small fill in job? You gave me the price quote, and I agreed so GETTER DONE!
Yesterday they arrived about 6pm with the wood and metal mesh for the form work. Dropped the material in the yard, and then said they had to go get their tools. WFT? Came back in an hour. Set up the form, and then decided no digging was necessary, but fill dirt was. Damn they do this for a living. Wouldn't you thunk they would have seen this when they gave the quote?
Fortunately I have a friend who responded at 8pm with the required fill dirt. Shit I'm now the project manager instead of the customer?
I have been promised the concrete will be poured Saturday. Perhaps as project manager I could have one of them buried in the concrete and save some material? Just kidding..not.
What I have experienced thus far seems to be common for Florida contractors. Seems to be a need for some good project managers to change this, perhaps a new job for me? Just kidding. August 12th is still the end of my working days.
See ya

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm doing what?

Sixteen hour days again? WTF? Yep the time is getting short-auction is August 12Th.

Have two employees working again probably till the end of the month. My customers know that I am shutting the doors, and all want a few jobs done before then. Hard to say no. Plus still have a ton of personal items to remove before auction.

Thanks Brigid. Hope your birthday August 121Th is a good omen-it should be.

See Ya

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

August 12th-AUCTION TIME

Well things are at least starting to move. The shop auction is scheduled for the 12Th of August.

The concrete for the garage at my daughter's is scheduled to be poured the 25Th of July. Three weeks after that the building is supposed to be erected. Now lets getter done.

Still a ton of stuff to remove from the shop before the auction. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Have that special bottle of Jack ready to celebrate.

see ya

Friday, July 3, 2009

Half of the handcuffs just fell off my hands.

Half the handcuffs are gone. The condo is sold.

Guess what Largo? That $1700.00 in property tax is now mine. Gives me some extra smoke money.

Guess what Progressive Energy? That average power bill of $200.00 a month.....yep mine now. Might help to pay a seat-belt fine.

A yes Verizon phone service? No need for that either....never did like you. Plus a $100.00 a month sucks for the right to call 911

Unfortunately the garage project at my daughters has not been started yet. Target for concrete is now the last weekend this month. Grrrrrrrr.

Selling off the shop is going slow to. Looks like the end of August to wrap that up. But heh it's moving.

August 1st target date to hit the road was probably just wishful thinking with all that had to be done. Might slip in a four day trip to a local campground for a small break.

See ya

Thursday, July 2, 2009


All is not right in paradise. I feel like the state of Florida is becomming a commie state.

July 1st added another $1.00 a pack cigarette tax. Ya I know sin tax-MAKE me quit smoking. How would you golfers like to pay an extra $1.00 for each golf ball? It's still called freedom, and the nanny government keeps taking it away piece by piece.

July 1st Florida lawmen can now pull you over for not wearing your seat belt-fine $101.00 Heard a small clip of the news on my way home from work last night that they wrote 200 tickets first day.$20,200.00 for the state of Florida. Damn nice paycheck for one day. Of the 200 violators non of them lost their life for not wearing a seat belt, and no seat belts were hurt in the excerise.

After I got home,and released myself from the straight jacket-aka seat belt I jumped on my motorcycle and took a short freedom ride. God freedom is wonderful.

See ya