Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to getter done

Ever since my landlord filed for bankruptcy(November 20, 2008) I have been in limbo regarding my status as a tenant. I had already decided to quit working and just auction off the shop.

Where has the time gone? I guess I am just to damn lazy to getter done.

Well today I have decided to change that. One of my major concerns was my 1964 Corvette Convertible. I just can't part with it, and the cost for storage is out of the question. So what to do? Well my daughter has a very large lot. Sooo since she is so nice, and I love her very much I have deceived to build a 15' x 20' steel building in the back of her yard. The cost will be equal to one year of storage fees.

So calling on a few of my old customers I received enough work for the shop to cover the cost of the building. That's the reason I have been offline so long. Been working those 70 hour weeks again. Only this time it's for a good reason.

Also have had help from my son, and a few of his friends making progress to clean up the shop and get rid of stuff. They have hauled 400 pounds of scrap aluminum , and 700 pounds of scrap steel so far, and are about half done. So we are making progress. I love it when a plan comes together.

The first of June I'm calling my auctioneer and hopefully the shop will be gone by July 31. That's the target date to say see ya.

So Sunday we are all going to the range, and kill some paper targets.

See ya.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water storage & usage

Water-the gift of life.

Today when I need a refreshing drink of water all that is needed is to put the glass under the facet and turn it on. Some where in the back round marvelous things happen. From the original source, be it a river, lake, reservoir, or storage tank water flows to the city for distribution. The city runs the water thru their system to insure that you have safe drinking water, and Viola I just filled my glass. Now what happens when you don't have that luxury??

Yesterday I carried 50 one gallon jugs of drinking water to the woods. No well yet, and no electricity. For the UN-informed water weighs 8.6 pounds per gallon, and I believe the minimum daily requirements for an adult is one gallon per day. So first to the grocery store to purchase the water. Load the cart. Transport to parking lot load 50 one gallons jugs in truck. Drive to destination, and of course carry to desired spot. That's a shit pile of work for an old man. Also with no waste, and only for drinking I have a supply of 50 days maybe. Perhaps on a hot day I may drink 2 gallons. You see what I mean.

When you have to supply your own water life gets very interesting. So when I arrived home to the condo I took that nice long hot shower to soak these tired bones. Had I spent the night in the woods a GI shower would be required. Of course that deducts from your limited supply.

Inquisitive minds need to know. How many gallons does your toilet require to flush. I know there are high tech ones out there, but how about yours? Mine takes 4 gallons per flush.!!!! If your nose could stand it flushing just once a day uses 28 gallons per week. Holy shit. Just think: hauling 240.8 pounds of water every week just to flush your toilet once a day. I guess out houses were a requirement during those early days. Nice to live in modern times. So now think what would happen if you had to supply your own water. Scary? Just food for thought. I won't add the water for the washer, or dishwasher. In hard times with limited supply a lot of water requirements would change very quickly. Like the Boy Scouts say "be prepared". With that said I think it's nap time.

See Ya

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tough month so far-Hope it gets better.

It's hard to lose some-one, and people handle grief in different ways. I have spent the last four days in the woods. It reminded me of my child hood in Michigan. The woods give me peace. The wind wraps me in it's embrace,the birds sing,the smells are clean.

Good by Mom-I love you. 5/02/09 Saw you go to heaven. I'm glad you lived a fairly long life, but yet a short 88 years. I'm glad you had me young. You were just 19 when I came into your life.

I'm glad we lived in the era that allowed you to be a stay at home Mom. Dad went to war the year I was born, leaving you to handle the whole load. I did not see Dad until I was almost 4. So you and I started together, as a family. After Dad came home, and my brother was born it seemed that I was pushed into the background. I undoubtedly did not know this at that early age, but it did become apparent as we grew older.

I was the first born. I was expected to get good grades, I was expected to know right from wrong, I was expected to protect my brother and look out for him. They were rocky times huh Mom? He could do no wrong, and at times it seemed I could do no right. I know he caused you pain with the stealing, forged checks, but he was your baby. You and Dad stood by him. I'm glad you did. I became stronger because I had to take care of myself.

My brother died at the age of 24 in an accident while driving drunk. You and dad took it pretty hard. Dad passed at age 84. You lived an additional 4 years. Now hopefully the three of you are joined together again.

I was blessed with a mother and father that lived as man and wife for 64 years before one passed. I'm a lucky man. So Mom where ever you are, know that I loved you, and tried to do the best for you these last four years.

Today is a tough day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When its time to die do you know?


I am now free,
The restrictions placed upon me
By the confines of my physical limitations
Are of no concern.

Fight is swift, but effortless.
The joy cannot compare
to any I have ever known.I am free.

My soul was in trapped in a body,
Ageing constantly to the point of rage.

The soul now flies free
I see the light of the stars.The rush of the wind tingles,
Like a cold morning breeze.

To feel the love of those behind me,
The joy of those who have gone before.

There is peace as I finally see my God.
I will wait ,for in time you too will come.

The Light,The Joy,The Love

I lost my wife, and both parents in a three year period. With all of them I was able to say what needed to be said, and held their hands as they passed.

Yes a lot of grief for me, and a lot of relief for them. But they KNEW when it was time. Both my wife and dad died from diseases they had fought for years, so we were some what prepared, and knew they were going to die. But they seemed to know the day they were going to die. Both called the family together, did what was needed, and passed with-in days of the meeting. My mother called me to come see her, and when I arrived she held mine hand and said it was time to go meet dad. She just quit breathing, and died.

My wife made it to 60, my dad 84, and my mother to 87. Life is precious, but oh so short. Kiss a loved one today. They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes it takes a long time.

God Bless