Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm having trouble staying out of the woods.

The woods feel like they are my private domain. I simply love the peace and solitude they provide. Setting in my lawn chair with a fresh cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the meadow, starts my day. The only thing better is when I find a location with a stream flowing thru the woods. So as often as possible I'm in the woods.

I have promised my off-spring that I would stay tethered to the real world via the stupid cell phone. I do check in sometimes so they know I'm still alive. I called Saturday night to inform them that I was still alive, and doing just fine. SIL had to inform me that I'm missing a local gun show. He loves to be a smart ass sometimes.

Yes I made it back Saturday night in record time, picked up SIL at 0700 this morning, out to breakfast, and to the gun show. This is a very small local show held once a year. Mostly the same local collectors you see every year. I know quite a few of them. Was nice to see them again and rub in the fact I was re-tired.

Of course you know my weakness for wheel guns, and of course 22's in general. I could supply a small army with 22's. But what happens when you find a real gem? Damn it.

Ruger SPS 101 in 22. Stainless of course. I have never seen one before. I have the SPS 101 in 9mm. Guess I don't get out as often as I need to. So another 22 has to find some range time this week....Like Monday at 10:00am when the local indoor range opens. Another reason I like the woods. No time limits except darkness. Night vision next? Strange thoughts sometimes run around in my head.

Life is good

God Bless

See ya


Mayberry said...

I sure wish I had that problem! And like you, I'm a sucker for a wheel gun. Just can't afford a "real" one, so I'll have to stick with my Heritage .22

Did it MY way said...

The Heritage is an American made legend based on the Old Wild West. I'd be proud to have one in my collection. Great choice. Plus 22's are still fairly cheap to shoot. You don't want to know how many deer have fell to the lowly .22. Damn there I go again thinking night vision. lol

See Ya

Anonymous said...

As you know I love .22s. That ruger would be a keeper in my book. Im envious!

HermitJim said...

If ya gotta leae the woods, a gun show is as good a reason as any!

Good score on the gun, buddy! Keep on doing good!

Northwoods said...

Ya can't go wrong with a Ruger.
I have several of their wheel guns and the only problem I've had I brought on myself in overloading some .44 mag rounds. Damn near needed a sledge hammer to eject the spent brass from the cylinders..(like "Mega" expantion)!
As for .22 in a revolver, I only have one I bought about 30 years ago. A Colt Peacemaker blued with a color case hardened frame. A whole lot a fun to shoot but unlike the Rugers..Ya want to leave the hammer down on an empty cylinder!
And hey Buddy...Ain't nothin' wrong with wanting to stay in the "Woods"...Hell!...that's were I live!
Best to Ya!