Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking for Land again

Sometimes I think to much. I think squatters may have the right idea. Let the land owners fight the bullshit nanny requirements for what you can and cannot do with your own land. Then when they do catch you squatting just move on somewhere else. Unfortunately my morals would not let me use something without permission that does not belong to me. Still tempting sometime.

I had five acres which I got for a good deal. No money exchanged. Trades work very nice when both parties are happy. Of course when land or property changes hands the nanny government gets to change the rules. Didn't see that coming did ya?

Well to make a long story short I have a friend that loves to live in a deed restriction life style, and always runs for office of the HOA. When I told him of my problem he most graciously offered me a fine price to take it off my hands. Not wanting to screw a friend I asked him if the offer was serious, and he said yes. Sometimes there is a God. I now have the funds to look for another piece of land.

I did learn my lesson. Funny I forgot so easy. Guess it was just the sheer joy of having 5 acres to call my own. When we moved to Florida and was loking for a house I told my wife that we needed three requirements: High ground, two car garage and NO RESTRICTIONS. Since that was 28 years ago, and my wife has passed and not here to remind me I'll blame it on CRS.

So the search begins again. Any one have any info on vacant land available North of Clearwater Florida for sale?

Damn maybe now is the time to look for land in Texas. I think I could find my type of friends there. Gotta love a state for open carry.

On a brighter note-Today is Buy Ammo Day or as I like to say"Piss off Sarah Brady Day" You all will be glad to know I did my part for at least three people. Went to the range this morning and used 750 round as re-coil therapy for my bad mood, then went to my normal gun shop(we have ammo) and replaced it three fold. Also tonight plan on re-loading a bunch of 38's. I'm feeling better already.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

See Ya


theotherryan said...

I am 95% sure Texas is not a legal no license open carry state. I also believe it is at least in some areas a DEFACTO open carry state but YMMV. How the City/ County residents and LEO's view that matter could be something worth looking into before throwing down your $$$$.

YeOldFurt said...

Texas is not open carry of handguns, though it's relatively inexpensive to get CCW. If you have active Florida CCW it's even easier. Long guns are not restricted in state and most counties, tho some counties DAs (like Williamson & Harris) think they can make any law they want. Central Texas invites you to check us out and make your own determination.

Bullseye said...

There is plenty of land in KY for sale. We have open carry to0 brother, handguns and all, that's why I'm here.

Glad you had a good day, sounds like one to me.

HermitJim said...

You might want to check out Oklahoma as well, Tony!

Glad you got a good price or the land...and I would be more than proud to have you as a neighbor anywhere!

BTW, I have 10 acres in Missouri wit a well and a pond that is yours any time you want to make a change of scenery for a cabin on it yet!

Did it MY way said...

YeOldFurt: My mistake, thought Texas was open carry.Lets change the rules. lol

Bullseye: I have 5 generations in Kentucky. I would have been born there to except my dad went to Michigan to work. Great beautiful state, but still gets snow. I don't like snow any more after being in Florida for 28 years.

Thank you Mr Hermit. Have a cousin in Oklahoma. Have looked there a little bit. Thanks for the invite, and I bring my own house with me.The piece you got really sounds great. Hope you get to moce there soon.

Bellen said...

Have you looked into Levy county? We are - initially Williston and now gravitating towards Chiefland.