Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain and small quarters

Well this is the first time for me to be in the woods when it rained ALL day. Family and friends have been telling me ever since I bought the "Little One", that I should have bought something bigger. At least 32'. Well they are wrong. Woke up this morning some where around daylight, fried up some bacon and eggs. Bacon always helps the mood. Would have preferred to cook outside, but the two burner range worked just fine.

Cleaned up the pans, and stove. Tackled my body next. All went well, and with a coffee and cigarette re-tired to the rear of the coach to read my favorite blogs. That took to lunch time.

Not wanting to cook anything hot opened one of my storage foods. A can of salmon. Add some red onion, and a little for the Gods.

The back of the coach can be a king sized bed, or a dinette. I always leave it as a bed, because I added a full size mattress for comfort, and have no place to store the mattress. Plus there is a table that can be used with the two front seats. The passenger seat also folds back to make a single bed. Folded half way makes it comfortable for an afternoon nap which I accomplished with no problem. The TV(have no use for it except to use the DVD player) provides additional entertainment.

The only inconvenience I have found is doing laundry. There is plenty of storage space for T shirts, shorts, socks, and jeans which is all I usually wear. I have enough to last a month before I need to do laundry. If I am lucky enough to be near family they are kind enough to do it for me. Otherwise I have to do it. Takes lots of quarters.

The Road trek is VERY comfortable for one, and adequate for two. It has everything my condo had except for the washer and dryer. My girl friend would like a larger shower. I have a portable outside shower(with hot and cold water) which is nice to use in warm weather.

So far I am comfortable with my living arrangements. The best part is the freedom to go anywhere I like. That's what it is all about.

See Ya


Sandcastle Momma said...

That sounds perfect - with all the comforts of home. But I empathize with your girl friend - a girl needs some space in the shower LOL

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Tony, sounds to me like you've got it all under contol. Rock on my friend.

Mayberry said...

I tell folks all the time, in the Navy, aboard ship, I lived in a 6'6" by 30" by 30" box, with a half locker and storage under my rack. Anything beyond that is pure gravy.... Essentially lived in an 8' slide in truck camper while I was in Navy 'C' school (because my barracks mate was a scumbag). Loved it.... Hell, I was the most popular guy on the block, because I has somewhere to cook some decent food! not to mention store some beer! ; )

HermitJim said...

Living the life, my friend! Living the life!

Good for you!

Did it MY way said...

Sandcastle Momma;
I know it's a girl thing

Frugal Canadian Hermit;
Finally got that road to freedom....and it feels sooo good
Nice to see ya

Small is better sometimes

Hermit Jim;
Still want a shack to on some land some where. Have the 5 acres in Florida, but would like 10-20 acres in another state to.

Grace. said...

I think (but cannot yet prove) that I, too, like small spaces. One of my retirement dreams is to travel via conversion van or small RV. Of course, I haven't tried any of this out, so it's still all a fantasy. One of these summers, I'll have to rent an RV and see how I like it. Fortunately I live in the Pacific NW, so rain isn't an issue--we barely notice the difference between rain, no rain, and constant drizzle!

Paladin said...

Bacon always helps the mood

Ain't that the truth! :)

theotherryan said...

I lived in an RV for awhile. It certainly would have been ample space for one though with two at times it could be a strain sometimes. Didn't mind the stove thought the midgets fridge was lame.

If circumstances made it convenient again I would live in an RV but it would probably be in a situation where Wifey and I were separated at least for awhile.