Sunday, August 30, 2009

Electricity for the garage

Electricity for the garage is progressing slowly. First of all running the conduit thru the attic all the way across my daughters house took a toll on this old body. Damn I'm not 30 any more. Hot, Hot, Hot. Took 6 cold drinks to go from the garage up the attic and across the house. But juice to the Toy Box is required. Not only does it store the "Red Hot Momma" I intend to put a small lathe, and mill in to. Equipment to have just in case. We have a generator, but only as a back up. What a man won't do for his car. But let me tell you something about my special car.

She is a 1964 Corvette Convertible. Riverside Red, black top, and black interior. Her nick name was "Red Hot Momma". She was sold in Detroit Michigan on April 1st 1964 to my dad. Motor is a 327, with the 2 speed slush box.(Mom could not drive a stick). I was 23, and being a child of the 50's and living in Michigan going fast was a way of life. My ride at the time was a 289 three speed Mustang. My dad's vette ate me alive. I kidded him when I said leave me the vette in your will.

In 1969 my brother stole the vette from my parents, and ended up in California. They did not recover the car for a year. When it did return it was missing more than a few parts, and the interior was trashed. Since my parents refused to press charges their insurance paid nothing. Plus my dad had fallen on hard times work wise. My parents had always been frugal, and the Corvette was their reward. He put the Corvette in the garage. The car was still drive able, but my dad was a neat freak. That car would not leave the garage until it looked like the day he drove it home. He started saving dollar bills in an envelope he called his car fund. For his birthday , and Christmas he requested $10.00(nothing more would be accepted)in one dollar bills. During the next 10 years I had offered to help with the money to repair the car. My dad always refused saying he never bought me a car, so I could not buy him one.

In 1980 "Red Hot Momma" drove out of the garage looking as good as the day my dad brought her home. It took my dad 10 years to save the money for the repairs. I was so proud of my dad.
In 2003 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and given 3 months to live. I owned my own business at the time, and took off for the time he had left. We spent 24/7 together. That was the best three months of my life. When he knew time was short he told me to take good care of "Red Hot Momma", and handed me the keys. So you see there is nothing to good for "Red Hot Momma". She has always been garage stored, and washed and waxed every week. So when I closed my shop she HAD to have an adequate home.

Since my name is the same as my dad's, I have not needed a new title, so the car is still a one owner. I know my dad is proud the car will be taken care of, and every time I drive it he rides with me.

God Bless

See Ya

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