Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to leave

Friday and Saturday was range therapy. SIL and I managed to help the Black Friday mentality by buying 4,200 rounds of 22's. They came in box's of 525 for $25.50 a box. So we helped the local gun store to pay their rent for the day. $204.00 for two days of fun seemed to me money well spent.

The Colt AR 22 eats 30 rounds per mag, the 22 semi's eat 10 rounds per clip, and the 22 revolvers eat 6-9 for each round. Since I hate to reload mags, I have 30 for the Colt AR, and at least 10 each for the other 22 pistols.

The ammo was Federal 525 round value pack. 36 grain, copper plated, hollow point. The Colt AR's ate everyone of them. As did all the Rugers. The Browning Buck Mark(I have 4) had so many failures with this ammo that we came home with half the clips still loaded. The mis-fires were all used up in the Rugers, and the revolvers. Of course I favor the Smith revolvers. They eat everything I put in them.

Guns are cleaned, and back in the safe, except for a few that I carry with me in the van.

The van is gassed, cleaned, and re-stocked for at least another month. Time to hit the road to some where. The Ocala National Forrest seems to calling my name. Found some lots on line there that needs to be looked at. Not exactly what I want, but would be a nice place to park from time to time. They are close to the river, and my Sea Eagle needs to get wet again, as does the fishing lures.

See Ya


Bitmap said...

Sounds like a fun time.

I saw malfunction problems in a couple of Buckmarks that were caused when one of the takedown screws kept working loose. You couldn't put Locktite on it because then you couldn't take the pistol apart for cleaning. I recall that the hole was countersunk in a taper so you couldn't put a lock washer under it, either. We never did come up with a good solution to that one.

Is the Colt .22 AR one of the new complete .22s or is it a conversion kit? If it's a kit, what kind is it?

Diogenes said...

Shooty good times.

Enjoy your time away and catch some fish for us back here in the grind.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a workable plan to me, buddy! Gotta get plenty of road time in...

Did it MY way said...


The Colt .22 AR is the complete .22 Great shooter.

All 4 of my Buckmarks did not like the ammo,and all screws were tight. Thanks for the info,will keep in mind.

I'll eat them for you to. lol

Hermit Jim:
On the road again. Thanks for stopping by.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Be safe and good luck with those lots.

Grace. said...

O My! I DID go to Black Friday sales. It's a dang good thing I didn't have a gun!

theotherryan said...

What is your van setup like? Sleeping space, preps, water, fuel storage? Description and or pics would be cool.