Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost the end of the Year

Well that time again.....the year ends, and another year begins. The one thing you can't stop. Time marches on. With all the government crap going on 2010 will still arrive. What it will bring nobody knows.

What New Years Resolutions will we break first? Will they be the same we make every year?
For me this coming year will seem a lot different. No house or condo to take care of. No business to worry about how to keep running with the new government mandates. Freedom really seems great.

No Resolutions to make, just a to do list:

1. Find that elusive 5-10 acres I want so bad. (Maybe even out of Florida)

2. Consolidate all the preps in one place (Why number 1 is needed)

3. Install solar, and spare batteries on MH

4. Move my second safe to join the first one.

5. Build the new reloading benches.

6. Set up the 4 Dillon presses, and 3 Rock Crusher's.

7. Sort and prep the four 5 gallon buckets of brass.

8. Get back to reloading 2000 rounds of something each week.

9. Check the preps for rotation, and inventory.(sucks when they are in 3 places)

10. Go to the range at least once a week. (ha ha this is a given & reason for #6)

11. Enjoy my Freedom.

12. And last but not least hope every one survives, and we some how get past this mess.

I received my new bill from our friendly tax collector Diane Nelson for the privilege to drive my van, truck, and car. Since Florida like many other states are broke they have to find new ways to steal our money. They know we still need to drive so that makes it easier for them. But damn did they have to DOUBLE it? Then rub salt in the wound by offering you to renew for two years. Like everybody will do that. And no I don't need some smart ass telling me I have to many or I could walk. All are paid for, and if you add up all the sales taxes, and plate fees, on all cars and trucks in the same position on the road today the state does quite well.

Just saying for example if the price of Pepsi doubled people would not buy it. But the Bastards(excuse my French) know you will drive. So I bite the bullet, and pay up....Still sucks.

On a bright note: May everyone have a Happy New Year.
God Bless.
See Ya


TEAM HALL said...

Hey Tony! Working on my list too. Happy New Year!!! Can't wait to see pix of your Resolution #1!!

Borepatch said...

Happy new year, Tony.

Question: just how much better are the taxes in Florida? Not ready to retire yet, but we're looking to get out of the People's Republic of Mass in 4 years or so.

Mayberry said...

Damn, that sucks.... My New Year's resolution? Buy as much storage food as I possibly can....

Diogenes said...

My New Years Resolution.(s)

Finish the Van and get moving.

Get that 1911 in my grubby little paws, FINALLY. (I miss my ol'reliable)

Solar for the Van

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tony. Looks like you just about got it covered. I think I'd look into Tennessee land if I was going to settle east of the Mississippi and the larger the acreage, the smaller the per acre price seems to be standard. Some places give you an ag exemption if you run a couple of goats too.
Sorry to hear about the tags. Things have really changed since I lived in Florida.

HermitJim said...

My friend...it just keeps on getting bad! The PTB just seem to create ways to take what we have and act as though they are doing us a favor!

Keep us posted on the success of the list!

Happy New Year, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Here in Georgia, the liberals want to tack on a $10.00 fee to each license plate renewal (it already costs me $140.00 a year for the Commander). The money is to be used to build a new "trauma center" which means, in actuality, a new outfit in Atlanta to take care of gunshot victims on Friday through Saturday nights. Same cast of characters. They get out of jail, back on the street, get shot, then repeat the performance.