Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuck in the city for a week.

Today is only Wednesday. I feel like I have been in prison for a year. I'm stuck in the city for this week. Waiting for clips, and mags from the local gun store. Plus a few survival items ordered off the net shipped to my daughter's house. Plus I promised I would be in town for Turkey Day. I love her so here I am.

It's great not to have an address, or people knowing where they can find you. But it has it's draw backs. Been thinking about a PO box. But again another expense I can afford, but I'm trying to eliminate trails. So currently I have two places to keep stuff. My daughter, and my son. They are 100 miles apart. When I can find a piece of land I'll feel better. My Van can carry enough for me to last a month easy, but then when it's time to restock have to go to my stuff.

As long as I'm stuck in the city I have been checking the local store sales since it's Turkey week. Found some very good sales on can goods. Bought 120 cans of various vegetables for a total of $98.27. Some buy one get one free, others 10 for $10.00. But damn....they get heavy. Managed to put them all in my daughter's pantry. She had to ask me if I still think the SHTF is going to happen. I just smiled, and said I don't like to go grocery shopping very often.

I have a ton of supplies stored in several places, and have been thinking if something happens, how do I get to them. Something to think about. I do have it set up so both supplies are equal. That way I'm not short either place. But just the thought of moving either one makes me tired.

Another thought....What if it's only what you can carry without a truck, or van? I have both, and I know they would be useless without gas. The van is my house, so when gas is gone I can just park it, and live in it. Need to think of something to haul goods with other than a grocery cart. I have built trailers for bicycles that can carry quite a load. But they are only good for concrete travel. I don't plan on being on the roads.

Gotta find that land soon. Problem is I want it close enough for my family to get to. If it was just me I would already have something out west, or in upper Michigan. Family...Gotta try and take care of them even if they won't take care of themselves.

Well if by some miracle we survive what appears to be unfolding the supplies will not go to waste.

At least the week won't be a total waste. Range therapy planned for Friday, and Saturday. Back to the woods on Sunday.

See Ya


Sandcastle Momma said...

Giving up the woods for Thanksgiving - you're a good Dad.
I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

theotherryan said...

Being with family if at all possible is essential for Thanksgiving. Just be sure to have both caches (for lack of a better word) somewhat equal in contents by variety and amount. Having all the shotgun shells at one place and all the canned goods at another would not do. A couple acres somewhere halfway between the kids would be ideal for your situation.