Sunday, August 23, 2009

Helping those that deserve it

When the shop was still operating we always had people come by to check out the dumpster for metal scraps. Normally this occurred after hours. It seemed there has been an increase of this activity.

I was always the first to arrive since I liked a cup of fresh coffee, and some quiet time before the normal routine started. That was how I met Mark. Skinny guy, unkempt beard, just wearing a beat up pair of shorts, and tennis shoes. He was pushing a shopping cart with two garbage cans, and a variety of buckets strapped to it. The amazing part was the broom and shovel. When he completed his chip removal from the dumpster he swept up any that fell to the ground. His haul was separated by material, and size.

Talking to him showed he was intelligent, hardworking, proud, and polite. I know he would have made some-one a very good employee. I told him I would save all our chips, and scrap in garbage cans in the shop, and he was to come in each day and get them. When he did I had him sweep up around the machines and gave him $20.00. He said the chips were enough and the money was not necessary.

I asked him one day if he lived close by, and he replied that he was homeless and lived in the woods. I had a tent stored from camping years ago, and asked if he would like to have it.

He told me a couple of days later how nice it was to have a place to sleep that did not leak. We are in the rainy season here in Florida and it rains every day. Sometimes very hard.

After the auction was over and the shop cleaned out Mark came by to thank me for the scrap I had saved for him. That's when I had an idea. The building is in foreclosure, and I have no idea what or when something will happen to it. The water has been shut off since mid February. Everything sold at auction including the air condition system. I know how hot that cement building gets in the Summer without air as I endured the heat for three years before I could afford it.

I told Mark he could have the use of my unit until somebody made him leave. I bought him a box fan, and an electric fry pan, groceries, and 20 gallons of water in the one gallon size. I told him that the electric will still be on for at least 6 months. I know the cost and paid at least that amount in advance. I still have the company name, and mail so that will not be a problem.
The toilet works, as long has you fill the tank. At least he can have a dry safe place to stay for awhile.

It breaks my heart to see one American person homeless. If each of us would just help one person in what ever way possible to make their life a little easier?

He never asked for charity, worked every day, and only asked for something I threw away. To the best of my knowledge he does not drink,smoke, nor stand on a street corner begging with a cardboard sign.

But for the grace of God go I.

God Bless

See Ya


Grace. said...

Truly, I think that is how we save the world--one person and many small acts at a time.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

You're a good man Tony. The world could use more like that.

Sunfighter said...

Some people are homeless because of things that happen to them and end up out on the streets through no fault of there own. Others are boozers and or drug addicts. Others live in a different place. Just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean they are crazy, on drugs or an alcoholic.

How do I know, I’ve lived in that other place. In my misspent youth I traveled a lot and often slept wherever I could. I’ve been homeless, slept in my car, did what I had to do. I’ve also made $40 an hour reverse engineering the code hexcode from EPROM’s. I can read mnemonics like some people read a Sunday Paper. If you’re ever up in a small plane, thank me for your safety, because I may have designed the Systems that keep you safe.

I am extremely intelligent and can converse intelligently on a wide variety of subjects. So why would an intelligent person ever be homeless ? I’ve walked through the world of man and walked apart from it. It is possible to exist outside the narrow confines of the human fabricated world. There is the world of nature and a construct made by humankind. Compared to the world of man, nature is far greater than mankind’s pathetic little construct. Some people can step outside of it all, some people prefer living outside of the wonderful illusion of this so called civilization.

Now I realize that many reading this are going “What is this guy talking about”. Some will get it, most won’t. The world of man is amusing to some of us. Mankind makes laws, they make money and financial systems and all kind of little amusing little things. It’s only real to those that buy into it. In the great scope of things human kind ain’t squat. If you buy into the nonsense, you become part of the nonsense. There are other ways to live.

So just because someone is homeless, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. They may be laughing at you because you don’t get it. I find “rich” people to be amusing, they actually believe their own nonsense and think they are special. Special as in Mentally Special maybe as in not too bright. So what am I getting at ? Never judge a book by it’s cover, not all homeless people are what you may think they are.

My way

“He never asked for charity, worked every day, and only asked for something I threw away. To the best of my knowledge he does not drink,smoke, nor stand on a street corner begging with a cardboard sign.”

Ask is yourself, is this guy happy or unhappy with his life. I’ll bet he’s happy…..

Fred & Wilma said...

More people need to hear this story than the ones who read your blog. Try and get this published in the paper. Maybe you can open the eyes of a few. The more eyes you open, the better the world will be.
Thank God for people like you. You are a good man Tony.

Did it MY way said...


I did not mean to imply that any homless person was a boozer, begger, or a drug addict. What I said and did was because this man WORKED at the life style he choose. I mearly tryed to make it a little easier for him.
He EARNED everything he received from me.

Did it MY way said...


The commie Saint Pete Times will not print any of my letters to the editor, since the one I wrote to them about gun control 20 years ago, when they compared me to a drug dealer because I had a AK47 at the time.

I just try to lead by example.

I have always respected a man that works-no matter the job he picks, or the life style he chooses.

Sunfighter said...

My way: I wasn't implying you look down your nose at homeless people or judge them. You respect people who stand on there own feet even if they are homeless.

I was writing about those who do look down their noses. Too many people are brain washed to think life has to be lived a certain way. There are many ways too live ones life.

shinerbock said...

That was an awesome thing for you to do. Most people would have ran him off, or even called the cops. Its cool to see someone give a shit in this day and age. Hard times can happen to anyone... alot of people forget that.