Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have tried my best to stay away from all political bullshit today.

Cleaned 14 guns, and reloaded the 12 mags I shot up last Thursday.

Watched Tampa Bay get their ass kicked again. Now watching Dallas.

Even during my enjoyment of watching football games my lousy government has to bombard me with "smoke free" Florida. Thank God for the mute button. Tax the shit out of me to "save the children", and then piss the money away on prime time tv. Well you ain't going to get me to quit smoking that's for sure.

Got some more preps this month. I failed to remember that toilet paper does get used up. lol Also bought a couple dozen tooth brushes, a couple of dozen lighters, and a few shirts, and pants(tree bark cameo).

I really need to find a way to store food on vacant land without using a building. Anybody got any idea's? Florida's heat and humidly are not my friends for this project. The MH has it's limits, and it would be nice to have stashed food on my land. I'm not yet ready to put up a building. More research seems to be needed. Perhaps less range time and more research? That's not going to happen. Still have three rifles, and one pistol that have not been shot yet.

Salmon patties for dinner tonight, and they need me to make them. Tummy says do it now.

See Ya


HermitJim said...

Hey about some kind of storm shelter, maybe buried or semi-buried ?

Best I can do, buddy!

Did it MY way said...

That's one idea...never thought about a storm shelter. Thanks.

theotherryan said...

Keeping track of and on top of the inventory of regular non durable goods is a constant battle. In that regard I prefer durable goods because once you get it unless the thing breaks or gets stolen you still have it.

Buy a dozen mags or a rifle and they can be checked off the list but your always running out of toilet paper and batteries and such.

chickory said...

food storage is a problem. even in north georgia im not sure how i am going to preserve some things. my creek is cool enough to keep fish safe and preserve harvested vegetables. i have a primitive root cellar.

on the ammo front i cannot find .380 except sketchy old yugoslavian rounds. i chose to buy a ruger .22 rifle -dont laugh the ammo is abundant and cheap and my model can hold a fifty round clip and if i cant get it done with that well im in a boat load of trouble.

i dont write much about this on my blog but i moved to my cabin 2 years ago to prep for *whatever* it is gonna be -gonna be something. i already switched to a cash economy and looks like that wont be worth anything either. analog tools now is what i am storing.

nice to meet you and good luck on your preps!

Mayberry said...

Ugh, football.... How 'bouts a root cellar? Even down there it should stay in the 60's?

Brigid said...

Sounds like you are faring OK. I stock up when I can on all things. One never knows. . .

Ginger said...

About the food storage... have you considered an old refrigerator? Here is an article from The Survivalists Blog about it.