Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quit Complaining and do something about it

Complaining about how the big bad banks are ripping you off? I'm really tired about hearing how stupid you are. Especially about all you GOOD customers. Pay your bill in full each month, never late with a payment, never had a over-limit. Think you are clever doing this. That will fix money made off me. Sorry to bust your bubble, but the stores that take your credit card have to pay the card for that privilege. If you carry a balance then both of you pay.
Strictly business folks. Yes I use credit cards, and pay them off every month. The first card that tries to charge me a fee goes to the shredder, and card gets cancelled. I'm not above getting an interest free loan for thirty days while my money makes interest. Their system, not mine.

I'll let you in on another secret. When paying in cash ask for a 3-5 percent discount. A lot of gas stations offer discounts for cash. That tell you anything? The seller don't like credit cards either, but as long as dumb people use them he needs to accept them or his competitor will.

Ever think prices could go down if credit cards disappeared? Novel thought?

A certain percentage of people always seem to think they are being picked on, or need something handed to them. Bullshit, this is America the land of opportunely. No body owes you a thing. I've worked for a dollar an hour, and I've worked for two hundred dollars an CHOICE.

Cash works two ways: When you spend it to buy something you now own it free and clear. The second: When your wallet is empty you can't buy more. Think about it.

Sorry about the rant...back to credit cards. Simply quit complaining about the charges, eat them and live with it, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

See Ya

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tampa Gun Show Report Part II

I know I'm bad. I could not finish previous post because my services was requested for a rescue mission.....At any rate back to the Gun Show.

Half way into the show, and that damn little voice was still saying "Buy Me Buy Me". Getting tired of hearing that yet?

I'm working two isles at once. Looking at one table, and then turning around to see the other side. Well there she was in all her shinny luster. Some back round info. I have been collecting High Standard Firearms since 1963, and have yet to sell one. So the "Buy Me" did just that.

This is a Mitchell Arms Trophy II. Made in the USA in Fort Worth Texas. Just another reason to like Texas. It has all the correct paper work, and the original box. UNFIRED. Even has a spare clip. It's own little Monogrammed felt bag.

From a collector's stand point......WONDERFUL. They are gong to HATE me. Yes I intend to fire this baby this weekend. If I own it, and it's safe to gets shot.

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God Bless our Troops

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tampa Gun Show Report.

Well the garage is finished, and home to the Corvette, and the storage facility is still full. I need to empty the storage facility, and get the stuff to the garage.

But the woods keep calling, and I keep answering.

But there was a gun show in Tampa this weekend. I resisted Saturday. I actually worked on the storage facility. I know it needs to be done...but there was a gun show. Resisting is difficult. Maybe not even an option. Well normally most of the good stuff goes the first day. However sometimes some collectors can only set up on Sundays. Also sometimes prices are reduced close to closing time. Remember resistance is difficult.

You knew I was going to the gun show Sunday right? When I walked in I heard this little voice in my head say "Buy Me, Buy Me". It seemed to be coming from the center of the show. When ever I go to a gun show I always do the outside walls first, and then up and down each isle. The voice in my head was still saying "Buy Me". Where was my treasure? Midway and not found yet...Was my voice wrong.

Part II next.

See Ya

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain and small quarters

Well this is the first time for me to be in the woods when it rained ALL day. Family and friends have been telling me ever since I bought the "Little One", that I should have bought something bigger. At least 32'. Well they are wrong. Woke up this morning some where around daylight, fried up some bacon and eggs. Bacon always helps the mood. Would have preferred to cook outside, but the two burner range worked just fine.

Cleaned up the pans, and stove. Tackled my body next. All went well, and with a coffee and cigarette re-tired to the rear of the coach to read my favorite blogs. That took to lunch time.

Not wanting to cook anything hot opened one of my storage foods. A can of salmon. Add some red onion, and a little for the Gods.

The back of the coach can be a king sized bed, or a dinette. I always leave it as a bed, because I added a full size mattress for comfort, and have no place to store the mattress. Plus there is a table that can be used with the two front seats. The passenger seat also folds back to make a single bed. Folded half way makes it comfortable for an afternoon nap which I accomplished with no problem. The TV(have no use for it except to use the DVD player) provides additional entertainment.

The only inconvenience I have found is doing laundry. There is plenty of storage space for T shirts, shorts, socks, and jeans which is all I usually wear. I have enough to last a month before I need to do laundry. If I am lucky enough to be near family they are kind enough to do it for me. Otherwise I have to do it. Takes lots of quarters.

The Road trek is VERY comfortable for one, and adequate for two. It has everything my condo had except for the washer and dryer. My girl friend would like a larger shower. I have a portable outside shower(with hot and cold water) which is nice to use in warm weather.

So far I am comfortable with my living arrangements. The best part is the freedom to go anywhere I like. That's what it is all about.

See Ya

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The safe is safe

Up at o dark thirty. First stop for food and more important a couple of gallons of leaded caffeine to help open the eyes. I usually enjoy early starts, but not when I did not get to bed until 2am.
But sometimes a good book is hard to put down.

140 miles later the safe is loaded on the trailer, tied down, and ready to leave for it's new home. Three hours later we were parked in front of the garage. I asked where it was going, and to my surprise my son-in-law said "In the spare bedroom". Ya right. Down a two turn hallway,thru the door, and a 90 degree turn to the closet. Add to the fact the carpet. OK time to think. I have moved 8000 pound machinery with 1/2" dia steel bars and a crow bar on concrete with no problems. Going into the garage found two pieces of 3/4" plywood, which will protect the carpet. Sometimes I show sparks of genius. Ha this is one of those times. I have four steel plates with wheels on all four corners that car tires fit in for moving cars in close quarters. By leaning back the safe two was placed under it...repeat for the front, and voila safe on wheels. Laying down the plywood, and roll the safe as needed. One hour job is done, and it's Pizza and beer time.

So the safe is in it's new home, and partially filled. Now son-in-law needs to save his money to fill the empty spots. lol

See ya

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Retirement the other type of work

Retirement is hard work. Ya I hear all of you that would trade places with me. Keep working you'll get there.

Up at 6am this morning. Washed and waxed the truck, and started to do the same with the MH when I received a call from son-in-law who had the day off. He wanted to go look at a gun safe some guy had for sale. Let me see...go look at a gun safe, or work on the MH? The gun safe now has to be picked up.....that's for tomorrow. See my work is never done. It's now 6pm and time for dinner. After dinner 20 mags to fill for Thursday range day. Always something.

I do try to read my favorite blogs everyday. They are my new found friends, and I enjoy all of them. What hurts when some just reasons found. I feel like a death has happened when that occurs. Some are kind enough to state a reason and for that I am grateful.

I am not the best writer, so my posts are sporadic at best. Perhaps as retirement continues I'll have the time to post more of my travels. Right now I'm just adjusting.

See Ya

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have tried my best to stay away from all political bullshit today.

Cleaned 14 guns, and reloaded the 12 mags I shot up last Thursday.

Watched Tampa Bay get their ass kicked again. Now watching Dallas.

Even during my enjoyment of watching football games my lousy government has to bombard me with "smoke free" Florida. Thank God for the mute button. Tax the shit out of me to "save the children", and then piss the money away on prime time tv. Well you ain't going to get me to quit smoking that's for sure.

Got some more preps this month. I failed to remember that toilet paper does get used up. lol Also bought a couple dozen tooth brushes, a couple of dozen lighters, and a few shirts, and pants(tree bark cameo).

I really need to find a way to store food on vacant land without using a building. Anybody got any idea's? Florida's heat and humidly are not my friends for this project. The MH has it's limits, and it would be nice to have stashed food on my land. I'm not yet ready to put up a building. More research seems to be needed. Perhaps less range time and more research? That's not going to happen. Still have three rifles, and one pistol that have not been shot yet.

Salmon patties for dinner tonight, and they need me to make them. Tummy says do it now.

See Ya