Saturday, September 12, 2009

Range Report

The family that shoots together has a lot of fun.

Number one son still loves the Glock.

Number two son still loves his v10

Dad just loves them all. I'm sorry but the Glock still feels funny to me. I think it's just the weight or lack of. It shoots just fine right out of the box. First 50 rounds was factory ammo, and the next 950 rounds was my reloads. Oh shit there goes my warranty. Number one son states the trigger needs to be reworked. I disagree, because he likes a trigger pull to be way to light. Breathe on his it goes off. On any of my weapons that other people may shoot the trigger pulls are factory. On my personal weapons that nobody else shoots I do have adjustments-especially my wheel guns. And I do LOVE my wheel guns.

The Glock 30sf may be carried during the warmer times. More range time is required. It did function without one hick-up.

Of course number two son had to slip in his Colt AR22, and bring it to the range as well. For his punishment Number one son and dad shot up two thousand rounds of his ammo, and have no intention of replacing it. Serves him right. If he would have asked we would have brought ours, and used our own ammo.

The best part was that I got to spend the day with two men I love very much. Two men I have faith in to carry on the fight for our second ammendments right. Two men who strongly stand up for their own ideas, and refuse to lower their standards. They make me proud.

See Ya


Paladin said...

For his punishment Number one son and dad shot up two thousand rounds of his ammo

Man.. gotta love rimfire affordability :) I shudder to think what it would cost to send that many rounds down range with any of my centerfires.

Sounds like a great day. Hard to be doing pretty much anything with the people you love.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a day well spent to me...!

Thanks for the update Tony!

Ericka said...

hi. thanks for the visit.

i concur - last time i was home, we went out back and killed a couple of boxes. it's probably all psychological, but my favorite remains my dad's .38 special revolver. it's not particularly comfy - my hands are small - but i love it.

a friend sent me a picture of a sign that you may enjoy. it shows an arrow pointing to another house, and it says "my next door neighbors want to ban all guns. their house is NOT ARMED! out of respect for their opinions, i promise not to use my guns to protect them."

well, cheerio!

TEAM HALL said...

Hi Tony! Sounds like a fun day! Sure wish we could carry a gun...sigh!!