Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tampa Gun Show Report Part II

I know I'm bad. I could not finish previous post because my services was requested for a rescue mission.....At any rate back to the Gun Show.

Half way into the show, and that damn little voice was still saying "Buy Me Buy Me". Getting tired of hearing that yet?

I'm working two isles at once. Looking at one table, and then turning around to see the other side. Well there she was in all her shinny luster. Some back round info. I have been collecting High Standard Firearms since 1963, and have yet to sell one. So the "Buy Me" did just that.

This is a Mitchell Arms Trophy II. Made in the USA in Fort Worth Texas. Just another reason to like Texas. It has all the correct paper work, and the original box. UNFIRED. Even has a spare clip. It's own little Monogrammed felt bag.

From a collector's stand point......WONDERFUL. They are gong to HATE me. Yes I intend to fire this baby this weekend. If I own it, and it's safe to gets shot.

See Ya

God Bless our Troops


Sandcastle Momma said...

Very nice. And good for you for taking it to the range. I never have understood people who collect things and then don't use them. That gun was meant to be fired and were is the pleasure of ownership if it sits unused in your safe? Have fun!

theotherryan said...

A good little semi auto .22 is a great thing to have. I own a browning buckmark and will almost surely pick up at least one more over the course of life.

There is something to choosing a brand and sticking to it.

Paladin said...

You shoot that gun, Pal - no matter what anyone says! :) She looks to be a beauty.