Monday, September 7, 2009

Re-tired Have to love it

When I was working I was lucky enough to get to the range once a month. Since I retired I now can go every day if I feel like it. Thus far two days a week seems to satisfy my re-coil therapy. However since acquiring two new items to add to the safe I feel this week will require more work. They are nice, but my M-1 is still the old stand by. Enough said.
See Ya


Bullseye said...

God I love your toys...Really, I do. Have a great weekend Brother.

HermitJim said... quit trying to rub it in on those poor guys that aren't retired yet!

Just let them know that the older guys get all the best toys...and the time to play with them all!

Good looking oics, my friend!

Did it MY way said...


Wish you were close enough to help me shootum. You can't believe how many I really have. Been shooting since I was six, collecting for 50 years.

Jim...Just telling the truth, nothing but the truth.