Friday, December 4, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Maybe I should have really checked the weather before leaving the city. Today it seems the entire state of Florida is going to take another soaking, with possible severe weather.

I had the time to escape to say Kentucky until the weather cleared. Oh well...time to hunker down and let it blow by. Have a few good books to read, and of course can sleep late.

As long as the net stays up I'll get all the news.

Added another flashlight to the preps. Have enough to last for about a hundred years. This is one of the hand crank models with 4 led's. Squeezed it about 20 times. Sounds like a tiny generator inside. Like the ones used on the bicycle lights of the 50's. It stayed light for two hours, and with about 10 more pumps was ready to go again. Gives plenty of light in the van. Cost $5.00. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts, and how it works outside.

Time for a can of salmon for lunch. Can't go fishing right now, but can still eat fish.

See Ya


Doug said...

$5.00? Please post where these can be had for 5 bucks.

Rae said...

I don't envy you being stuck in such rotten weather. Sure makes for a lousy day. At least you aren't getting the snow we are getting today. I would rather be in Florida where it is warm. Hope you are out and about soon. Happy Holidays.

Mayberry said...

We got the rain here too. And sleet. And snow flurries. Oh yeah, the wind is whippin' up about 25 or 30 MPH as well... I'm ready for St. Thomas or somewhere...

Did it MY way said...

They are on E Bay. They range from $.099 to about $7.00, and from 3 leds to 5 I think. My has 5 leds, and was a buy it now for $2.97 with $2.00 shipping. He has more. The item # is 380175587734

Sorry you have snow. Been there done that hopefully will not do again. Merry Christmas

No fishing for you to brother. Merry Christmas.

Sandcastle Momma said...

The rain has skirted around us but we've gotten some cold weather. Too cold for me!

TEAM HALL said...

Rain??? You're telling me about rain? lol How about I tell you about some snow, eh? hehehe

Sandcastle Momma said...

You haven't been washed away in all of this rain have you?
Hope all is well!