Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder

I have hunted and fished all my life. Living in the woods for extended times with just what we carried in.

I read a lot of prepper sites, and realize that I have always been a prepper. Our house always had at least a month's supply of staples. Venison usually lasted year to year. Adequate cloths, and since I always loved tools, and guns those are in great supply.

Times have changed now. The world has gone crazy, and it seems our standard of living is bound for the toilet. To be honest the recession to date has had no effect on me except the loss of 38k when I sold my condo. Note: I said to date. What will the future bring?

My little motor home can carry enough supplies for me for at least 6 months. Longer if I supplement food items from the wild, or ration what I carry. Now what would happen if I had to leave the motor home? Like I have said the woods are my second home. My pack that I have had for years carries all my favorite items to keep me comfortable. A medical problem would be the only undoing. But how long could I last in that life style? I'll be 69 in January, and I am in perfect health-but for how long? Will people that think like I do band together? What knowledge and supplies will they bring to the table?

I spent 7 days recently in the woods.. I parked the van, took my pack and headed out for some adventure. My trip was along a river of good water, so that was not a problem. The total mileage was only 30 miles, so it was more of a vacation than a survival situation. The weather was fairly mild, except for the rain. Rain keeps me holed up in the tent.I don't like to travel in the rain. But did get me some reading time which I enjoy very much. I read "The Road". If that's what it will be like I may save the last bullet for me. That book was the most depressing I have ever read. As a matter of fact it was used to start a few fires.

I may be slightly different than most people. Once you have enjoyed the good life if it's lost some people can't accept it. To me it's just stuff. But don't get me wrong. A nice summer drive in my Corvette with the top down is very enjoyable to me. A nice long hot shower without worry of running out of water is very enjoyable. Kinda like a catch 22.

So I'll live the good life until it ends, and then start the survival life. I'm as prepared as possible, and still try to add more each week. Now where can I get a semi to haul it all?

See Ya


Sunfighter said...

While I am currently living the good life, I would have no regrets about giving it all up for the simpler life. Which is actually what I am working on.

Like you I am as comfortable out in the woods as anywhere else. Prefer it actually. Many people won't likely accept being forced to downsize their lives. Because of the current insanity going on, most will be forced to downsize.

It is better to choose the simpler life than have it forced on you. So I don't see what's coming the same way most people will, I see it as living the way I want.

Nature provides for those who understand her and her ways. That's how I feel about it.

Anonymous said...

A couple of "mentors" I had as a young man were 75 and 77 yrs old. They'd go horseback riding every morning on young horses under 5 yrs old because they "liked a little spunk" in their horses. Those gentlemen were phenomenal. So don't think age can hold you back. Go for the gusto.

Mayberry said...

I sure hope I can spend a week in the woods when I'm 69! As far as the "good life" goes, that will come when this blasted system finally implodes on it's self. For me and my family anyways. It will mean an end to wage slavery...

TEAM HALL said...

Wow Tony...your "vacation" sounded great!!

HermitJim said...

As long as we can continue to do what we want, without much interference, that is true freedom!

The good life is the one where you live as you want!

Stay healthy, my friend!

Grace. said...

You took "The Road" along for a little light reading???? There's a lot of post-apocalypse science fiction out there--not all of it better written than McCarthy's, but much of it is a whole lot more optimistic!

I suspect I'm not cut out for the "living off the land" life, but I do think even us urban dwellers could use more simplification.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That sounds like an interesting trip.
Have you ever looked into solar power for the van? Might serve you longer if fuel becomes an issue.